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List of all the Sentiments in The Sims 4


The Sims 4’s newest and biggest gameplay addition in the latest update are Sentiments, also known as feelings / memories that Sims have between each other.

They can be obtained through experiences and interactions that two Sims do together. What’s interesting about them is that not all Sentiments will be attributed to Sims mutually. This means that one Sim can be resentful about their recent divorce while the other Sim can be perfectly chill about it.

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Sentiments are still pretty fresh to the game and there’s a lot of time required in order for us to fully understand how they work. Until we do an extensive research guide on Sentiments and how they affect your Sims I thought it would be a good idea to list all of the Sentiments that you have in the game. This list will help you out in realizing how many sentiments there actually are as well as possibly guide you to obtaining them. Huge thanks to Zerbu for helping out with the list!

I’ve seperated the Sentiments into Positive and Negative. Positive Sentiments are Sentiments that will affect your Sims’ mood and autonomy in a more friendly, positive way. There are also some Sentiments that come exclusively through gameplay from The Sims 4 Snowy Escape Expansion Pack – which I’ve also marked below!

Here’s a list of all of them! Please note that I’ve converted all of the game code lingo into references to Sim #1 – a Sim who feels the Sentiment and Sim #2 – a Sim who helped cause the Sentiment!

Positive Sentiments

  • Awed (by Lifesaving Hero) – Sim #2 literally saved Sim #1 from the clutches of death. Sim #1 is grateful and amazed!
  • Adoring – Sim #1 just wants the best for Sim #2 and thinks they are so wonderful!
  • Impressed – Sim #2 sure knows what they’re doing and Sim #1 has nothing but respect.
  • Deeply Connected – Sim #1 has a powerful bond with Sim #2 that is a source of strength and comfort.
  • Bonded During Epic Mountain Climb (Snowy Escape) Sim #1 and Sim #2 shared an incredible adventure on Mt. Komorebi that forged a powerful bond between them. Go team!
  • Open-Hearted – Sim #1 feels close to a recent addition to the family, Sim #2. A warm welcome!
  • Closer from Happy Memories – Sim #1 feels close to Sim #2 from good times and happy memories.
  • Unity in Hiking Hiking (Snowy Escape) – through thick and thin, Sim #1 has grown a new fondness for Sim #2 with the memories they have made.
  • Brought Together by Hot Pot Meal (Snowy Escape) – Sim #1 bonded with Sim #2 over some tasty hot pot. Nothing like a warm meal in your belly and good company to share it with!
  • Close to a Confidant (from Snowy Escape’s Lifestyle Feature) – When Sim #1 became Confidants with Sim #2, their bond deepened in strength. Truly a Close-Knit friendship!
  • Made a Wish Together at the Festival of Light (Snowy Escape) – Sim #1 and Sim #2 shared their hopes and dreams while making a wish together at the Festival of Light.
  • Close after a Close Call – Sim #2 almost dying has really endeared them to Sim #1. That was a close call!
  • Warmhearted from Relaxing Together – Sim #1 had a real heart-to-heart moment with Sim #2 while relaxing in the water together. Heating up the body can help a Sim warm up to people!
  • Closer after a Fun Party – Celebrations can bring Sims together, literally and emotionally. The party’s over, but Sim #1 still feels its afterglow when they spends time around Sim #2.
  • Growing Closer from Quality Time – Sim #1 appreciates that Sim #2 makes time for them. Time spent together seems to bring them closer together.
  • Fun in the Snow – A little fun in the snow is a reminder of the simple joys in life. Sim #1 wouldn’t mind playing in the snow with Sim #2 again sometime!
  • Celebrated Together at the Festival of Snow (Snowy Escape) – Sim #1 had a blast partying in the snow with Sim #2 at the Festival of Snow! So much to celebrate, so much snow.
  • Played Together at the Festival of Snow (Snowy Escape) – Sim #1 has joyful memories of frozen fun with Sim #2 at the Festival of Snow. That memorable experience will keep Sim #1 feeling warmly towards Sim #2 for a while!
  • Snowy Vacation Memories (Snowy Escape) – Sim #1 has such fond memories of frolicking in the snow with Sim #2 on vacation. Truly a memorable trip that has made them closer than before!
  • Fun at the Festival of Youth (Snowy Escape) Sim #1 celebrated at the Festival of Youth, and they will treasure that memory with Sim #2.
  • Deeply in Love – Some romantic moments leave a powerful impression, and Sim #1 will never forget how they fell even deeper in love with Sim #2.
  • First Kiss at the Festival of Light (Snowy Escape) – Sim #1 and Sim #2 shared a first kiss at the Festival of Light, and the sparks of romance are still burning bright.
  • No Mountain High Enough for This Love (Snowy Escape) – Sim #1 should have been more careful while climbing Mt. Komorebi, because now they have fallen deeply in love! Where Sim #2 goes, Sim #1 wants to go, too, and no mountain can get in the way of their love.
  • Deeply Enamored in a Winter Wonderland (Snowy Escape) – Sim #1 fell even more deeply in love with Sim #2 on the enchanting snowy slopes of Mt. Komorebi.
  • Smitten – Sim #1 can’t explain it, but they are really enamored with Sim #2 and the sight of them makes Sim #1’s heart beat faster!
  • Comfortably Compatible Lifestyles (Snowy Escape) – Sim #1 found that sharing a Lifestyle with Sim #2 only deepened the attraction that Sim #1 feels…
  • Enchanted from a Moment in the Mountains (Snowy Escape) – Sim #1’s feelings for Sim #2 really crystallized when they shared a romantic moment together, surrounded by the frozen beauty of Mt. Komorebi.
  • Opposite Attracted – Opposites attract! Sim #1 has romantic feelings for Sim #2, even though they are very different Sims.
  • Mountain Mastery Inspiration (Snowy Escape) – Sim #1 admires Sim #2’s skill on the mountain! With that kind of role model to motivate Sim #1, they might learn skills faster while Sim #2 is around.

Negative Sentiments

  • Betrayed (by Cheating Infidelity) – has soured Sim #1’s feelings for Sim #2. Sim #1 may find that being around Sim #2 brings back bad memories about what happened.
  • Festering Grudge – Sim #1 has a deep-seated grudge against Sim #2. It’s hard to forget or forgive the past, which may make being around Sim #2 feel very unpleasant for Sim #1.
  • Bitter about a Terrible Mountain Climb (Snowy Escape) – To come so far only to have to turn back! Sim #1’s trust in Sim #2 has been shaken, and they blame Sim #2 for that dangerous excursion that ended in disappointment and frustration.
  • Bitter about Breakup – Sim #1 can’t quite shake some resentment towards Sim #2 about how their romantic relationship ended. Sim #1 might find it unpleasant to be around Sim #2 for a while.
  • Resentful about Divorce Sim #1 has some resentment leftover from their divorce. Sim #1 may not enjoy being around Sim #2.
  • Resentful about a Failed Mountain Climb (Snowy Escape) – When Sim #2 led an excursion to climb Mt. Komorebi, Sim #1 had high expectations. their hopes were crushed and the summit remained out of reach, alas!
  • Grudging after a Fight Sim #1 and Sim #2 have some unfinished business. This conflict is unresolved and tensions are high, at least from Sim #1’s perspective.
  • Bitter About Hiking (Snowy Escape) –  Never going to trust the hiking judgment of Sim #2 again after a terrible hiking experience.
  • Neglected by a Workaholic (from Snowy Escape’s Lifestyle feature) – Sim #1 blames Sim #2 for always putting work first and letting their relationship deteriorate.
  • Furious about Cheating – Sim #1 cannot BELIEVE Sim #2 would do this to their relationship! Just the sight of them will remind Sim #1 that Sim #2 betrayed their trust and cheated on them.
  • Furious – Just the sight of Sim #2 gets on Sim #1’s nerves these days. Like, how dare Sim #2 show their face!
  • Disrespected at the Festival of Light (Snowy Escape) – Sim #1 is enraged that Sim #2 would go around flirting with other Sims at the Festival of Light, for all the world to see.
  • Infuriated about Cancelled Wedding – How dare Sim #2 humiliate Sim #1 in front of everyone at their wedding! Sim #1 may have a hard time keeping calm around Sim #2 for a while.
  • Ashamed about a Terrible Mountain Climb (Snowy Escape) – Sim #1 led Sim #2 on an attempt to climb Mt. Komorebi, but it was a total failure and Sim #1 was not the leader they thought they were. So close to the summit, yet so very far.
  • Awkward after a Bad Date – That date was excruciatingly bad. Not Sim #1’s best moment. Cue cringeworthy memories whenever Sim #1 sees Sim #2…
  • Ashamed of a Terrible Party – Sim #1 cannot believe how badly that party went. They worry that Sim #2 must think Sim #1 is no fun and that Sim #2 probably never wants to hang out again…
  • Guilty – Sim #1 feels bad about something that happened with Sim #2 but doesn’t know how to make it right.
  • Failed at Friendship – Sim #1 values keeping their friends close, but their friendship with Sim #2 has frayed and unraveled.
  • Deeply Wounded – Some wounds take a long, long time to heal. Being around Sim #2 brings up painful memories for Sim #1.
  • Hurt – Sim #1 feels wronged by Sim #2, and being around Sim #2 will remind Sim #1 of that pain.
  • Personal Rift – Sim #1 is a People Person, so the decline of their friendship with Sim #2 is especially painful! It’s hard not to take it personally…
  • Dejected about Rejection – Sim #1 doesn’t necessarily blame Sim #2 for turning them down, but it still sometimes feels bad to be around Sim #2.
  • Heartbroken – Love hurts, as Sim #1 is reminded of when they think about Sim #2.
  • Saddened – It’s disappointing to see a rift in this once-strong relationship. Sim #1 wishes things were different, and they wonder if Sim #2 feels the same way.
  • Didn’t Receive Blessing at Festival of Youth (Snowy Escape) – Sim #1 did not receive a blessing during the Festival of Youth, and it still stings. All the other kids got blessed! Or so Sim #1 thinks, anyway.

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