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The Sims 4: Introduction to the new Scared Emotion

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With today’s patch for The Sims 4, we see a brand new emotional state introduced to the game which, is available to all players. The new scared emotion has been worked on by SimGuruConor and sees over sixty buffs converted.

Players will now find that instead of finding their Sims becoming tense at selected in-game events, they will now become scared instead. One example is when Sims would become tense during a thunderstorm whereas now they will become scared instead. You may find that they will attempt to either sleep or nap while feeling scared or even hide under the covers while the feeling passes.

In response to a question asked by Twitter user NandoandStitch, SimGuruConor revealed that buffs that contained either “scared” or “phobia” in them had more than likely been converted.

Another example of a buff that has been converted is from when a Sim uses the Spooky Candy Bowl from The Sims 4 Spooky Stuff. While most of the time your Sims will laugh off the encounter they will keep the buff for a short time.

The Sims 4: Introduction to the new Scared Emotion

There are two different variants of the Scared emotional state.

The first variant will just show that your Sim is scared.

The Sims 4: Introduction to the new Scared Emotion

While the second variation will cause your Sims to be terrified.

The Sims 4: Introduction to the new Scared Emotion

Our member SnarkyWitch also took a look into the game files to help create a list of many of the converted buffs that will now list under the scared emotion.

  • Scared of Thunderstorms
  • Super Spooky
  • Irrational Danger!
  • Scared of Monster
  • Scared of Magic
  • Scary Decor
  • They’re Planning Something!
  • Island Fear
  • Molten Mania
  • RIP Tide
  • Deep Sea Entity
  • Fin Fear
  • What Was That?!
  • Tectonic Terror
  • Thalassophobia
  • Claustrophobic
  • Obsessed Fan
  • Scarecrow Shock
  • Climate Change is Real!
  • Ghostly Meows
  • A G-g-g-ghost?!
  • Ghostly Howls
  • Tremor Terror!
  • Spooked Out!
  • Seismophobia
  • First Order Might
  • Fear the Dark Side
  • Did They Just Explode?!
  • It’s Chasing Me!
  • Botanophobia
  • They’re Out To Get Us!
  • Chased Through Jungle!
  • Haunted by Visions
  • Terrified by Vines!
  • Thoroughly Scared!
  • Jaguar Scare!
  • Fanged and Frightened!
  • Claustrophobic Nightmare
  • Daymare
  • Bowl of Frights
  • Don’t Fear The Reaper
  • Mind Controlled: Panic
  • Probe Panic
  • Hydro… NO!
  • That Was Too Close..
  • Startled by Ghost
  • Scary Toy

While this is not a complete list, it gives you an excellent idea of the buffs that have been converted across The Sims 4 base game and additional content!

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