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The Community shares their favorite screens from The Sims 4 Island Living

The Sims 4 Island Living Expansion Pack has been out for around 3 days now and we wanted to see how the community is currently playing the game. Best way to do it? Ask them to share some of their favorite screenshots from the pack so far!

We asked the community what they think about the pack as well as to share some of their favorite screenshots that they’ve made in-game. Here are some of our favorite submissions that the community has shared:

Because I genuinely can’t choose, here’s: a rainbow above the ocean; yoga among the chickens; a swimming mermaid; a food stall on the beach!


Relaxing in first person view on those sunlounges.


My first build in Sulani!


Just enjoying a beach day with my dog.


Loving the infinity pool!


There’s so many amazing things, but I feel like there’s always an amazing view no matter where you take a screenshot in Sulani, its STUNNING!!


I’m loving building so far!


Combining the plane wreckage from strangerville with that lone off-the-grid island in sulani is making for some very interesting storytelling.


I mean…. best world we ever had!


Loving all of it! My sim Talia just moved to Sulani from Windenburg! And the last shot is my current dream home WIP!


Sims, SIMS, and MORE SIMS!


I am 100% IN LOVE with this expansion. This is Lylah, fishing in Sulani.




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    • Yeah, basically. I ran out of things to do after restoring the Island to it’s full glory. I’ve completed the shell collection and I’m one level away from the conservationist career. My sim basically comes home prepares grant application, cleans the volcano, swims (she is a mermaid) all night and beachcombs in the morning before going to work and the circle repeats itself again. The world is beautiful though.

      • You’d hate The Sims 1 & 2. It’s not about completing lists of tasks; it’s sandbox. There are several new interactive objects and activities and it expands gameplay for all ages. There are *a lot* of features.

  • I love it.. I like the variety of careers and activities, and have built cultural lots to embrace the zone. The building has been so fun! I think I turned out something like 8 builds within the first two days. I don’t even want to visit other worlds right now.