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The Sims 4: SimGuruDuke shares an update on Pride Content

The Sims Team has announced a few days ago that they’ll be adding Pride Content for Free in the game. However, after a few previews from EA Play went out many were quick to notice that the Pride Flag item that we’re getting doesn’t include a Lesbian Flag preset.

Although SimGuruGrant has stated that they probably won’t be ready to include the Lesbian Flag in the next update, SimGuruDuke has shared a new statement last night saying that they’re adding 3 Lesbian Flag variants in the game – just in time for The Sims 4’s content update on June 18th.

We have heard from many of you abot not including a lesbian pride flag in our pride content. We aim to be inclusive and ensure all our players can express themselves. We will continue to listen and learn from you and are committed to doing more. We are adding 3 variants of the lesbian pride flag as part of our PC game update on June 18. We have also removed the Progress Pride Flag. We have not obtained the creator’s permission to use it, but we hope to add it back if we do. Thank you for your feedback and your patience. Happy pride month!

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  • It’s embarassing that they forgot the first letter of LGBT. At least they’re taking responsibility for it though.

    • It’s not that they forgot, it’s that they didn’t know there was a lesbian flag, rightfully so because there isn’t one officially recognized. There are a few different designs that people use to represent lesbian pride, but none of them are officially recognized as THE lesbian pride flag. Hence why they didn’t add one until people mentioned it, so now they went back and added several different designs because there isn’t one specific design for them.

      • I see, after looking at the content it seems they only added an LGBT rainbow so now I’m not sure I understand the complaint? I don’t see any trans pride flags or bisexual flags? I say this as an LGBT person myself.

    • I’ve been part of the LGBT+ community for literally 15 years and I wasn’t even aware there was a lesbian pride flag! As a (former) bisexual woman transitioned to bisexual trans-man only just this year, I can’t blame them for not knowing, when I spent a good 8 years of my life as a woman dating women and I wasn’t even aware. I just appreciate them owning it and fixing it up. :)

  • Is it just me or is the update not showing up for anyone else? I asked my game to check for updates and it said I was up to date, but I’m pretty sure I don’t have auto updating on.

    • I agree that it’s a little over the top to put the pride flags in the game but what’s your issue with equal rights?

    • ????????? Wow, they added pride flags and t-shirts so that LGBT people can feel represented and happy about it, look at them trying to FoRcEE thEIr riGHtS. smh if you’re against equality and tolerance, the sims probably isn’t for you

      • May hetero sims wear the clothes?
        May heteros like rainbows at all,
        it really isn’t necessary to tell everyone if your hetero or gay
        is there a hetero flag? may heteros be proud of themselves?
        Really totally exaggerated and I’m not homophob since you can never know who you meet the other day, but rainbows should be for everyone and if love is love for you nobody should be excluded
        Anyway gays are attracted to the same sex so the rainbow doesn’t really fit

        Maybe you should realize that just not everyone wants to know who you do it with gays are much to full of themselves and being gay is no achievement to be proud of at all! And you take sexualty to important, there are other important things about people

        • Hi John,

          could you post what you write here also on Twitter/ to EA?

          especially these aspects: rainbows should be for everyone and if love is love for you nobody should be excluded

          is there a hetero flag? may heteros be proud of themselves?

          This patch is so annoying especially when EA says this at the same time:

          We aim to be inclusive and ensure all our players can express themselves.

          And then they exclude all straight people, great.

          If they really want to do something for the LGTB+ community they could have made an extra themed pack and give the money to the project that helps youth who are in a crisis.

        • Rainbows are still used outside of the lgbt community and no one assumes it’s about gay people or implying someone is gay. Heterosexuals can wear the shirts too. It just shows support. Just like heterosexuals are welcomed and attend the pride parade or events. As long as you are a supporter of people being able to be with who they want and that they should have the same rights as heterosexuals then there is no issues. Some people are making this isn’t a bigger issue because they’re so offended about representation of people who aren’t straight or white (yes the latter happened in past patches and was quite telling about people in the sims community) but run from the words homophobia or racist when they display some behaviors that would categorize them as such.

          • Just fyi, there is actually a hetero flag. It is plain black and white stripes. I don’t know if that is in the pack, but the straight allies one is. Which I think is pretty cool.
            You don’t need pride for straight people. The moment you are attacked just because you’re straight, beaten up, told you can’t get married, can’t live together, are scared of showing any signs of affection (even holding hands) in public, then yes, we do need straight pride. As of now however, that is not a thing.
            As a lesbian, it does feel weird to watch people share so many flags, but the lesbian very commonly being left out. It feels personal because a lot of people don’t take us seriously. They see us as the content of some *adult content* created for mainly men. Entertainment. Someone’s fantasy. We’re being told directly and indirectly so often that we are just doing it for attention and just haven’t met the right guy yet. “Hey, can I join?” “Ooh, let’s see a kiss then!” “Seriously, you two are so hot together, I could take you both.” “I’m sure there’s room for me in that sandwich.” “So, I know you dated a girl, but when are you gonna get a real partner and have babies?”
            When the flag is so often left out, it just adds to the feeling of not being taken seriously. I know that most people don’t mean anything by it, but I do get why people are reacting.

          • Reply to Raven, of course no one takes us seriously. To most people lesbian is just a cool fantasy anybody can identify into, whether they’re a homosexual woman or even a woman at all. There are a gazillion and one different labels and identities but somehow only LESBIAN is open for debate. People may not mean anything by it because women are discouraged from speaking out about our own issues. We’re expected to be accommodating and put everyone else above ourselves or else we’re demonized. This is a bigger issue than just this game patch, but it seeps into everything as we are seeing.

    • Why are you (and some others) so distraught and butthurt over this update? It literally has no impact on your gameplay. Like there’s no “gays are going to overtake my game”. Does it bother you also that sims by default aren’t straight either or do you ignore that? And yeah what is up with your issue on equal rights? Humans deserve the same rights regardless of gender, identify, race or sexual orientation, economical background etc.

      • Calm your noodles there’s just so much gayness around the world so you really don’t have to feel neglected, just don’t think too much of yourself and your sexualty, there’re more important things about humans

        And if you may have your flag then absolutey everyone should also heteros, lesbians or animals or what ever but I don’t care about flags I am me don’t know if gay or not that’s not important at all anyway

        • @ John are you replying to me because I’m straight so I don’t know why you’d assume my sexual orientation. I don’t feel excluded whatsoever because the community is very inclusive as long. I don’t get offended by people of the lgbt existing or wanting to be seen as humans, which they are, and are entitled to the same rights. People who are the most angry are the homophobic. The level of rage is similar to some of the racist comments some summers made a few years ago. Also heterosexuals do have a flag because some people thought it was such a necessary thing so I assume that will please you on some level because now there’s the inclusion you like. How does this patch impact your gameplay because from how you’re responding it seems like it will be a big thing.

        • Hey John!

          LGBT+ folks are still persecuted and in some instances killed for being LGBT+ around the world, even in countries like the US and Western Europe, which are considered “most developed. That means that folks not are still having issues with the fact that we exist and would like to erase our existence through violence and oppression. Furthermore, it’s pride month. It’s kind of the thing to do, being supportive of people that are persecuted/killed simply for existing.

          You’re absolutely right that there’s more important things about humans; that’s why what I talked about above is so very devastating. EA’s inclusion of these flags likely is meant to be a show of support and to spread awareness of such issues. I’m not arguing against EA adding a heterosexual flag if they choose to in the least, but straight folks aren’t getting murdered for being straight, so there isn’t the same gravitas to be had there, if that makes sense.

    • Is there a hetero flag? Wow you gay people really have issues?
      Aren’t there more important things, be more openminded theres more than sexuality guys!
      Although I have a gay friend and who knows if I become gay or lesbian or bi I think you don’t have to wear crazy clothes and you don’t have to tell others about your sexuality everyone is precious no matter if gay or hetero trans or so but personalty shouldn’t be about sexualty!

      • I’m going to guess you’re still young since you haven’t figured out your sexuality yet and that you live in a country where lgbtqia+ people are accepted and hence why you don’t see the big deal about people being able to express their sexuality. But there are still many places in the world where only straight people are accepted and when you aren’t it can even cost you your life. The Sims is being played all around the world, including places where it’s not accepted. Even in countries where it’s considered accepted there are still people against it. Straight people have never been persecuted for their orientation, always had all the rights. So yes let the lgbtqia+ community have this, this is a step in the fight for global acceptance, to let people be free in who they love without fear of being shunned, being attacked or worse. Straights didn’t have to fight for these rights, but they have so they have every reason to be proud and show that pride.

        • I feel like a fool for writing the reply I did to John myself now; you put this incredibly eloquently, Sara. Thank you!

  • I believe the patch hasnt been released yet since they said that 2 hours ago. I wish they would tell someone the time it will be released. Can someone let me know?

  • I’m really glad they’re adding it!!!! But it looks like it’s going to be the lipstick one, made by a transphobe, instead of the new orange-pink one. ://// I wish they added this one instead, or at least both

    • Yeah ‘m not sure if anyone who was upset told them about that (lipstick). I didn’t know about that but I had come across the information recently in a comment on tumblr about what he said.

      • To my understanding the creator who is Asian herself has made comments about not being attracted to Asian or butch women. Okay, but neither of those groups is trans, so who knows how that “transphobic” rumor got started. My guess is she committed the unthinkable crime of asserting that lesbians aren’t attracted to males and since it’s super woke to hate on lesbians now, she got cancelled.

        Happy Pride Month everyone!

  • The beautiful thing about the Sims is that you can customize your sim however you want. If you don’t like the LGBT content, then don’t play with it.

  • There also isn’t a polyamory flag and I’m kinda sad about that :( also no way to have 3 sims in a relationship together :( dang EA…

    • Technically polymory isn’t lgbt, obvs you can be in a gay poly relationship or be gay and poly but polymory is more of a preference (saying this as a polyamourous person myself) it does kinda suck that you cant be in a poly relationship in the game but I totally get why they didn’t add a poly flag in this update.

  • I think that the fact they are doing anything for pride month is amazing. I just hope they put it on console too because this would be a great addition.

  • When is it coming for console the island living is coming out this week for console players but there still no pride update and I’m mad about this as is unfair this update should have come out thru all the platforms at the same week it so shame that AE can’t learn from mojang as the no make all there updates release at the same time for all platforms