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REMINDER: New The Sims 4 Update is coming tomorrow!

In case you’ve missed the news, The Sims Team has announced that they’ll be releasing a series of new updates for The Sims 4, addressing the Skin Tones and representation in the game.

The first update that they’ve announced is coming tomorrow, October 6th on PC and Mac, which promises to fix blotchy artifacts and ashy appearance on darker skintones. The same update is set to release on November 10th on Xbox One and PS4 consoles. The update will also revisit two existing base game hairstyles:

The Sims team will be releasing a base game update around existing skin tones on October 6 for Mac/PC and November 10 for console. As we work on expanding skin tone variety, in this first step, we’ll be improving the blotchy artifacts and ashy appearance of darker skin tones on mid and high spec machines*. (Not sure whether this applies to your computer? See the note below!) As mentioned in our initial video, we recognize there is a need to improve the representation of hairstyles in our base game as well, so in October, we will start by updating two of the base game hairstyles.


In December 2020 The Sims Team will do a major revamp of CAS by adding 100+ Skin Tones and sliders for them, as well as adding a makeup slider feature.

Please make sure you backup your save game for tomorrow’s update just in case! It’s not known what else this update could bring other than Skin Tone and Hairstyle fixes but we’ll make sure to keep you updated when the update happens!

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  • And what about our doors and windows?
    It’s just not fair that creators have to fix all their stuff they made for years!
    You should redo the walls for existing doors and windows.
    Maybe a combination of both or just trow away the update for windows above each other… Who needs that?!
    Please, we have spend so much money to play Sims 4 and now we can delete all our CC doors and windows… :(
    Sincerely Sandra TheUnicorn67

    • That isn’t really their responsibility though. You cant expect them to fix all the crap in the game AND stuff that they didn’t even create. That’s the responsibility of the content creator not the sims.

      • And that’s one of the main reasons for their disclaimer about mods. The game is easy to mod but it’s up to those using mods to take responsibility for what they download and to update when it’s made available. It’s unreasonable to expect team to be responsible for your mods or to hold off on updating a feature because it’s inconvenient for you.

      • but its also their game and everything should be compatible with it. no matter it being their work or not its still they’re game so they need to make sure it works with everything

    • What about the glitch when a spell Castor and a witch make a baby? When they become teenagers they forever have a tail. How about fix that…

        • Gavote, so I you have to remove default skin replacements. Big whoop. People shouldn’t have to mod to get sims that look like themselves, it is such a nonissue to remove skin default mods. If you were organized about it, you’d have them in separated subfolders – easy to find. If not, tray importer is your friend and will list applied defaults.

        • We don’t need your half ass updates. Mod creators are better than any of you sim people they actually create the things we want and take the game to the next level. If you’re a console player I suggest buying a computer it doesn’t even have to be a fancy PC even a Mac laptop supports mods and u don’t have to deal with building a gaming computer or worrying about viruses

          • what on earth??? even “just” a mac laptop is super expensive? I play on a laptop that I’ve had for years now, but not everyone is so privileged that they can just go buy a whole computer so that they can play the sims on it. especially if they’ve already payed for the game (and probably also packs) on console.

          • Lol privileged? It’s called having a job. You should have enough in the bank to where a laptop purchase doesn’t leave you with nothing. I make a little over minimum wage and can do this

        • I think it’d be priority for everyone to see themselves and the people they know represented in this game. Unless you simply don’t know (or don’t want to know) any poc, why wouldn’t it be a priority? Don’t speak for other people, Deryk. If you want nothing but white sims for *whatever reason* then good for you I guess but for the rest of us, updated skin tones ARE a priority.

    • I need to be able to put windows above each other lol. Just because it’s not your play style doesn’t mean it isn’t valid.

    • Are you actually asking them to retract the best update of the game so far? What, because it’s “unfair” to cc creatures? What about console players that can’t use cc?

      That’s a bit of a ridiculous request. Not everyone mods, and the sims literally has a disclaimer that they don’t support them

  • Hopefully, the snowing inside homes and bars in San Myshuno is fixed. No mods, just snowing through roof. I’ve given up on NPCs walling in and not leaving until a sim yells at them.
    Brindleton Bay swimming thru lawns not as much.
    I’ve been building homes instead of playing. Cleared cache as well…

  • How about babies being updated to not be objects too? Or free pool tables? Or band instruments? Or more animations? I left CAS stuff up to modders and got so many different skin tones already. Better quality too.

    • As much as I’d like all of those things in game, this is the most important update since the gender update, especially so for simmers who do not have access to CC, be it because they are on console, don’t have the space to download all of those files, don’t want to download CC or any other reason. We need this, and it’s upsetting to see some simmers acting like it’s not that big a deal.

  • How about fixing the annoying glitches in the game especially the free will glitch. Like the steady baking of cakes, not finishing or even doing the actions selected for them

  • How about some array of better clothinglines and ways to download on ps4 consoles. And when a sims move out of the household everything should go the next Sims in the household like in Sims 3

    • Same sometimes I complete all the requirements and nothing happens. Then the deadline is up and I dont get paid.

  • Also can you have NPC sims progress in life? The world is so boring on your games. Kids grow up and don’t do anything but age and then die they don’t work they don’t date or marry or have kids and the same goes for the adult npc’s

    • They did that a couple of patches ago. I won’t say it is a bunch of progressions, cause it might not be to som, but I notice in mine they do have kids get married and even have affairs.

  • hi! I love Sims 4! It is the best game I ever played, but I also have a problem.
    I play The Sims 4 on PS4 and I always wanted to get CC, but I can’t since it is just for laptop.
    Maybe you can add CC on PS4 too.
    Thank you very much, iiiKsana917 (Sims name)

  • Skin tones…? Yea Cool but can yall please just make the game playable? Everyone and I repeat EVERYONE (even with amazing computers) has the issue of sims standing there doing nothing for 5 hours trying to do simple actions. Toddlers are annoying. For some reason high chairs are a nightmare and they could really be so simple. Forget about it if you cancel an action that happened to involve your sim going upstairs. They’ll still walk all the way to the stairs, and walk up them. Actions need to be canceled easier. Sims aren’t responsive to actions given appropriately at all. Its so annoying. The glitches make the game agonizing and this game is beloved by many. Anyways…its bizarre that the new sims team doesn’t listen and isn’t receptive to what we want. I’m not buying anymore games or packs until I see better improvements.

    • I totally agree with the canceling of actions. They should make this easier. I’m about ready to stop playing because of all the issues.

  • You should add a Diving board for the pools also please been waiting n hoping but nothing yet , please high board and normal board ❤❤❤

  • I just updated and now I CAN NOT !enable my mods. Ive not had this happen before usually I just enable them in the game options restart and them boom they are there, but this time it just keeps coming up saying my mods are disabled everytime I restart the game . I dont know what to do plz someone help x

    • As far as I know, you also have to update your mods. Last I checked the mods I’m using haven’t been updated yet. Like Private Practice, SOL, MCCC.

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