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The Sims 4 PC/Mac: New Update + Patch Notes! (November 12th, 2019)

The Sims Team has released a brand new Update for The Sims 4 on PC and Mac!

To download the latest version of The Sims 4, simply open your Origin program and if the game doesn’t update automatically, right click on The Sims 4 and select ”Update”.

In case you have Mods or Custom Content, the game will automatically disable them for you after first launching The Sims 4 after the update. To re-enable all your Mods and Custom Content, select the Settings option in the Menu and select Settings. Under the”Other” section you’ll find the ”Enable Custom Content and Mods” option. Check it and restart your game in order for it to take effect!

Patch Notes

UPDATE: 11/12/2019 – PC Mac

Happy Fall! We have a few new Holiday items available for you in Create A Sim to celebrate the holidays. Along with that a new Multi Story Column feature to help you build tall columns for a grand entrance or interior. UI Scaling is also available in the options panel to give you more options with our UI configurations. Want to know what Sims 4 content is out there? New Main Menu Message is now avail on load to easily help you find the latest and greatest content from The Sims 4. In addition, we’ve fixed bugs and community concerns to improve your Sims daily lives.



Multi Story Columns
I’m not sure calling them multi-story columns is accurate. They are more like multi-height columns. Just go into the build catalog, place a column, grab the handle at the top, and drag it up and down to re-size. Some have a maximum size, others however… I think I topped out around 100 feet.

UI Scaling
Now available in the Options menu – UI Scaling! Are you a 4k player with tiny user interface issues? Do you prefer your interface to be readable at distances greater than fifty feet away? Have you a desire to customize the scale to your personal preferences? Now you can! From the Options panel, open up Game Options, and choose Accessibility. Stay away from the red parts of the slider to keep things in the safe range for your display. But, if you are feeling adventurous, give it a try, go crazy! If for some reason you find yourself in a bad state, you can always reset – either from the options panel, or by using Ctrl+U to reset the scaling back to default!

Main Menu Messaging
We know you want to know EVERYTHING about what’s going on, so we’ve added the ability to show you the latest and greatest Sims content on the Main Menu. You’ll be able to learn about free content, check out the latest updates on upcoming releases, pore over the newest blog posts, and more!

New Clothing
We have updated the Holiday Celebration Pack with some new children and toddler clothing! If you haven’t already added the Holiday Celebration Pack to your game, click on the icon at the Main Menu, and download the free pack! From there, head on in to Create a Sim and select the Holiday filter to find the new assets! Children have a new male top, female top, and winter boots! Toddlers have a new outfit for males, a new outfit for females, and some shoes! Or open up the Styled Looks, where SimGuruMorgan created some great new looks with the content!

We have made the Hip Hop Radio Station available for everyone! This means that it is no longer exclusive to Get Famous. However, Get Famous specific music will still need Get Famous to be played.

We added the following songs as part of this update:

Performed by Ari Lennox
Written by Courtney Salter, Damon Coleman, Ron Gilmore, Jr., Anthony Parrino and Galt MacDermot
Published by Ari Lennox Publishing Designee (BMI), Damon Coleman Publishing Designee, Ron Gilmore Music (BMI), Kobalt Music Services America o/b/o Elite That’s Me Publishing and Third Side America o/b/o MacDermot Music
Contains a sample of “Space” by Galt MacDermot
Recording courtesy of Dreamville/Interscope Records under license from Universal Music Enterprises and Third Side Music o/b/o Kilmarnock Records

“Big Moe”
Performed by Beau Young Prince
Written by Jaimy Lageweg and Beau Young
Published by Jailo Music and Rough Trade Songs
Recording courtesy of Def Jam Recordings under license from Universal Music Enterprises

Performed by Ceraadi
Written by Emaza Gibson, Saiyr Gibson and Troy Johnson
Published by Emaza Gibson Publishing Designee, Saiyr Gibson Publishing Designee and Sony/ATV Tunes o/b/o Margetts Road Music/Noni Zuri Music
Recording courtesy of Roc Nation under license from Universal Music Enterprises

“Good Life”
Performed by RDGLDGRN & Daniela
Written by David Lichens, Pierre Desrosiers, Andrei Busuioceanu and Marcus Parham
Published by Songs of Kobalt Music Publishing o/b/o Fungai Music (BMI) and Warner Chappell
Recording courtesy of RDGLDGRN

“Block List”
Performed by Rico Nasty
Written by Maria Kelly and Mark Nilan
Published by Kobalt Music Services America o/b/o Artist Publishing Group West (ASCAP)/Artist 101 Publishing Group (BMI)
Recording courtesy of APG/Atlantic Recording Corp. by arrangement with Warner Music Group Video Game Licensing

Written and Performed by DJDTP



The Sims 4

  • Sims that dislike Fruitcake no longer react negatively to all other food. On the other hand, Sims that like Fruitcake no longer will react positively to Poor Quality foods.
    • You can say the Fruitcake was the culprit, jury is still out on that one.
      • Objection! Maybe not…
  • Grab Meal or Give Food for all ages will now fulfill the hunger needs completely. Hopefully it will help with the 100 baby challenge Standard smile
  • Spoiled visual effect now will go away on servings from coffee and tea pots.
  • Sims will now place grilled food on the table appropriately instead of their inventory.
  • Terrain Manipulation brush and eraser cursor is now visible for all terrain tools in 32 and 64 bit mode on PC.
  • Fresh drinks are now available on the drink tray (for those who own Spa Day and/or Backyard Stuff). “Grab drink” from drink tray functions and will no longer give you an incorrect message.
  • Households populated in the “Other Households” tab in Manage Worlds can no longer be composed of just a Child.
    • They are now properly supervised.
  • Idle Sims will no longer drink water excessively.
    • They will now hydrate appropriately.
  • Skin details no longer go away when randomizing Sim features other than the “Face” or “All” categories.
  • NPC Sims that are not Gardeners will no longer remove Wild Plants from lots autonomously.
  • Rare and uncommon harvestables will now be produced at higher rates when splicing.
  • Fixed an issue in which typing in the search field in Build Mode made the phrase “Text Field” appear erroneously.
    • It was haunting.
  • Sims will no longer leave the dining table after they’ve started having their meal when using the “Call to Meal” interaction.
  • Fixed an issue in which Sims were not able to wash dishes or use the dishwasher if there were shelving units above the sink or the dishwasher.
  • Child Sims will not longer have their eyebrow color changed to Brown when they are set to Blonde.
    • Now both eyebrow and hair color will match as set by Simmers.
  • Fixed an issue that made Adult Sims constantly change outfits while Taking a Shower, and then giving a Bath to Toddlers.
  • Fixed an issue where capturing screenshots with the Capture UI option enabled didn’t actually capture the UI.
  • Fixed an issue which made the option “Put <Sim/Pet Name> here” not available when holding Pets and Toddlers.
    • Though we would love to hold them forever.
  • Fixed an issue which made Paying Bills via Phone not be fulfilled if Simmers queued any other action before it would complete.
  • Simmers playing in Laptop Mode will now see improvements on the in game lighting.
  • Moving a wall will no longer delete objects on a separate shelf when bb.moveobjects cheat is used.
  • Fixed an issue in which Toddlers that had maxed out their skills were not receiving the Top Notch Trait when aging up.
  • Toddler Traits are no longer visible after aging.
  • Success Lineage Aspiration can now be completed once appropriate conditions are met.
  • Terrain Paints now persist when placing a lot from the gallery.
  • Assets yfBody_EP06DressFur_GoldGreen, yfBody_GP07DressWestern_FlowerOrange & yfBody_EP03TankStrappy_ElephantAquaCream were updated to look better with various shoe styles.
  • Vendors will no longer use your Sims’ fireplace as an imaginary portal to mysterious places.
  • Emotional sculpture thumbnail in sims inventory and world appearance are now visually the same.
  • “Get Married to..” whim now complete when you actually get married. Achievement Unlocked!
  • Sims now are more diligent in putting back their books in the bookshelf and/or bookcase.
  • Focused Sims can now go back to hacking work process when they reach level 6.
  • Sims that randomly decided to cosplay and have pointy ears have now revert back to their normal selves.
  • Nature’s Welcome Arch gate will no longer have metal gate audio.
  • Catching fish with excellent quality will now count toward the “Make 6 Great Catches” task of the Angling Ace Aspiration.
  • Creating stairs to the second floor of a raised block will no longer need a drop wall to support it for Sims to be able to route on it.
  • Sims are now able to route into their home after using terrain manipulation tools in their home lot.
  • Sims are no longer collecting items in their inventories without your permission.
  • Alien Disguises and Vampire Dark Forms uploaded to gallery are now properly flagged for packs and custom content used.
  • Sims will now autonomously interact with each other if one is sitting down and the other is standing.
  • Move lot will no longer inadvertently unhide stairs, specifically stairs above the first floor.
  • Updated Muslim inspired assets so clipping is not apparent below the Sims’ chin.
  • Updated Apron tops to look smoother.
  • Sims are now less considerate and do not congratulate their romantic partners when they find a new romantic partner.
  • Send Geo Council for collectables will no longer require you to send your computer with it.
  • Glass roof created on the ground should now be routable (as long as there is an entryway built into it).
  • Randomize Twin in Create-a-Sim will carry user-manipulated ears and nose over to the twin.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause interactions to get stuck in the queue.
  • Selling Normal quality Mystery novels will now give you money in return.
  • Copy interaction is now available on Cookbooks and Mixology books.
  • Sims that despise each other and have no romantic relationship will no longer greet each other with a passionate kiss. Seem normal to me?!
  • Child sit-to-stand transitions for toddler bed and lounge chair exhibit less clipping.
  • Perk and trait buffs will now persist through travel.
  • Drop walls from stairs will now fill in when terrain is manipulated below the stairs.
  • Sims’ Inventory will no longer reset and jump to the top while in use.
  • Hover Tip for Electrified Artist updated to proper text.
  • Fixed an issue in which railings were clipping into the walls.
  • Railings on extended landing do not have missing posts or different looking sections.
  • Drawn on eyebrow thumbnail will no longer show incorrect swatch.
  • Music artist names in the Music Game Options are no longer cut off.
  • Collared jean jacket will clip less with various hair styles.
  • Fence posts are now updated when terrain manipulation occurs.
  • Sims are now able to do Check Toddler interaction while swimming.
  • Steps in enclosed courtyard will no longer auto delete a part of your staircase.
  • Take a Vacation day and Call in Sick are no longer available options when Sims are already on vacation.
  • Teen Sims will no longer get adult Woohoo buff.
  • Park Cub table can now be put in the inventory.
  • Wall Height icon in the description text in Build Mode will now the appropriate wall height.
  • Fixed some issues which may cause Error Code 102 or Error Code 139 to appear during gameplay.

Get to Work

  • Patient Sims that are referred to the surgery table will no longer leave in the middle of surgery.
  • Sims can no longer simultaneously have two occult types. Specifically Vampire and Aliens.

Get Together

  • Steam will no longer accumulate in rooms above indoor swimming pools, or natural pools, built with vents.
  • Book Covers do not change when you place them on retail display.
  • Club panel text field size has been increased to accommodate longer text.

City Living

  • NPC Sims that attend Festivals are not longer seen in not festival appropriate outfits.
  • Fixed an issue that Simmers with Outdoor Retreat and City Living didn’t have the “Ask to Cloudgaze” interaction available in San Myshuno apartments.
  • Fixed an issue that didn’t allow the camera to zoom in properly when looking at lots at their basement level.
  • Updating the pricing of counter and cabinets to be more consistent with the rest of the Build Mode catalog.
  • Updated rental options to not exist in Sulani.
  • Promote Cause Daily Tasks will now be fulfilled with the Promote Policies Interaction.

Cats & Dogs

  • Fixed an issue in which all stray dogs were large dogs. Now they can be all sizes.
  • Lighthouse Woohoo spot is back in business.
  • Sims are able to complete crafting pet medicine with Marketable trait.
  • Quickly Update your Dr. Magi-Heal’s Surger-o-matic 3000 with an instant upgrade.
  • A jacket blazer now layers better with bottoms
  • Dogs will no longer try to put the cat wand away when they can’t and stretch into a mystical form.
  • Clipping issues were improved with a pair of shorts and various tops, specifically the asset yfBottom_EP04Shorts.
  • Turning on view distance in option panels will no longer make a brick fence in the world completely white.


  • Child and Teen Sims are now spawning to knock on doors during the holiday season with trick or treat.
    • Fixed an issue in which rewards from the Scout after school activity were not being awarded properly.
      • The reward will now appear in the Sims’ Inventory, instead of being unlocked in Build Mode.
  • It’s less likely to rain at GeekCon festivals now, which should help keep those computers safe!
  • Fixed an issue in which Sims were able “Rake Leaves” in their Home Lot while Sims were far from leaves to rake.
  • Mix breed cat function in Create a Sim now works again. Yay!
  • Social events put in calendar are now functional and will trigger.
  • Simmers playing with Low Graphics settings can now see improved textures when Sims are wearing Scout uniforms.

Get Famous

  • Sims employed in any career will no longer be prompted to miss work, or end their shift early, when work hours coincide with visits from Sims that were given a residence key.
  • Have Sim Dance at the Same Time goal at the Fan Meet and Greet Event can now be completed when you have your Sims and other Sims dance at the same time.
  • Talent Showcase events will no longer sometimes occur on an invalid location.
  • Text was updated to hover tip for Action Vol 3 purchase book picker.
  • Tooltip text for Quality description of videos created by the video station is now colored purple.
    • Consistency!
  • Sims Radio too loud? You can adjust the radio volume now after listening to the music you created on the Mix Master Music Production Station.

Island Living

  • Uninvited Sims will no longer appear when attending Kava Parties on lots with the “Private Dwelling” Lot Trait.
    • It’s my party, and I don’t invite you if I want to.
  • Beach Venues lots can now be selected for Sims to go on dates.
    • Romantic!
  • Fixed an issue in which samples taken from Sulani to fulfill Conservation career tasks were disappearing from the Sim Inventory after analyzing said samples.
  • Fixed an issue in which the “Dried Scales” buff would not disappear after Mermaids fulfilled their hydration needs.
  • Fixed an issue with Mermaid Children that did not allow them to Take Baths INSIDE bathtubs.
    • Being used to the vastness of the Ocean, Mermaid Children were not happy being limited by a bathtub.
  • Traditional Sarong asset will not clip with tops as much.
  • Fixed an issue that made aged up Mermaid Teen Sims have their Mermaid Tails disappear in Create a Sim and while Swimming.
  • Career Promotions for Conservationist can still occur after reaching level 10.
  • Bulldozing waterfront lots in Island Living will now not remove terrain paint.
  • Goggles no longer create an awkward shadow that does not make sense.
  • Sims can now store coconuts away in the fridge. Woot woot!
  • Human Sims no longer will think they are Mermaids by swimming like them when swimming laps.
  • Promotion task is marked completed when Sims have a diving knife.
  • Sims can now release the fish back into the ocean.
  • Sims with Master Chef Trait do not make spoil food anymore.
  • Sunkiss buff will now have the appropriate icon.
  • Rounded blocks will no longer have missing stilts
  • Blueprint placement for lots with floor lights will no longer place them underneath structure and float. Gravity is more realistic.
  • Stilt foundation shadows now appear properly.
  • Game will no longer crash when placing particular lots from The Gallery.
  • A TV stand missing in search bar will now appear. You didn’t know what you were missing out on when using search… or you did know and now it’s fixed!
  • Penthouses from The Gallery will now place all available items properly.
  • Some furniture items that did not appear on the cursor from Build Mode will now appear.
  • Claiming a bed is now exclusive to one Sim. Now Sims can sleep in their own bed without disturbance or worry about another Sim using their bed.
  • Selected tattoos in Create A Sim will no longer automatically reapply clothing.
  • Hot and Cold outfit categories will no longer filter tattoos upon re-entry.
  • Jet visual effect will now display properly when streaming from a drone.
  • Burnt visual effects no longer appear on lot terrain when there is fire on homes with stilt foundations.
  • Configuring a U shape staircase to another floor will cause the stair cause to lose some steps no more!
  • Mermaid Sims will do their special swim idle when performing Mermaid interactions.
  • Mermaid Sims that have been turned into skeletons can now take a bath. Keep those bones clean.
  • Set favorite watercraft will now set correct one to favorite.
  • Plants placed on Suspended Modern from gallery will no longer place plants in odd places.
  • Island Welcome Wagon will now continue to hold Kava bowls to give to your Household instead of placing it on the ground when it rains.

Dine Out

  • Fixed textures for a few Experimental Dishes.
    • We apologize, our Glazed Heirloom Bamboo Roll, Space Taco with Pearled Egg Core, and Free Range Sixam Pit Beast did not look quite like what you actually ordered.
  • Restaurant signs no longer have an odd bounding box shadow around it. It’ll be well rounded.


  • Vampire Sims will no longer get scolded if they drink plasma from Sims even though they had been granted permission to do so.
  • Options from the Face category in Create A Sim are no longer missing for Vampire Sims when using the Change Sim interaction.
  • Vampires have adjusted to daylight savings now and are awake when you invite them to hang out.
  • Vampire Dark form uploaded to gallery are now properly flagging CC content and packed used.


  • Adult Sims are less likely to autonomously watch Kids Network if Toddlers/Children/Teens aren’t nearby.

Realm Of Magic

  • Spellcasters with the Bloodline trait will no longer have their rank reset if they reach the Virtuoso rank.
  • Potions can now be sold for Simoleons.
    • Profit!
  • Fixed an issue which allowed the Emotional Stability Potion to remove certain buffs from Sims unintentionally.
  • Fixed an issue where the Spellbinding Tile wall pattern was displaying duplicate swatch colors in Build Mode.
  • Cooking and Brewing in cauldron will no longer change sell price in build mode.
  • Drinking animation is performed by Sims when Sims drink potion of curse cleaning to remove curse.
  • Animation for the teleport is no longer getting cut off.
  • Orb Familiars will not pop and jump from their locations while following their Sims out of water.
  • Two necklaces were updated to improve capability with other Create a Sims assets.
  • Trouser texture will no longer appear on the top of a pair of boots.
  • Bicep bracelet is now shown properly in Create A Sim thumbnail.

Cool Kitchen Stuff

  • Removed “Get Leftovers” option for ice cream since it was never intended, and who leaves ice cream for leftovers? Not me Standard smile

Spooky Stuff

  • Spooky Party will now count towards the Party Animal Aspiration.

Moschino Stuff

  • Fixed an issue in which in some cases the game would freeze while in Photo Mode.
  • Sims that you have not met will no longer appear in the Sims selector when triggering Take photo of.

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  • After the patch my game crashes when I try to enter build mode on an empty lot. Does this happen to anyone else? I tried to remove the Mods folder, but the issue persists.

    • Did you delete the localthumbcache file also? Even if you remove your mods that still stores some of that info. You always have to delete it when you update or remove mods. I haven’t patched my game yet. I normally wait a while to see if there are any big bugs that came out. I just did the pervious patch a few hours before this one dropped.

  • I know there was a patch to fix butler’s disappearance when you went to another world but, mine still does that and switches out butler’s often… is anyone still experiencing this?

  • with Magic Realm too bad you couldn’t set an outfit for a Sim to show up wearing, instead of random outfits that just don’t fit like a woman wearing men’s pants which makes me look like they’re carrying a load. Unfortunate there isn’t a conversation meter where you can speak to a Sim for a nice period of time instead of just saying Hello only to have the person you’re talking with leave during mid-conversation that you didn’t start. Can you imagine that someone approaches you only to leave during mid-chat, haha rude.

  • My game won’t open. Did a repair, removed mods, even renamed the game ts41 and let Origin generate all new game files. Still crashes. Anyone else?

  • INCREDIBLY happy about the new UI adjustment options. I have had a fairly severe sight impairment for awhile (though I’m getting it fixed soon) and it has been insanely difficult for me to comfortably play because of the absolutely microscopic view of the UI. Being able to adjust the size makes it so much better for me and–I’m sure–many other devoted Simmers who have trouble with their eyes. Even though I’m getting my premature cataracts removed within the next few weeks (my first surgery in just a couple of days, in fact!), I’m still thrilled on behalf of anyone else who’s had this issue since this iteration of the game began. If I may make just one suggestion… it would be LOVELY if we could either adjust the opacity of text on the UI (such as the clock or the household account reading) or the color of that text. But I’m still super-pleased. Thanks Sims Team!

  • cant connect to my gallery nor online in game and iv been at it for hours trying to fix it,it all started after 3x fail of downloading new patch (finally downloaded) then going to play a family only to realize the family dog is completely missing once playing…he was apart of my fam last night he didnt die or run away just got completely obliterated from existence just like my ability to go onto my gallery

    • found my dog he mysteriously died/got terminated sum how between the time i wasn’t playin n the new patch download…….still cant go onto my gallery content/account/connection in game

  • After the game update all of my sims with custom content are no longer there, i enabled mods and started the game back up so they come up in create a sim but i dont wanna have to edit ALL of my sims help!!! did this happen to anyone else

  • First after edit in CAS my househild dissapeared and i was brought to the world menu. Twice. Then after loading in my save files were corrupted, and all household images were blue squares and the game would fail to load into a family. After disabling my mods I was able to finally play without issues. (Had to make a nee family from scratch) then after playing for hours I try to save and quit and i get an error 510 saying my game cannot be saved. No matter what I did I could not save my game so the new update ruined three families today. Pretty frustrated.

    • same happened to me. i took all the save files mod etc folders from the old sims4 n just put them in the new sims4 game patch folders (i have a mac it might b diff via pc to transfer files but if u can still access those old files/folders from the original i believe it will work n bring back ur families n game progress like it was b4 all this craziness ) idk how but that’s the only thing i got right apparently

      • as well as 3x did repair on origin but that was after i downloaded bc the damn thing wouldn’t let me play it was saying error of sum sort so figured its cause my comps old n derby i deleted sum junk to clean it up then was able to play but to only b in utter dismay all my fams etc was completely wiped out giving me new game bs n ina pissed off panic did all the old files/folders transfer, hope this helps sum how n u get ur fam’s n game progress back

  • Why cant the sim team do shit right. Now my game keeps crashing. Mind you i took all of my mods and its still crashing. Tf is going on

  • After the Update all my male sims started to glitch out and have white and red skin with black question marks in Cas and living, i don’t have any cc in my game and my MacBook isn’t an old one. Some of my female sims have the skin colour but with question marks on them. Is this happening to anyone else? Can i fix it? How can i fix it? Help would really be appreciated.

    • ( Plus is there a Sim guru or something i can tweet to and ask what’s going on because i’m so confused on what’s happening. )

    • You have to repair the game. My daughter was getting the same red and white skin with the black question marks. She clicked on settings on the Sims4 in Orgin and clicked repair. It worked…

      • This happened to me with the red and white squares after the update. I repaired the game and now it crashes every time I go into Build mode after about 3 minutes. I tried repairing again and it didn’t work . I don’t have any custom content either. I can’t find any solutions.

    • I am having the same issue but both my male and female sims have white and red skins with a question mark. Even base game clothing is glitching and doing the same thing.

  • Help! My sims face is now all white with ??? All over their skin! It happens in Cas and doesn’t go away….. How do I fix this…. Or uninstall the patch?? I can’t play!!

  • My game is crashing too when I try to enter a lot, and I don’t play with any mods or cc downloaded. I’ve repaired the game and uninstalled/reinstalled. Hope this gets fixed soon.

  • I’ve been trying to fix my game since yesterday. It is without a doubt, a custom content/mod folder problem. I have thousands of pieces in 50 different folders. I have about 20 folders left. I will add one folder per startup to get to the problem. This is a long process but I refuse to play this game without custom content, so I must suffer. Btw, I crashed about 30 times, but now the game plays with no problems.

  • My game crashes, I’ve disabled my cc and mods and this still continues. Also my sim can only do one action? If I choose another they will just stand there and I have to constantly reset my sim just to do another action..

  • Sooo… After the new patch my sims started crashing, I can’t get into live mode, build mode or create a sim. I pre-ordered Discover University and now I won’t be able to play it. What do I do? Otherwise how do I delete the patch?

    Please help me, I am a high-school senior and I’m in the middle of end exams. I convinced my parents to let me play sims until sunday but now I won’t even be able to play tonight.


    • Oo and I am in my 3rd generation of the legacy challenge and going strong PLEASE DON’T LET ME LOOSE THAT DATA

  • Updated just fine but get onto play and ALL the base game worlds are gone! I have most of my sims living in those worlds as well so very disappointed and don’t even want to play until this issue is resolved!

  • If you are playing through origin, go to game library, right click the game and click repair. Worked for me my game was awful after the update. Crashing, lagging, skin was white and red squares, anything that was blue or green in colour was coming up as a multi coloured square with question marks all inside. Hope this works for everyone!

  • So, I updated my game and now when I go in to play as a household the game crashes. Not sure what the issue is but I don’t think it’s on my part. Please fix this.

  • After the update, whenever I buy a custom content shower, it disappears when placed. I removed all mods except for 1 cc shower and it still happened.

  • Has anyone had issues with basegame clothing options and skin tones causing issues? I’m getting a lot of base game clothings, hairs, makeups and more that are not working at all since the update.

  • Data is expensive over here in South Africa, is anyone able to point me to the place where it says how big the file is, before I go ahead and give myself a heart attack

  • I’m not seeing other comments about this problem so I’ll go ahead and let you know.

    I’m playing on Mac and when I load up the game I get the classic green glitch lines allover the screen. The game works fine underneath it all, but I get headaches three times as fast as normal, XD. It really affects building in particular, I can’t identify the swatches correctly.

  • ever since I updated my game. my sims and other items have been covered in red white and question marks and I have tried fixing it for the past 2 hours but nothing is working. someone please send HELP


    So i took out my mods in the game and turns out the one that was making it crash was the life tragedies one. Just go to your mods folder and take out the mods and put them back in one by one to see if thats the mod making your game crash. Mine works fine now since i took out the life tragedies mod

  • This recent update is a nightmare, I don’t even want to purchase university now if I can’t play! Any announcement on who hit the kill switch?!

    • I thought it was just me, with the horrible graphics. I got in a couple times earlier, but now I’ve been kicked out at least a dozen times. I guess I’ll take my mods out. What a pain in the butt this game can be.

  • This may or may not help some of you but if you go to settings and repair the game everything should start running smoothly…no blue boxes, no red and white sims with question marks.

  • I’m playing on a PC. When It gets to the play button screen, It asks me about keeping my UI scaling or restoring it to default. I checked both and they both freeze on the spot. I’m assuming that my mods were turned of as well because it got to the play screen really fast compared to when my mods are on.

    Anyone else have this issue with the UI freeze?

    • Mine keeps crashing after I got the update and it’s pissing me off! I took out all my mods and I was in the middle of a royalty challenge but I decided to delete it all. I hate it. This is my 30th time rebooting it and it won’t work

  • after the update my Sims have barely any interaction options with the Sims in the same household, & with Sims they don’t know they have zero interactions! i’ve tried everything but nothing is still not workkng

  • hey sims people.. are you going to fix the fact that a huge majority of players are complaining about constant crashes ever since the new update?
    Because dude it’s happening to me whenever I tried to play a household. Thought it was my mods that i downloaded this morning but even when I turn off the mods it still crashes. Please fix asap, obviously I’m not the only one complaining about this :((

  • Hey guys so I see a lot of people have had the same problem as me of the game crashing after clicking live mode and I fixed it by deleting certain script mods. I don’t really know which ones don’t work with the update but you should search the specific script mod and most creators will mention if it’s been having issues since the new patch. If your mod is so old that it hasn’t been updated in over a year then chances are that one could be the problem. It really seems like a trial and error thing but search “.ts4script” in your mods folder and go from there. Good luck!

  • so… this is what has worked for me… yall not gonna like this, let me tell yahhhhhh. With trial and failure, I’ve read Michelle’s proposition on what happened with her dealings on this forum. She stated that all of the old mod scripts were the dealings of her game crashing. So I mean, that’s simple enough and a majority of those scripts I don’t really use nor care anymore. NOPE.. Still crashed. So I still kept her advice that the update might only prefer NEWER updated mod scripts. I went to take out EVERY SINGLE (OVER 1,000) MOD FOLDERS…. THE GAME OF COURSE WASN’T CRASHING…. before doing something drastic like REMOVING EVERY SINGLE CC/MOD CONTENT do check your mod scripts (search .ts4script in the mod folder and it will list every mod script you have downloaded for the game) and make sure that it’s a newer updated script and see if that works. If not then sorry to tell you, but my game started working again after deleting all of my mod content and uploaded newer updates of them. Fucking sucks let me tell yah, but hopes this works ;(

  • I’ve never had any issues with my game, but after this update, the loading screens are taking forever and when it does finally load, the screen flickers all along the bottom and it’s really annoying. Plus it crashed a couple times. I disabled CC and it still happened. I tried repairing it in Origin as well and that didn’t do anything. :(

  • I had to uninstall and am currently trying to reinstall it and now it keeps stalling on 98%. I’ve done this before with no problem on my Mac so I have no idea what is going on.

    • OMG!!!! YOU TOOO ?! I have tried everything , I called EA and apple and nothing is working now they’re telling me to wait a few days to play my game . when we buy this game we never tell them to wait for payments or anything so they need to fix this pronto . I can’t install my game at all smh

  • The game consistently crashes repeatedly!!! I was excited to play it till this patch decided to make the game unplayable… it works to where we are able to use CAS and then build but once you go into live mode the game automatically crashes everytime. Please fix it because i didnt spend my money on something to have it not work because i never had any problems till now and apparently these comments are having the same exact issue.

  • I have a Mac and it updated to macOS Catalina and I can’t even play my game at all , which is sad but at the same time infuriating because I pre ordered the sims 4 university . I don’t know what they’re doing to fix this honestly . my game crashed like a bunch of times and now its giving me an error code wtf

  • This update/patch has caused my game to crash every time I try to launch a household or enter build mode. I’ve removed CC and that helped, but now that I put all my stuff back in the problem came back. From what I’m reading in the comment section even players who DON’T use CC are experiencing the same problems. So, it’s not because of the CC? And if it is, *sigh* I’m probably going to get rid of my Sims game. I use CC for my builds and creating Sims and its what made the game fun again for me. If I’m unable to use them, I don’t see the point of playing any longer.

  • Since the patch my sim can’t write any books. The options are available to select but when I press them they don’t enter the queue.

  • My game hasn’t crashed but my game is totally screwed up after this update. I keep seeing this weird multi-color and question mark pattern on world graphics, certain objects, and on my Sims in CAS. Its like my game can’t process some graphics anymore.

  • When playing my sims always seem to be glitching after this update. I have to keep constantly shift and click reset object (debug) to get them to start moving again.

  • Every time I try and load my household the game crashes. I have uninstalled all my CC I don’t use script mods. I’ve tried repairing the game three times. Is there a fix for this, or one coming in the near future????

    • I hope so, Molly. I’m experiencing the same thing and have done everything I could think of including asking for help from EA Tech Support.

  • After this patch the icon of sims 4 disappeared to me
    but thankfully i still can playing the game if i open the origin and go to the game library and click play

  • hhhhho h i am so glad i’m not the only one who’s been having these issues here
    which. yknow. are still a thing apparently?? i’ve been going stir-crazy thinking it’s the mods/cc that’re the cause of it, but i cleaned out my custom content of any potentially bad stuff, updated all of my mods, had a hot second where i //e n t i r e l y// cleaned out my mods/cc, and just about everything else you could think of?? i really hope a new patch comes along soon that’ll fix this mess, cas is literally the only thing that i can get to work right now and every other website i’ve seen anyone consult about this issue pretty much told them to go fuck theirself
    i’m so tired, man

  • Im having issues with inventory not showing up… My child cannot do homework and my sim cannot do the freelance writing because of this issue!

  • i use a mac and the game had automatically updated, everytime i try and restart the game i crash straight away. Im at 13 crashes right now.

  • Can we please sort out parents, or anyone taking toddlers out of the highchair which they just put them in to eat please. It’s driving me nuts having to have my toddlers eat on the floor/livingroom/other chairs anywhere

  • I can’t edit my sims bodies in cas anymore since the update, even if I get them from the gallery. Was wondering if anyone else has been having this problem?

  • got the patch and now all my male sims are white and red with question marks covering them. i know it’s not the CC because i disabled CC and checked and it’s still like that ;-;

  • I used to run 64 bit ad now every time I try to play a household it crashes. The CAS isn’t running very smoothly either with the icons being more blurry and the scrolling is too sensitive. The worlds now run really laggy and I can’t even edit a sims features without the scrolling being too sensitive or laggy to catch up to what I’m doing.

    • I think you were the last comment. Did someone magically fix it today? I purchased Sims University from Amazon & I had no idea this was going on. Could anyone please let me know what to do. Is EA going to fix this? If I can’t use mods, I won’t play either. I get bored playing with all my mods. Thanks!

  • after the update all of my sims skins show red and white question marks. even when i took out my cc it still did this and i dont have any mods installed. does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?

  • Since this new patch all my Sims skin is red and white with a black ? . What is going on? No cc or mods on the game. How do you fix it? It is really annoying.

  • My game crashes. I tried everything I swear I did, it still crashes. My computer plays the game very well and I had no major issues until this update.

  • Well looking at the comments, I’m glad I’m not the only one whose game keeps crashing when trying to load a household! This is ridiculous. It seems that with every new update something else goes wrong with this game! :/

  • I can’t even open the application. The screen automatically goes to black and I’ve tried updating my laptop (mac), repairing the game, and turning off origin access or whatever it is. It’s pissing me off already I’ve tried opening it multiple times now.

  • I can’t even open the application. The screen automatically goes to black and I’ve tried updating my laptop (mac), repairing the game, and turning off origin access or whatever it is. It’s pissing me off already I’ve tried opening it multiple times now.

  • For some reason, the patch didn’t install correctly (i think?), and the new features in the settings are empty (you can click and use the slider, but there’s no text).
    Also, quite a few commands in the sim menu are without text, sometimes replaced with dots (there’s no explanation what the dotted commands mean).
    Lastly, the create-a-sim story option has disappeared!

  • Honestly. How is this STILL an issue all this time after the update was released??

    My game works fine until I try to travel. Then it crashes. I’ve done all batch fixes and removed mods. Still happens.

  • I cant even play my game since this patch. It’s upsetting. I’ve been a simmer since the original Sims came out. I just want to be able to play again without something like this happening with each and every patch that’s released. I’m losing hope in this game because of it. I just recently started playing with Mods and the only solution anyone ever has is to take them out but I’m 1,000+ files deep and it’s not the simplest thing to go through all my mods every few months due to these patches. WTF is going on?

  • My game won’t even open. I updated, clicked Play, and NOTHING. I’ve repaired the game, reinstalled Origin, even made sure my video card drivers were up-to-date… Nothing.

    I get a ding like there’s an error message and then it just completely fails to load entirely. I’ve tried multiple times.

  • My sim was literally just standing and talked to her daughter who was sitting when I read that was part of the patch update…I realized the graphics seemed diff fer me on lp mode and well…. That’s why I’m here

  • Every time I try to play a household, my game crashes before even getting past the loading screen. This is absolutely ridiculous! I’m getting sick of these constant issues. I get that every game will have its share of glitches and bugs but, it’s getting to the point where just about every other patch update causes something to happen that makes the game unplayable. I swear if I didn’t put so much time and effort into my sims and builds, I’d give TS4 up for this reason.

  • My game crashes too when I try to open a house.. I tried Everything internet recommended but nothing works.. There are so many people with this problem and ea needs to fkn fix this right now!


  • Every time I launch my Sims 4 game and go into build mode my game crashes or freezes within 5 minutes. I do have mods and custom content in my game. I have taken out/updated mods and everything and I am still having this problem. My Mac is a 64-bit by the way.

  • Has anyone else had really odd graphical glitches since the university patch on Mac?
    In menus and create-a-sim, I keep getting this constant flicker, like tv static, across the bottom of the screen.

    That’s aside from the obvious game crashing issues also. At the moment this game is unplayable.

    • To fix the glitching, I believe people were saying to turn off edge scrolling. I’m still waiting for a fix for the crashing…so far, nothing.

  • Does anyone have the answer to why this package keeps on crashing. my daughter has spent hours on this and for the last 2 days has suddenly kicked her out and has never saved her work.i now have a very very upset daughter.
    You charge enough for these add- ons and they simply don’t work.
    Maybe we should all get a refund. Quick enough to take our money. But take forever to fix the bloody thing.

  • Can’t even load the game. I freeze when it tries to load the load screen to even launch the game. I’ve restarted 6 times, reinstalled and installed. Updated my mac, as well as downloaded legacy version. I have no mods either.

  • Are you guys planning on addressing the inventory issue….I mean actually fixing the problem? It’s been an issue since the initial release and has fluctuated from a few items to entire inventories missing, now it seems to be sporadic items such as presentation boards, flowers, collectibles. The inventory is kind of a big thing for a sim. These new features are (well, would be) great but they are tarnished by the hundreds of other bugs in the game. I’d just be happy with an inventory I could trust.

  • I opened my game and it loaded like usual, but when I went to new game and wanted to edit the body type, it only shows one. Is that normal, or did I do something to mess it up.

  • Thanks for the update..but i have a problem!!!! When i enter the game..everything is fine but if i wan’t to continue a project it just shows me some packs (i don’t have extensions)…i put a lot of work in this game but now that i updated it…i lost everything :(((( heeeelp