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The Sims 4 Realm of Magic: Guide to Curses

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The Sims 4 Realm of Magic allows your Sims to gain almost unlimited power as a Spellcaster, but beware! If your Spellcaster isn’t careful, they could wind up cursed!

About Curses

The Sims 4™ Realm of Magic Official Gameplay 540

Curses are negative effects that will afflict your Sim in a variety of detrimental ways. Anytime your Spellcaster fails to cast a spell or brew a potion correctly, there’s a chance it could backfire and leave your Spellcaster cursed. Spellcasters can have up to three curses on them at one time.

Curses are not timed buffs! They are permanent status effects that will plague your Spellcaster for the rest of their lives unless you get rid of it via a spell or potion. Curses cannot kill your Spellcaster, but you will want to remove curses as quickly as possible because they can be quite a nuisance. It will be difficult to do just about anything with a cursed Spellcaster.

Spellcasters cannot cast curses on other Sims. They will only affect Spellcasters after some kind of magical mishap. They are an unfortunate random event, although your Spellcaster’s rank and abilities will influence the likelihood of failing a spell or potion.

Avoiding Curses

The Sims 4 Realm of Magic: Guide to Curses

The best offense is a good defense! Avoiding curses in the first place is the best way to ensure your Spellcaster’s journey to greatness doesn’t get slowed down. There are a number of things your Spellcaster can do to reduce the likelihood of being afflicted by a curse. Of course, being a high ranking Spellcaster always helps, but perks and traits can further aid in avoiding curses.

  • The Hexproof perk will make your Spellcaster immune to curses all together. All perks that help Spellcasters manage their charge level will reduce the chance of spell failure and thereby reduce the chance of being cursed as well.
  • Spellcasters with one of the magical bloodline traits will also see reduced chances of spell failure. The more powerful the trait, the greater the reduction.

Removing Curses

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Sometimes, despite our best effort, things blow up in our faces. It may not always be possible to avoid being cursed. Luckily, there are two ways your Spellcaster can remove a pesky curse.

  • The Potion of Curse Cleansing will remove all curses from your Spellcaster.
  • The Decursify spell will also remove curses from your Spellcaster,

Curse List

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There are a total of ten possible curses your Spellcasters could be slammed with if they fail to cast a spell or brew a potion.

  • Curse of Awkward Embraces
    • You’re just really into hugging and touching others now. It’s too hard to resist. Awkward.
  • Curse of Infectious Laughter
    • Sometimes you just can’t stop laughing, even in inappropriate situations and often times spread it to others.
  • Curse of Repulsiveness
    • What a horrifying visage! This will cause terror and disgust in all nearby Sims. Socializing will be much harder.
  • Curse of Scrambled Spells
    • You’re losing control of your magic. Casting will sometimes have random powerful results.
  • Curse of Uncleansable Stench
    • You are eternally drenched in the smelliest of gym sweat constantly. Showering does nothing!
  • Curse of Uncontrollable Charge
    • You now draw too much Magical Energy. All gains are increased.
  • Curse of Unwarranted Hostility
    • For some reason everyone just wants to be mean to you and even start fights with you.
  • Curse of the Duelist
    • Be prepared to get into more duels! It’s going to be a lot harder to win, and rewards won’t be as good.
  • Curse of the Night Wraith
    • A Spectral Stalker is hunting you. But where are they now?! Good luck trying to sleep!

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