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The Sims 4 September Gallery CAS Challenge Highlights

If, like me, you love creating new characters for The Sims 4, it is time you explored Gallery challenges. They are a great way to hone your Create A Sim (CAS) skills and socialize with other Sims 4 players.

For the uninitiated, CAS Gallery challenges are events created by users of The Sims 4 Gallery. The host creates a theme for their challenge.  Themes could be as simple as design a Sim that has a certain hair color or something far more elaborate. Entering is easy as creating an original Sim that fits the theme.

Locating the challenges can be somewhat of a challenge in itself. Rather than making you hunt and peck, I’ve gone through The Gallery and pulled out a selection of CAS challenges being hosted on The Sims 4 Gallery during September.

Gamer Challenge – Hosted By Sims4Sarah 

Video Games Day is on September 12th. Since all Simmers have video games as a common interest, we are going to celebrate with my Gamer Challenge. Create an original gamer Sim to participate. The Gamer Challenge ends on October 1st.

Realm of Magic Challenge – Hosted by JauneLily

JauneLily’s Realm of Magic Challenge is for those who can’t wait for the new pack to come out later this month. To enter, make a Sim of any age or gender that is some kind of a magical being. Unlike most challenges, CC is allowed, The Realm of Magic Challenge ends on September 9th.

Sim Dragrace Challenge – Hosted by Eliyawoods 

Dragrace has come to The Sims 4 by way of Eliyawoods’s Sim Dragrace Challenge.  Create a drag queen Sim, complete with all her outfits, to enter this challenge. The Dragrace Challenge ends on October 31st.

Golden Challenge – Hosted by TheOctanePumpkin 

Everything is golden around TheOctanePumpkin this month.  Her Golden Challenge asks creators to make a Sim and have every item of their everyday outfit include the color gold. The challenge ends September 18th.

Who Goes There Challenge – Hosted by Simsharky

SimSharky’s Who Goes There Challenge imagines that the Simpocalypse has taken place. Their Sim is convinced he is the last Sim on Earth. To enter, create a Sim that also thinks they are the lone Sim survivor. Maybe they will be allowed to join him in his bunker and they can rebuild society together.  The Who Goes There Challenge ends September 27th.

Hip Grannies Challenge – Hosted by Nolson96

Show off your elder Sims with Nolson96’s Hip Grannies Challenge.  The entry to this challenge can be either human or an animal. CC is allowed. The challenge ends on September 30th.

Family Challenge – Hosted by meredithndodson 

Create a family of three or more Sims to enter the Family Challenge from meredithndodson.  She allows CC to be used in the challenge.  The Family Challenge ends September 29th.

Interesting Love Challenge – Hosted by Sparky24678

Love is in the air thanks to the Interesting Love Challenge from Sparky24678. Creators are asked to make two Sims. One Sim is ‘normal’ and the other less so.

My Hair! Challenge – Hosted by PineappleDuckLOL

Is there a hairstyle in CAS that you just hate? That’s the one you are going to be using for the My Hair! Challenge from PineappleDuckLOL. Creators are set the task of making their hairstyle they hate look great on their new Sim.

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