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The Sims 4 Tiny Living: All About Murphy Beds

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The new gameplay object that comes with The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff is the Murphy bed! Long-time players will fondly remember the Murphy bed from past incarnations of The Sims. It first appeared in The Sims 2 Apartment Life and made a return in The Sims 3 University Life. It’s back again in The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff and better than ever with added functionality and features.

And before you ask “But can it kill my Sims?” The answer is yes. More on that later…

Buying a Murphy Bed

The Sims 4 Tiny Living: All About Murphy Beds

The Murphy bed can be purchased in Build/Buy just like any other bed in the game. There are a few different variations of the Murphy bed in the catalogue to choose from. There is a Murphy bed with a foldaway love seat attached. This 2-in-1 object is completely functional as both a couch and a bed, making it extremely useful for micro homes where your living room is often also your bedroom.

There is also a version without the love seat attached if you just want the bed to function as a bed. Players can place any love seat they like in front of the Murphy bed with the bb.moveobjects on cheat but it will not fold away properly when the bed is opened like the attached love seat will.

In addition to the love seat vs. no love seat variations, there is also two versions of the Murphy bed that come with attached bookcases; one on one side and the other on both sides. This allows the entire unit to be picked up and moved at once. Players can also choose to grab just the bookcases and move them separately, detaching them from the Murphy bed. The bookcases are listed in the Build/Buy catalogue by themselves, too, so they can be placed as standalone objects or as part of the Murphy bed, whatever the player prefers.

All versions of the Murphy bed come with a built-in painting and shelf. The shelf does not have any slots to add more items. This is because the shelf also folds away neatly to sit on the bottom of the bed without disturbing the built-in objects on top of it when the bed is opened. The shelf would not be able to fold in on itself if other objects were placed on it. The painting cannot be removed from the bed, but it does come in different variations depending on the colour swatch the player picks. Most of the designs have a daytime theme when the bed is closed and a nighttime theme when the bed is opened.

Upgrading the Murphy Bed

The Sims 4 Tiny Living: All About Murphy Beds

The recent game update added upgrades to all beds in the game. Players can now upgrade beds to increase their comfort and provide positive moodlets. Tiny Living Stuff is not needed to perform these bed upgrades; however, the Murphy bed comes with two extra upgrades that are specific to the Murphy bed only. This is because the Murphy bed is an electronic object and can break.

Broken Murphy beds can be fatal to Sims so upgrading them is a good idea. While I was exploring this pack, the bed broke every single time my Sim used it with no exceptions, so upgrading the bed will probably be high on your priority list if you have a similar experience with this.

  • Spring Loaded
    • Reduces how often the bed will break
    • Handiness 3
    • 4 Common Upgrade Parts
  • Reinforced Spring Wiring
    • Infused wire and reinforced springs make the bed unbreakable
    • Handiness 8
    • 3 Common Upgrade Parts, 3 Electronic Upgrade Parts

The Dangers of Murphy Beds

It’s not always all cozy comforts and quiet nights with a Murphy bed in the house. These convenient space-saving beds have a dark side. They can be deadly!

Sims can sometimes be injured by the Murphy bed while trying to open it. This will result in a negative moodlet that lasts for a few in-game hours. Sims can also be swallowed up by the bed if it closes on them while they’re sleeping. Sleeping Sims who get trapped inside the Murphy bed will be too scared to go back to sleep for a few in-game hours afterwards.

In some cases, a Sim can be crushed and killed by the Murphy bed while attempting to open it. A broken Murphy bed has a much higher chance of killing Sims, but even functioning Murphy beds have a small chance of killing a Sim. Your Sims are never completely safe from the Murphy bed but you can greatly reduce the risk of death by upgrading it.

Death Type and Ghost

Crushed by Murphy Bed is a brand new death type that comes with Tiny Living Stuff!

Sims who die from being crushed by a Murphy bed have a unique ghost type that shows sleep Z’s emanating from their ghost. Murphy ghosts also have some unique behaviours and interactions, making them both fun to play with and challenging for your living Sims to live with.

Murphy ghosts can possess Sims and steal their energy. There is a cool new animation for this interaction, shown above. When a Murphy ghost steals a Sim’s energy, they will laugh maniacally while the living Sim succumbs to exhaustion and passes out on the floor.

Despite their mischievous ways, Murphy ghosts are very concerned about bed safety and refuse to allow living Sims to sleep. They will wake up sleeping Sims in the house to give them a heartfelt lecture about the importance of bed safety.

What’s your favourite part about the new Murphy bed? Let us know in the comments or come chat with us on social media!

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