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The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle: 14 Details We Spotted in the Reveal

Any and all features discussed in this article should be considered speculation until we receive confirmation about said feature from The Sims Team. We’ll keep you up-to-date on all the latest news, so keep checking back with us as more info about Eco Lifestyle comes to light!

The Sims Team has just announced the newest expansion pack coming to The Sims 4; Eco Lifestyle! This pack is themed around working together with other Sims to revitalize a polluted city. Similar conservationist concepts were touched upon in packs like Island Living and Tiny Living, but Eco Lifestyle looks like it’s taking the eco-friendly game to a whole new level.

We noticed a few things both obvious and not-so-obvious from the trailer that we’re definitely curious to see more about in the coming weeks!

New World

A brand new world called Evergreen Harbor is featured in the trailer. At the beginning of the trailer, the world looks like an apocalyptic nightmare, rampant with trash, pollution, and a thick brown smog blocking the sky. Through the efforts of Sims working to make a difference, the landscape becomes a greener, brighter, more inviting place for Sims to live.

New Death Type: Flies?

No new death types have been confirmed for Eco Lifestyle just yet, but we couldn’t help but notice this image of a Sim covered in flies near the beginning of the trailer. Long-time Simmers will remember that flies were a death type in The Sims 2 and death by flies looked eerily similar to this shot. Hmmm.

Paper Bag Head

Another possible throwback to The Sims 2 is the paper bag head. Back in ye olden days of Sims, this was a sign your Sim’s wants weren’t being fulfilled, causing them to have a breakdown. The Sims 4 doesn’t have the same wants and fears system, so we’re pretty sure the paper bag head won’t return in the exact same fashion, but perhaps it ties into gameplay somehow. If not, it’s still a pretty funny fashion accessory.


An area that looks like a dump full of worn down furnishings was spotted in the trailer. Many of these broken and dirty furnishings are from the base game. Perhaps this means our Sims will be able to throw away or replace existing furnishings as they succumb to wear and tear over time? Only time will tell.

Gardening Additions

A new vertical garden can be seen being tended to in the trailer, as well as new planter boxes that seem to be supporting plants in more sustainable ways. In a pack focused on the environment, it’s great to see that even the way our Sims garden can be more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Raising Small Animals/Insects

There’s some debate in the community about the type of animal seen in the trailer being cuddled by a Sim. Some people suggest they are silkworms. Worms can definitely be seen crawling in and out of the bottom compartment of the box. Others have said butterflies; however, the sounds and appearance of the animal the Sim is cuddling looks more like a baby chick. I know I wouldn’t want to cuddle with a worm, anyway. Since the box has multiple compartments that look like they could accommodate different species, perhaps this box can house multiple types of creatures. We’ll definitely be on the lookout for more info about this feature.

Candle Making

Candle making was featured prominently in the trailer and many different types of candles can be seen in this scene. It looks like they even burn down to the wick over time! We don’t know much more about candle making right now, but this author hopes they can be scented and tied to emotions. It would also be neat if the wax from burned candles could be reused to make new candles.


Market tables were featured in both City Living and Jungle Adventure, but the ones seen in the Eco Lifestyle trailer look like they have more of a focus on fundraising. Sims buying all the homemade goods from the tables are dropping money into a box attached to a large board that looks like it’s outlining planned projects for the area. We’re also interested to see what kinds of things our Sims will be able to craft and sell at these tables.

Machine Blueprints

Tech-savvy environmentalists rejoice! It looks like our Sims have some new high tech ways to save the environment! In the trailer, a Sim was seen designing what looks like some kind of trash vacuum on a tablet and then bringing that creation to life at an invention work station. While it does look suspiciously similar to the invention station from the scientist career in Get To Work, the inventions seen in the trailer are definitely brand new.

Solar Panels and Windmills

Many players were disappointed about the exclusion of solar panels and windmills in packs like Laundry Day, Island Living, and Tiny Living, but it looks like Eco Lifestyle is finally going to deliver these long awaited items to players! We wouldn’t be surprised if this has an impact on your Sim’s bills, too. Perhaps our Sims can even live bill-free!

Trash Compactor

A Sim in the trailer was seen compacting trash into cubes, although we’re still not sure how this will incorporate into gameplay. We’re interested to see what can be done with this repurposed trash!


Another long-awaited item was seen in the trailer; functional ladders! Now our Sims can finally build the eco-friendly loft of their dreams! The best part? SimGuruGeorge just confirmed on Twitter that ladders will be coming in a free base game update prior to the launch of Eco Lifestyle!


New Piercings

We spotted new gauged/plug piercings in the Eco Lifestyle trailer, as well as an eyebrow and nostril ring! Facial piercings were introduced in the Discover University expansion pack, but there were only stud piercings for noses and eyebrows. Players expressed a want for eyebrow and nostril rings as well and it looks like they’ll be getting them soon!


The trailer ends with  shot of a beautiful aurora painted across the night sky, taking us back to the world of Aurora Skies from The Sims 3. With all the smog seen polluting the air at the beginning of the trailer, our Sims may need to do some work cleaning up the town before they can admire this breathtaking view of the night sky.

What was your favourite part of the trailer? Let us know in the comments or come chat with us on social media!

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  • There’s another shot of the bug box in the trailer that has a different kind of creature on it – looks like crickets? I’m pretty sure what he’s holding is supposed to be a caterpillar or worm (though I wouldn’t want to cuddle that either)

  • I think that the ‘raising small creatures’ might be a compost. Hence the fact it’s seen in the garden area in the trailer and goes with the theme. At least to me making food scraps into fertilizer through composting makes more sense than raising worms or chicks ‍♀️

  • A sim guru already said its an insect hotel.
    The cuddle animation is just copied from my first pet stuff thats why it looks so odd.

  • Mountains in background foreshadow mountain restore as next pack. Also there’s a future cube on the ground at the start of the trailer.

  • There also seems to be soda bottles at the market that someone is selling. I hope this is something that sims can make out of harvestables and then sell!

      • can you please all stop to copy/paste this ridiculous sentence? it’s not that i don’t agree with that but here OwenSL you are missusing it this is more funny than serious. i think ppl who don’t like got their own opinion and if you don’t want to sound like a 9yo boy/girl then don’t respond to it that’s my advice from a 30yo guy who’s so fed up with this shity community but can’t avoid himself answering some times bc i’m so ashamed of you all :’D

        • How about a comment from a 55-year-old woman:

          Every expansion pack isn’t going to appeal to every player. If you don’t like this one, don’t buy it and wait for the next one. There are a lot of us who are looking forward to this one and are getting tired of people crapping all over us for liking the concept.

  • And they didn’t add horses, that was my favorite with the Sims 3 when they added the horses.

    • I lowkey prefer it that way. That way, maybe they have plan to make a whole pack revolves around it and it will be more fleshed out as well. Hoping a Country Living EP coming at the end of the year.

        • If the air can get polluted doesn’t that mean then that there have to be ways to pollute the environment as well as to clean it? I am more than sure that there will be motorbikes, trains and cars as we can see on the trailer. And this would be an awesome reason to make it an EP!!

  • Well I don’t know if I will like this as it looks like so much rubbish lying around , nasty.

  • This is growing on me…and I’m already beginning to think farm/country living could be the game pack instead, as we already have many harvestables that are food items and seem to be getting insects and energy. Adding barns, hay bails, coops, animals (including horses), meat, poultry, dairy etc would be nice for game play, and it could have a lot of farm themed build/buy content as was the case for building and furnishing in Realm Of Magic, even tractors could be the packs brooms….but with quite a lot of other features already available, would it really be enough for an EP now? Meanwhile I’m holding out for the Sims 4: In Depth EP – Much more depth to Sim characters, longer term, set, very varied lifetime goals as well as the current possible-to-switch or complete-several aspirations, Developing traits from gameplay (more traits!), outside the played lot family and story progression, return of memories! Growing pains and more emotions a la the latest survey…love at first sight! Chemistry vs compatability, (or both) for couples, fears other than thunderstorms, consequences for neglecting friends, separating, getting divorced on future relationships. Actually it’s a Base Game update. Coming to a Parallel Universe near me, November 2020…sigh. I digress…

    • I hope we get Country Living as an EP not a GP tho… So they can corporate more things to it and fleshed it out in a much better way. Still holding up my hopes that the EP that is coming at the end of the year will be Country Living.

    • They could technically still maybe add horses. Not sure though. But there is still another EP that comes out at the end of the year too I believe. There’s one that almost always does.

  • I am actually really excited about this pack. Other people may be disappointed because of the fake country living “leak” however this a never seen before idea and is very inline with our current social concerns. The world looks fantastic even with all the smog and I hope its a large enough world. I love the whole candle/Juice making idea. The CAS items look fantastic especially the hairs and piercing, and the build/buy objects look great too especially ladders. As a PS4 player, I am also really excited that we are getting the pack release inline with the PC/Mac release, I hope this trend continues with all future pack release. I’m looking forward to what the Game Pack is going to be later in the year and of course, Nifty Knitting works well with this pack.

  • when I saw the Dumpster had return I was beyond thrilled, finally can make trash into my treasure.

  • I am loving this I can’t wait. This compliments other existing packs so it seems like it’ll add so much more to the game.
    Maybe that critter box or someone said a sim guru said it’s a insect box, is silk worms and will tie into the knitting pack to create yarn to knit. I wonder what other crafts you can make as a “maker”. I hope there is a benefit to living self sustainable, gardening, fishing, bonuses for not having a lot of trash. I think the game pack will be a new vacation space like Brazilian beach or greek islands & not a farm ep as much as I want them. Aaahhhh wish this was coming out sooner while we’re still social distancing!

  • -AURORA BOREALIS? At This time of year, at this time of day, at this part of Simnation, localized entirely in Evergreen Harbor?


    – Can I see it?

    – No. There’s too much smog.

  • My mum is a permaculture nut and she said that box in the scene where the sim is hugging the unknown animal looks a lot like something called an insect hotel! It provides a home for insects which in turn helps things get pollinated because we then have more bug life! I think it could definitely be something like that as it does tie in with the eco theme

  • I don’t think it’s money for fundraising the Sims putting in the box. That board must be the voting board that was mentioned, and the Sims are putting their votes in the box (they’re actually writing on the paper before they put it in).

  • That definitely looks like a caterpiller of some sort he is hugging…. from the Insect Hotel I would guess.

  • For the Paper Bag on head part…you literally have to read the description of the game on origin. It explains that part as part of gameplay.

  • My first thought was that they were chicks. One screenshot shows crickets and SimGuru Salo (I think) tweeted that those sheds are insect farms. So not chicks.

  • I don’t think they were putting money in the bulletin board. I think they were voting on how to use the community lot. In the blog post it said it could be used for different purposes based on voting.

  • I wonder why noone has yet spotted and mentioned the MOTORBIKES behind the trash compactor, which are indeed actual means of transport as we can see a sim riding on a bike in the image where we see the solar panels. In the same shot we see driveways. We also see two carparks in the trailer (one is behind that big main building with the tower which is actually a TRAIN STATION!!!!!) In this new EP we see a polluted version and a better version of the town. Everyone so far focuses on the means that can clean the air, BUT we also need ways to pollute it obviously. Could this mean that we can now have more MEANS OF TRANSPORT then?????