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The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle: Meet The Residents of Evergreen Harbor

The Tinker Household

Household Description

“The talented, but perpetually stressed Tina Tinker is a very successful Freelance Crafter. Her equally successful spouse, Yasemin, managed to convince her to move to Conifer Station with their daughter, Olive. Tina takes on too much work, and Yasemin just wants her to relax and spend more time with family. Meanwhile, curious little Olive loves nothing more than to admire her two mothers’ works and dream of following in their footsteps.”

Yasemin Tinker

Age: Young Adult
Career: Freelance Writer
Aspiration: Best Selling Author
Walk Style: Default
Voice: Lilted
Traits: Creative | Bookworm | Clumsy | Muser (Bonus)
Skills: Charisma 3 | Writing 8
Relationships: Tina Tinker – Spouse | Olive Tinker – Daughter

Tina Tinker

Age: Young Adult
Career: Freelance Crafter
Aspiration: Master Maker
Walk Style: Default
Voice: Sweet
Traits: Gloomy | Perfectionist | Maker | Muser (Bonus) | Master Crafter
Skills: Fabrication 7 | Handiness 5
Relationships: Yasemin Tinker – Spouse | Olive Tinker – Daughter

Olive Tinker

Age: Child
Career: Grade School C Student
Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
Walk Style: Default
Voice: Warm
Traits: Bookworm
Skills: Creativity 4 | Mental 2
Relationships: Yasemin Tinker – Mother |Tina Tinker – Mother

You’ll find The Tinker Household at Pigulock Manor in the Conifer Station neighbourhood of Evergreen Harbor.

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