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11 Details we spotted in The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Gameplay Trailer!

The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle has a brand new trailer and with it came some interesting details that we’ve spotted in the trailer! Check out what we’ve noticed:

Analogue TVs

Sims will be able to take a trip back in time and watch channels on this old-timer!

Trash WooHoo

“To dump someone” just got a whole new meaning.

New Build Items

Grass & solar roof patterns, angled windows, vertical gardens and more!

Neighborhood Action Plans

The trailer revealed that you can ask for petitions and help collect votes for certain neighborhood action plans. One of them is Water Shut-Off Day!

Bug Food

Bon apple teeth.

Community Maker Space Venue

This venue seems to have all the tools you’ll need to craft new unique objects that come with this pack!

home grown ultra organic fresh farmed fizzy juice

home grown ultra organic fresh farmed fizzy juice home grown ultra organic fresh farmed fizzy juice home grown ultra organic fresh farmed fizzy juice home grown ultra organic fresh farmed fizzy juice home grown ultra organic fresh farmed fizzy juice home grown ultra organic fresh farmed fizzy jui-

New Craft Stalls!

With these you’ll be able to sell anything you create to other curious Sims!


It seems that bicycles are no longer exclusive to The Sims 4 Discover University!

Hydroponic Planters

These planters will probably help enrichen the quality of your plants and make them grow faster!

Craftable objects

Bookshelves, lights and armchairs seem to be just some of the objects you’ll be able to craft by yourself!

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  • woo-hoo in the Dumpster and Diving too now that just made my day getting freaky in the stinky can. Ecomania will be unleased while gathering so much trash and making that my treasure, hell yeah \m/

  • I might clean up the world once but I like having a dirty sim world. I plan to keep it as industrial as possible since I have plenty of suburban communities. Really like that we can have mattresses for sims to sleep on instead of regular beds. Really helpful for rags to riches gameplay. Also I’m all for more freelancer careers since it gives you more freedom than the traditional jobs that are active or rabbit holes. Obviously you can make your sim self employed but I like this as an option to alongside odd jobs. I would’ve preferred scooters but this would benefit people who aren’t fans of university gameplay.

      • I saw one by the dumpster but I don’t think they will be anything other then trashy clutter unless modded to be otherwise. That would be cool though!

    • On the blog they posted after the trailer it read this:

      ‘Sure, the mattress might have a coffee stain and a tear or two, but you can fix it up—or just use it as-is.’

      Don’t know whether that means you and maybe craft bed bases to place these mattresses on..mattresses which rest on the floor would need a new animation so unsure on whether they would do that.

  • The bikes really look like scooters to me. Regardless, yay! I am really excited for this pack! And obviously the home grown ultra organic fresh farmed fizzy juice.

  • and how exactly is this worth the $40 asking price? I have never seen SO MANY recycled animations in on trailers.

    • I agree, I’d probably love this pack if it were a game pack, but with all the recycled content and not much replayability it just doesn’t feel like enough for an expansion. If I’m getting this at all I’m waiting til it’s on sale

  • Definitely making a post-apocalyptic type vibe for this, no cleaning up just survival of the fittest.

  • It’s funny that people think that cars are the only thing that pollute the environment. It’s probably the worst but not the only. This pack is bringing a lot of exciting gameplay, cars just wouldn’t. If you don’t like the pack don’t buy it, I have packs I haven’t bought and I didn’t say anything bad about them either because I could see the appeal for other people. I don’t know why the community is so upset about this pack, I’m pretty excited about it!

    • Preach! At first I was a little disappointed but little by little with details they reveal, I’m pretty excited now too!

    • Agreed! I have all the packs, the ones that were less interesting to me I bought on sale to save some money or asked for gifts for Christmas/Birthday- I’m a builder so even if the gameplay isn’t appealing I usually will want the Build/Buy stuff!

      If they do bring cars to the Sims 4 I would quite like it as a stuff pack- have a new driving skill (drivers ed class anyone?), and have to pass a test, get insurance, when your sims drive to work they could get into an accident and have to pay out for the damages…maybe if you have Get to Work you might even have people there with injuries from car accidents or you may have to visit the hospital yourself (like you do when sims are in labour). They could even have a hearse for the vampires to drive! If they want to involve eco-friendly stuff they could have cars which are electric and have charging stations as well as the cars which are not as good to the environment- this could increase the cost of fuel and insurance. Also having cars which are fixer-upper cars for your first car would be fun!

  • I’m curious if they’ve maybe also fixed the glitch with fertilizing plants yet. Where when you fertilize a plant you have to let the animation finish before you can fertilize the next.
    Would be nice if the planters that hold up to 4 could fertilize all of them at once.
    Also, Candles Candles Candles!

  • I’ll be honest, as a player who likes to create sims, lots, and scenarios but doesn’t like to play them out so much, this is the first gameplay that has really grabbed my attention. That, and finally being able to design eco-friendly homes with better tools.