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The Sims 4 Star Wars Journey to Batuu: Collections Guide

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There are two new collections that come with The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu; Lightsaber Parts and Batuu Records.

Lightsaber Parts

The Sims 4 Star Wars Journey to Batuu: Collections Guide

There are a total of 19 Lightsaber Parts to collect. The collection consists of 12 Lightsaber Hilts and 7 Kyber Crystals. When a Kyber Crystal is attached to a Lightsaber Hilt, it becomes a fully functioning Lightsaber that can be used in practice and in duels with other Sims. When not in use, Lightsabers can be displayed as decorative pieces inside display cases which you can purchase from Savi’s Lightsaber Workshop in Black Spire Outpost.

There are a variety of ways to acquire Lightsaber Parts. Some can be purchased from Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities and Savi’s Lightsaber Worshop. Others can be earned as rewards for rising in the ranks of any of the three factions. Lightsaber Challenges are a good way to acquire any remaining parts you’re missing and complete your collection.

For more information about Lightsabers, check out our guide, All About Lightsabers!

Blue Kyber CrystalCommon§450 / ₹360
Bold Power and Control Lightsaber HiltCommon§250 / ₹200
Elegant Peace and Justice Lightsaber HiltCommon§250 / ₹200
Green Kyber CrystalCommon§450 / ₹360
Imposing Power and Control Lightsaber HiltCommon§250 / ₹200
Mighty Elemental Nature Lightsaber HiltCommon§250 / ₹200
Red Kyber CrystalCommon§450 / ₹360
Sturdy Protection and Defense Lightsaber HiltCommon§250 / ₹200
Commanding Protection and Defense Lightsaber HiltUncommon§250 / ₹200
Dominant Elemental Nature Lightsaber HiltUncommon§250 / ₹200
Noble Peace and Justice Lightsaber HiltUncommon§250 / ₹200
Virtuous Peace and Justice Lightsaber HiltUncommon§250 / ₹200
White Kyber CrystalUncommon§450 / ₹360
Yellow Kyber CrystalUncommon§450 / ₹360
Black Kyber CrystalRare§450 / ₹360
Fateful Power and Control Lightsaber HiltRare§250 / ₹200
Grand Protection and Defense Lightsaber HiltRare§250 / ₹200
Ornate Elemental Nature Lightsaber HiltRare§250 / ₹200
Purple Kyber CrystalRare§450 / ₹360

Batuu Records

The Sims 4 Star Wars Journey to Batuu: Collections Guide

There are a total of 19 Batuu Records to collect. All the records look exactly the same, but contain different information about the world of Batuu when you scroll over them. You can collect the Batuu Records by scanning different objects around Batuu. Whenever you see an object you can scan, you should scan it to get yourself a new record.

1.4 FD P-TowerCommon§1 / ₹1
Millennium FalconCommon§1 / ₹1
Black Spire Water PipesCommon§1 / ₹1
DF.12 Com TurretCommon§1 / ₹1
Droid Depot StorageCommon§1 / ₹1
FWMB-10 Repeating BlasterCommon§1 / ₹1
Gonk DroidCommon§1 / ₹1
Imperial Probe DroidCommon§1 / ₹1
Ithorian GravestoneCommon§1 / ₹1
Jedi Temple StatueCommon§1 / ₹1
Modified Utilipede TransportCommon§1 / ₹1
Recharging Gonk DroidCommon§1 / ₹1
Resistance LockersCommon§1 / ₹1
Salvage CartCommon§1 / ₹1
T-70 X-wingCommon§1 / ₹1
TIE echelonCommon§1 / ₹1
Tactical ScreenCommon§1 / ₹1
Trilon Wishing TreeCommon§1 / ₹1
X-34 LandspeederCommon§1 / ₹1

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