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Mods & CC to enhance your The Sims 4 Tiny Living Experience

The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff Pack has been out for more than a week now and modders / CC creators have been extra busy to deliver gameplay improvements and new objects for the pack!

Down below we’ve listed some of our favorite creations for the pack:

Tiny Homes – Changed Tile Limits

Do you think that the Tiny Home tiers that The Sims Team has set are a bit too extreme? This mod changes the tier requirements, switching things for Tier 1 (100 tiles), Tier 2 (200 tiles) and Tier 3 (500 tiles). With this mod you’ll be able to build much bigger homes and enjoy all of the perks of a Tiny Home!

Sinks with Slots

Not necessarily a Tiny Living mod because it doesn’t require the pack but still very useful when decorating your interior! This mod updates all of the sinks from the Base Game + previously released packs, adding slots on the sides that allow you to clutter up your sink however you want!

No Murphy Bed Death

Ensure your Sims don’t die when pulling down the Murphy Bed with this neat little mod!

Media Marathon Seperate TV

The all-in-one entertainment station from Tiny Living is neat, but doesn’t come with liberated objects that are inside of it. This CC is an object liberation of the TV used in the Media Marathoner object.

Slot Override for the Tiny Living lamp

The small table beneath the new Tiny Living lamp would’ve been great if you could place down clutter and small objects onto it. This mod makes all those wishes come true!

Toilet / Sink Combo Object

With this object your Sims will be able to both fulfill their bladder and hygiene need. Yeah, it’s a little gross if you think about it but it saves a lot of space in your bathroom!

There are 2 variations of this object that you can download:

Liberated Tiny Living Plant

The Tiny Living tiny plants are very cute, but they come attached to the new bookend. This CC liberates those plants and gives them 20 unique color presets!

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