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The Gallery is NOW AVAILABLE for The Sims 4 on Xbox One and PS4


The Sims Team has just pushed out a brand new update for The Sims 4 on Xbox One and PS4, allowing players to finally get their hands on THE GALLERY! One important thing to note is that players won’t need PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscriptions in order to access the Online Gallery, meaning that it’s free for everyone who have connected their Playstation Network / Xbox Live accounts to their EA Accounts.

More in the patch notes down below:

Update: 01/16/2020 – v1.21

Sul Sul! Now you can share your Sims household and your own creative builds through the Gallery which is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Gallery opens up a world of content created by other Simmers, ready to download and use in your Worlds. Be sure to favorite households and builds within the gallery!

What’s New?


If you aren’t familiar with the Gallery, it’s like My Library only global. On the Gallery you’ll find creative Simmers sharing their Households, Lots and Rooms for everyone to download and use.

There are a few things you should know before diving in.

  • The Gallery does not require you to have PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscriptions to access.
  • To use The Gallery, you will need to connect your PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account to your EA Account.
    • When you first start The Sims 4, you should see the invite to link to your EA Account if you haven’t done so already.
    • You can also link your account by going to Game Options > Other
    • Linking your account will also unlock Grim’s Ghoulish Guitar
  • The Gallery is cross-platform. That means PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Simmers all use the same Gallery.
  • Simmers who disable cross-platform play on their accounts will only be able to see creations from Simmers that have been uploaded from the same platform
  • Simmers who have blocked Community Creations will not be able to use the Gallery but will still have access to My Library
  • Creations using CC will not be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Gallery
  • PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Simmers have the ability to Block and Unblock players from within The Gallery. These blocks are managed via your EA Account and do not apply to PSN or Xbox Live friends or block lists.

– SimGuruLegacy

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      • when you build your home,in build mode, theres a file button on the the top. click that then press save lot or save house. This will upload it to your gallery. From there you can go to the gallery and share it however you like. Also when in build mode, you can select the room and press the folder button with this too; this makes it so you can share individual rooms for download. for more help see this video
        happy simming

    • it takes a while, yesterday i was trying to do it and it kept saying “ not online “ but today i got on and i crossed my fingers that it would work and it did ! so it just takes patience . try maybe a day later after you do the update !

    • Just connect your wifi to your account. It will automatically be there when restarted. It’s a tab button on the top.

  • I can get the gallery for some reason like I’m confused I thought that it was going to be easy it was with my computer so why can’t I get it to work with my console that I had longer I’m so upset

  • You cant even download anything you like since it keeps saying “must have the newer version of sims to be able to download” I hope this gets fixed as I found many things I love but I cant even enjoy the gallery as 99% of the builds and sims cant be downloaded due to needing a new version which my game is updated to the latest version.

  • I’ve been having problems with it off and on every time I’ve tried to use the gallery and saying I need to update with the latest version but everytime I go to see if it needs to be updated it says I have already updated it to the latest version

  • I just finished downloading version 1.21 and my account is linked to my EA account already how when I click on the double photos which should say Gallery however they still say “My Library” I need some help please someone I play on PS4.

  • I’m really really disappointed I’ve waited for ages and it took hours to download all for nothing y is it not working plz fix it ASAP

  • This is great, but all of a sudden my lots aren’t showing up in the gallery…it’s not like Xbox can have CC, so why did my lots just disappear from the gallery? As if I never posted anything. This sucks, because I worked very hard to build everything on console, but nobody can see or download it after 5 days of it working fine.

  • How come when I try to download from the gallery it won’t let me. It says I don’t have the latest game but I do. I don’t have all packs is this why I get that message?

  • Ive uploaded houses and sims that ive been watching for yrs and im really happy. But I’m curious..
    a few of the YouTube simmers that I subscribe to have whole saved files uploaded to the gallery. They’ve done every world in the sims. With character development and everything it’s mind-blowing. I want to upload one of those. And I just don’t think I can yet. Someone tell me I’m wrong pleaaaseeee … thank u in advance – Hempgodess

  • My childs account cannot access the gallery and still comes up as my library however my normal account works so I do not really understand why it wont work or if its because the account isn’t linked properly even though it has the ghoulish guitar thing

    • Supposedly according to EA people, a child’s account can not be granted permissions to access online stuff period. The only way to get it is to creat an entirely new XBOX/PSN account that is over 13 or whatever age depending on where you live. Only then will it grant Teen permissions with a new ID, that you’d have to create.

      It’s stupid and idiotic. In what world should a parent not be given the option to give permission to a child account to allow access???

  • Well I went and bought an new Xbox along with the Sims 4…..I am very disappointed. They took out a lot of things versus the The Sims 3. They took away our ability to create and customize in the game which is the whole point. The Sims 4 does have some things I like but really Sims 3 is better. It seems like if you do not have an PC you get whatever is left over. I do not have an desktop and my laptop (touch screen-$700+) does not have an CD receiver. I am not going to go buy a PC or new laptop just play this game to it full potential. I have already given EA money when I had to keep replacing The Sims 3 game because the disk would last long. This will be my last Sims game I will buy and will no longer spend anymore money just get whatever you decide to allow. Maxis and EA need to either do better by those who spend $ on buying these games for console or not try it at all.

  • Hey I got the word that the gallery isnt available I wasn’t happy I really liked the featuree that was on Sims 4

  • Y’all don’t understand how happy I am. Big Fan of the game I literally stay on it all night. And the game just keeps getting better!!! ♥️

  • It keeps telling me to change my settings to access my gallery, and when I change it to allow , it still tells me the same thing. How the heck do I fix that, ir what setting do I need to change in privacy account settings?