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Custom Sentiments proven as possible for The Sims 4!


The Sims 4 recently introduced Sentiments – a new way for Sims to build (or destroy) relationships with each other. Although the current list of Sentiments in The Sims 4 is pretty big (over 50 if you count the ones that come with Snowy Escape), there is still a lot of room for improvement and new Sentiment additions.

Considering the Sentiments feature is pretty new to the Base Game we could see a lot of new additions in the future. Until then Sims 4 modder @lumpinou decided to take the matter into their own hand by exploring the possibility of Custom Sentiments!

They explained that creating Custom Sentiments for the game is possible (using external modding tools of course) and that there’s almost an unlimited amount of Custom Sentiments you’ll be able to add into the game.

Are custom Sentiments doable? yes. Will I make roughly a billion of them to put in my mods? yes. Am I by any chance making a First Impression system for Sims when first meeting each other, which will influence friendship & romance development? You know it.

Custom Sentiments proven as possible for The Sims 4!

Some examples. Aiming for a November release. Using the moods mod as well to vary up reactions, see that ‘suspicious’ moodlet? 😉 First impressions don’t last forever & can be overcome…. Hopefully there’ll also be time for a very tiny Woohoo Wellness update.

Custom Sentiments proven as possible for The Sims 4!

The modder confirmed that they’ve already started working on some of the Custom Sentiments that will build interesting chemistry between two Sims. You can check out some of the examples above!

They’ve later explained some of the technical details behind Custom Sentiments:

We’ll let you know as soon as first Custom Sentiments get released!

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