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The Sims 4: Desktop & Smartphone Mosaic Wallpapers

The Sims 4 has just recently been rebranded and to celebrate the occassion we’ve made 6 new wallpapers for both Desktop and Smartphone users!

There are 6 different variations that come in 2 different formats. Both formats of the wallpapers are in high quality resolutions (2560×1440 + 1440×2560) and because of it there’s no loss in detail for any platform out there.

Down below we’ve listed all of the Desktop and Smartphone wallpapers that you can download. To download a wallpaper of your choice on the Desktop, simply click on the image of your choice and from there right click the wallpaper and select “Save Image”. You can download these walpapers on your Smartphone by tapping on the wallpaper of your choice, holding the wallpaper for a second or to with your finger and selecting the “Save Image” option.

Desktop Wallpapers

Smartphone Wallpapers

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  • When I see these, I can’t help but wonder why the sims team didn’t make something like this for the loading screen instead of the dull, cheap and monochrome background we got now. The blue fading plumbob looks like it could fit nicely with the new shiny plumbob.

    Nicely done, although I still prefer the old version.

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