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How To Find Lost The Sims 4 Custom Content


Sul Sul Simmies,

You know that feeling when you’re really excited about finding CC only to click on the link and get taken to a “not found” page? But you really wanted it so bad?

Well, the good news is, if you didn’t already know, there are places where you can find a collection of lost cc from deactivated and deleted accounts. I for one can’t stand it when I am browsing cc and something catches my eye that I set my whole heart on, and know exactly how I want to use the item or maybe what sim of mine would wear it best, but then, the page is not found or perhaps the link is broken. Yeah, guys, I know this feeling too well.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help!

Here are Top 3 links for finding those missing CC’s:

No custom content items can escape me, dudes, trust me I will hunt them down even if it takes me hours or even days. Fun fact, I have once found some cc two years later purely by accident. Fun times. Hahaha

I am quite positive that this will help you all immensely. Until next time Simmers 😉

Dag Dag – Simanoid xo

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Sul Sul, I am Cay, aka Simanoid. I’m a 24 year old aspiring music artist who has been obsessed with Sims since the first installment of the game franchise. I’ve always loved every aspect of the game; including those pesky technical difficulties that cause game problems. It’s a challenge and learning experience so yeah, that can be fun too… and frustrating! Oh! Did I mention I’m a bit of a CC addict? XD

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