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The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle: Meet The Residents of Evergreen Harbor

The Sterling Rico Household

Household Description

“Bess and Jules are a power couple with big dreams. Big dreams about sweet, sweet money. A Civil Designer by trade, Bess placed herself in the perfect position to convince city officials and residents alike to enact programs that would benefit her bottom line. Her partner-in-crime, Jules, is a Style Influencer that loves fashion as much as he loves convincing people to buy his rejected styles. Cheerful and charismatic, together they hustle around Evergreen Harbor like an entrepreneurial whirlwind.”

Bess Sterling

Age: Young Adult
Career: Civil Designer (3)
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
Walk Style: Bouncy
Voice: Melodic
Traits: Bro | Ambitious | Cheerful | Collector (Bonus) | Entrepreneur
Skills: Charisma 6 | Handiness 3 | Juice Fizzing 4 | Logic 5
Relationships: Jules Rico – Lovebirds

Jules Rico

Age: Young Adult
Career: Style Influencer (4)
Aspiration: Mansion Baron
Walk Style: Perky
Voice: Clear
Traits: Bro | Ambitious | Materialistic | Business Savvy (Bonus)
Skills: Charisma 3 | Photography 2 | Writing 4
Relationships: Bess Sterling – Lovebirds

You’ll find the Sterling Rico Household at The Old Mill in the Port Promise neighbourhood of Evergreen Harbor.

Don’t see your favourite Sim from the trailer here? Look for them around Evergreen Harbor! There are only 4 premade households living in lots in Evergreen Harbor, but you may see them walking around your local neighbourhood!

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