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Free Window and Door Placement is coming to The Sims 4

Builders rejoice – free Window and Door placement is finally coming to The Sims 4 Base Game!

You’ve probably already gotten used to placing some of the objects in the game freely by pressing ALT and dragging the object to any place on the grid that you want. However, there was a restriction for Windows and Doors that only allowed you to place them along with the grid.

With the upcoming update you’ll be able to use ALT on your keyboard and place Windows and Doors wherever you want!

However, SimGuruGeorge confirmed that this type of feature won’t allow windows to be stacked one on top of another:

The Sims Team has shown off more in their livestream. You can check out the full recap in the video below – the moment where they showcase free placement will automatically start after you press play:

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  • Very pleased with this. I had to download cc versions of some doors and windows from some packs because of the restrictions. This will be one of my favorite patches because it brings new things the game truly needed, at least for me.

  • Why does it seem the developers use a better, problem-free version of the game? On console, the moment you exit Build mode back into Live mode, within seconds the game crashes.