The Sims 4

The Sims 4’s next Update will introduce Full Free Window Placement

Surprise for all of the builders out there!

The Sims 4’s upcoming Base Game Update will expand upon the Free Window Placement tool that we’ve gotten a few months ago and let you do even more! When placing down the windows, not only will you be able to place the windows wherever you want while pressing down the alt key, but you’ll also be able to stack multiple windows one on top of another as much as you like!

You can check out the example from the screenshot below that I’ve taken from The Sims 4’s Early Alpha Build – thanks to the EA Game Changers program!

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    • Honestly after watching plumbellas video, I REALLY don’t want it now. No lots, no alien improvements (which i totally expected anyways considering aliens aren’t base game), just costumes. I’ve been disappointed every single pack this year (Eco Living nearly destroyed the legacy I’ve been working on for about a year now and Nifty Knitting imo is a pack that should’ve gone in a bigger arts and crafts pack) and it frustrates me as somebody who has been playing this game for as long as I’ve had a computer. It feels like EA is doing the bare minimum and forcing the Gurus to push out a Star Wars pack to coincide with their brand deals so they’re going to put as little effort as possible in it. This is the first pack I’m not going to buy even on sale and I have every other expansion, game, and stuff pack. I’m tired, man.

      • Pretty sure it takes a while for the developers to create a new pack and make sure it is up to par for the games to be able to use it with minor glitches.

  • Well thank goodness, I mean this should have been the case from the beginning when they first allowed free window placement, but heck I’ll take it, lol. I also hope one day they fix the stairs issue that being, now that you can change the direction of the stairs, having railing on both sides doesn’t always make sense. If for example I place 2 stairs directly next to each other so that at the top it can change direction at the top in both directions, I want a railing on the outer sides, but I don’t want a railing in the middle, lol

    • I know right! Talk about 1st world problems. I mean I realize we purchased the game but to sit here and complain about anything and everything is just….wow…I dunno.

      • “but to sit here and complain about anything and everything is just….wow…I dunno.” Isn’t this exactly what you’re doing though.

  • Did you guys ever checked big fans of sims4 opinions? They really want open world , based technology upgrade, we want more reality Not Star Wars. Please keep listening fan’s opinions
    I can’t understand why you guys always ignored? I hope you guys make a good game for fans

    • Highly doubt the engine they have and given that the game is 6 years old that open worlds are coming. Best compromise would be open neighborhoods since they likely want to include some of the lower end computers. I’m personally fine either way. Also this is a fan site so it’s not exactly going to impact anything.

    • ?? I don’t keep up with para news. I’ll play when it actually comes out. Too many simmers putting way too much pressure on the devs and pushing their frustrations onto them so it’s just not something I want to get involved with again. I know that things won’t come out perfect as some fans think it will with para so I know when drama will hit the fan sometime after the game launches.

  • I was building something recently and got really annoyed about the windows again. So this is good. Holding off updating for mods to be updated and for any major bugs to be picked up on.

  • thanks for that i hope in the next update we see more exciting things and also i do suggest that if you do a commercial for any expansion, game packs or stuff packs please don’t make it way too far on what you advertise cause its kinda deceiving for us as a player and a buyer. thank you xx

  • I mean it was about time… this game is 6 years old and is still missing some elements that sholud’ve been in the game earlier. When I look at The Sims 4 and Paralives I sometimes feel bad for spending so much money on The Sims 4 and it’s packs because it becomes boring pretty soon… I really loved the sims, but the more packs they release the more I become dissapoined.

  • Yessssss. There’s been a house I’ve wanted to recreate for years but the windows wouldn’t have worked in the game….until now B)