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Origin Black Friday Sale: Save up to 75% off on select The Sims 4 Games

Origin has finally published their Black Friday Sale Deals!

To celebrate the holidays EA has slashed the prices for select The Sims 4 Games including the Base Game, Expansion Packs and Game Packs. The only title that’s excluded in the sale is Discover University considering that it just recently came out.

Down below are the following offers:

  • The Sims 4 Base Game (75% off)
  • The Sims 4 Expansion Packs (Excluding Discover University – 50% off)
  • The Sims 4 Game Packs (25% off)

The offer is available right now for PC / Mac players worldwide and will last until December 3rd at 10AM PST. Make sure you take advantage of the offers before it’s too late!

For ALL The Sims 4 Black Friday Offers (including the Console ones) check out our Black Friday Deals Megapost!

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    • If fashionable clothes, great hair and stylish interior is important for you, don’t choose anything else but Get Famous! I also love that pack because of the whole Hollywood vibe. The fame system and the acting career is actually very well-made. If you prefer playing with family (including pets), choose Cats&Dogs, I love the vet career and the new world as well. To be honest I dislike Island Living.. for me it doesn’t have anything exciting regarding gameplay & in-game goals but it might be an unpopular opinion.

    • If you love things with animals I would recommend cats and dogs you will fall in love with it. To me island living wasn’t as fun as I thought it would have been but it is really beautiful things are amazing. I am not sure about get famous I haven’t gotten it

    • My order of preference is cats and dogs first
      The other 2 depends on gameplay and cas. Do you prefer mermaids and islands and summer, or getting famous from high talent/jobs and acting and other influencers type jobs?

      I rate island living as third, personally. Still a really nice pack but the other 2 are more gameplay

    • Personally out of those, cats and dogs is my favorite, but then again I’m not a big fan of the beach, so island living isn’t really my thing

    • Don’t own that many, but went through a lot of “rankings” by other people and most put seasons in first place and cats and dogs around second place. Personally I love island living, but that’s just because tropical paradises are a huge guilty pleasure of mine, but at the same time I have to acknowledge “it’s just a world”.

    • I would go for Cats and Dogs or Get Famous! Island Living is great too but I think compared to other two, it’s not that much used in the game except for CAS and build objects. But keep in mind that this is according to my gameplay, may be different for you!

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  • I would’ve bought two expansion packs if the Sims 4 Discover University was in the sale since I only need that and Get Together to have all the expansions. I am a bit disappointed it’s not in the sale. I will buy Get Together and a Game Pack instead.