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A Modder is working on a World Edit feature for The Sims 4

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TheSimsPlus, mosty known for his Open World project Mod for The Sims 4 has discovered a new set of tools to bring to The Sims 4!

The creator tweeted out today that he’s working on a new “World Edit” mod feature for the game which unlocks hundreds of world objects that you can not only use on your lot but place them down anywhere in the world!

The feature will allow you to create your own surroundings around you and modify the environment to your taste. If you choose to place the world objects down onto your lot they won’t be marked as Modded if you decide to upload them to the online Gallery.

Down below you can check out some of the examples of objects that he was able to unlock and place down in the world:

The modder said that this feature will also let you place down Roads and Waterfalls. In the screenshots below you can see an example of a bridge and an animated pond he was able to place down. Best of all? These items are not marked as modded considering that the mod feature is using in-game assets.

The creator said that, although he cannot recreate the full process and tools of Create A World from The Sims 3 days, he’s been making more and more discoveries that’ll let you customize worlds in The Sims 4 to your taste.

You can follow TheSimsPlus on Twitter and stay in loop about his upcoming mod!

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