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The Sims 4 Discover University: Research & Debate Skill Overview

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The Research & Debate skill is a new 10-level skill that comes with The Sims 4: Discover University. Sims will learn the power of persuasion and the importance of doing their research with this skill, which will come in handy for coursework, debates, and convincing other Sims to do various tasks.

Leveling up in this skill will help your Sims win debates, so Sims involved in UBrite’s Debate Guild organization will want to focus on building this skill. Any academically-inclined Sims will benefit from this skill, as it will allow them to finish homework and write term papers faster. Mischievous Sims may have an interest in building this skill in order to convince other Sims to do all kinds of tasks for them, from cleaning and cooking to doing their homework for them.

The Research & Debate Skill is built by researching topics on the research machine and practicing debates either at a debate podium or in the mirror. Researching the Secret Society and Urban Legends does not build the Research & Debate skill.

The Sims 4 Discover University: Research & Debate Skill Overview

Research & Debate Skill Levels

Level 1

  • Can use the research machine to research some limited topics
  • Can use a mirror to practice debating

Level 2

  • Can read books faster
  • Can debate with other Sims at the debate podium

Level 3

  • Can complete homework faster
  • Prepare for Debate on the research machine
  • Convince other Sims: Bathe, Do Keg Stand

Level 4

  • Greater study progress while studying
  • Research more topics on the research machine

Level 5

  • Convince other Sims: Do Homework for Sim, Cook

Level 6

  • Can complete presentations and term papers faster
  • Contribute Knowledge on research machines for simoleons

Level 7

  • Convince other Sims: Clean
  • Can convince roommate to stay if roommate is thinking of leaving the house

Level 8

  • Write and publish research papers on the computer
  • Faster skill gain from reading books

Level 9

  • Convince other Sims: Go Streaking
  • Convince Boss to Give Bonus on the phone

Level 10

  • Can have professional debates at the debate podium for simoleons (and fame if Get Famous is installed)
  • Give Professional Commentary at a debate podium or single podium for simoleons (and fame if Get Famous is installed)

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