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The Sims 4 Island Living: More details about the upcoming Expansion

The YouTube channel Let’s Play Games Aliyah Style has shared some first look footage at some of the features in the recently announced The Sims 4 Island Living expansion pack. The new content is currently playable alongside side existing content from The Sims 4 Base Game at EA PLAY this weekend.

The thirteen-minute video gives us a quick glimpse at some of the upcoming additions to Create A Sim as well as the first look at some gameplay from the pack it’s self. You may also spot some familiar faces during the video too!

Here are a few of the features that were spotted during the video

  • New Trait Randomizer (it is unclear if this feature is specific to The Sims 4 Island Living or if it will be part of the Base Game)
  • New Location Aspiration
  • New Traits – Child of the Ocean and Child of the Island
  • New Lot Traits – Including an Off-the-Grid lot trait

Of course, there were a few more things that could be seen during the video.

First up is an overview of Sulani. The new world contains three new neighborhoods and has approximately twelve lots which look to be a mixture of residential and community although it is hard to tell exactly.

Later in the video at around 7mins 40seconds we get a closer look at the Mua Pel’Am neighborhood and it appears to be the perfect place for your Conservationist Sims too!

We also get a bit more information about the upcoming Conservationist career where we can see the actual career description and the starting information as a Wildlife Enthusiast.

Finally, we also get to briefly see the interactions your Sims can have with the Dolphins. You can talk, pet, play, request tricks and even name the dolphins!

We absolutely loved seeing Aliyah get stuck into The Sims 4 Island Living at EA PLAY and thank you for sharing this video with the community.

You can watch the full video below.


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    • Absolutely agree but they still want a £32.99 price tag there is absolutely no need for this level of greed.

        • At least with less lots we won’t have the lagging we had in Sims 3: Island Paradise. It was legit unplayable and one of my favorite packs. I’d rather my game run smoothly and enjoy the features than more lots. I’m excited and am willing to pay for it.

        • I assume it wouldn’t be that many lots since we have a lot of gameplay features. For example, some people had complained a lot about get together not having a lot of features or gameplay but we had several lots instead. I think they try to find a balance with the resources they have but EA holds the purse strings for this franchise unfortunately and given that the engine itself is very limited to past games because EA didn’t even want to restart from scratch when the original mobile idea didn’t work this plays a big part in the amount of lots and limitations. All of which is nothing new and won’t change.

        • you people always want more and more. 25 ? why exactly ? too much for me. not enough for you. life’s unfair, I know :/

          • This is why sims 4 will always pale in comparison to Any of the past games. People like you enable mediocrity and buy whatever they sell you.

    • Someone took a screenshot that showed there being 14 lots. So not a huge difference but it’s still better than 12.

    • I noticed this too. Posted it to the Sims forums to see if anyone could figure out what it is. Based on their awesome ideas, I think it’s the notebook. Been moved down from its little tiny icon for ease of access.

  • I love this new package , can’t wait to play on ps4. I hope they change or give an option for controls, I would rather move around like sims2, with direct control than the arrow.

  • Okay, even though the world is on the small side, we know why we are getting smaller worlds! The gurus have said over and over that the it’s for performance reasons. Remember how laggy tropical paradise was in TS3??? Exactly. They’re just trying to make the game run well for as many as possible. And hey, if you don’t like it, just don’t buy the pack lol

    • Tropical paradise was almost unplayable for me. That map was so beautiful but all the freezing and routing bugs eventually made it impossible to play.