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The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff: All About the Séance Table!

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The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff comes with one new gameplay object; the Séance Table. Children and older Sims can use the Séance Table to build the new Medium skill and converse with those beyond the grave. At first, there are only three interactions available on the table, but as Sims level up in the Medium skill, they will unlock new interactions on the Séance Table.

Build/Buy Details

The Séance Table comes in two varieties in the Build/Buy catalogue; just the table by itself, and a set that also comes with matching chairs and a crystal ball. The standalone table costs §333. The full set costs §648. Each catalogue entry has six swatches, pictured below.

Despite the table’s small appearance, it actually takes up a 3×3 tile block, most likely because the floating chair animations for it require some space. The chairs and crystal ball are not attached to the table sets. You can remove them and swap them out with different chairs and décor as you please. The crystal ball does not need to be placed on a Séance Table, but it does glow while the table is being used if it is on a Séance Table.

Séance Table Interactions

The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff: All About the Séance Table!

The following interactions are available on the Séance Table. Some interactions require a specific Medium skill level to unlock.

  • Commune with the Departed: Sims will converse with spirits from beyond the grave and receive a message from the beyond. The messages range from positive to negative. Sims can either become scared from this interaction or receive a positive moodlet, depending on the type of message received. Lights may flicker and spooky sound effects may play.
  • Sense Spiritual Volatility: Gives an information popup informing your Sim of the state of the home’s spiritual activity. It will tell your Sims whether the specters inhabiting the lot are friendly or not, how frequent paranormal events will be on the lot, and how concerned your Sims should be about the specters there causing problems.
  • Perform Ceremony: If the home’s spiritual volatility is high, Sims can use this interaction to calm the specters and improve the spiritual balance of the home. Depletes Energy at a rapid rate for Sims who have not mastered the Medium skill. This interaction has a chance of failing and making the specters angrier, instead. If the ceremony gets interrupted, the attempt will fail. Specters can interrupt ceremonies. Ceremonies can also be interrupted when the Sims involved in the ceremony become too tired. Make sure your Sims’ motives are high and that they are in a good mood to increase the odds of a successful ceremony.
  • Group Séance: Requires Medium skill level 2. Sims can host seances with up to three other Sims. The other Sims do not need to have Medium skill level 2 to participate; only the Sim leading the seance needs to have Medium skill level 2. There are several sub-interactions under the Group Seance interaction:
    • Commune with the Dead With…: Same as the solitary Commune with the Departed interaction, just with more Sims.
    • Perform Ceremony With…: Same as the solitary Perform Ceremony interaction; however, more Sims increases the chances of a successful ceremony. It is still important to ensure all Sims participating have high motives and are in a good mood. The ceremony can still be interrupted if any of the participants’ motives drop too low.
    • Invoke the Dead With…: Requires Medium skill level 3. Same as the solitary Invoke the Dead interaction, just with more Sims.
    • Ghastly Ritual With…: Requires Medium skill level 4. Same as the solitary Ghastly Ritual interaction, just with more Sims.
  • Invoke the Dead: Requires Medium skill level 3. Spawns either a ghost or specters. If there are no ghosts in your worlds to be summoned, specters will show up, instead. The ghost or specters may or may not be friendly.
  • Summon Bonehilda: Requires Medium skill level 3. This interaction summons Bonehilda the skeleton maid. Bonehilda is friendly but her presence does have a chance at giving nearby Sims a Tense moodlet. She will cook and clean for your Sims. Bonehilda can be romanced and WooHoo’d with, but cannot be moved into the house as a playable Sim without the use of cheats. Bonehilda can also help you deal with Temperance, an evil ghost who shows up on haunted lots. Bonehilda will stay for about a day before disappearing, but she can be summoned again at any time. You cannot summon Bonehilda while Bonehilda is already on the lot.
  • Ghastly Ritual: Requires Medium skill level 4. Performing this ritual will turn your Sim into a ghost for 4 hours. While in their ghost form, Sims will have all of a real ghost’s abilities. They can possess objects and scare Sims. Other Sims in the household will receive a “What Happened To You?!” moodlet and become scared if they see your Sim as a ghost.
  • Summon Guidry: Only available on non-Haunted House Residential lots. This interaction summons Guidry, a friendly ghost with a lot of information on the paranormal. He can help your Sims satisfy their needs when they’re too scared, as well as give you information about haunted houses, specters, being a medium, becoming a Paranormal Investigator, and how to deal with Temperance. On Haunted House Residential lots, Guidry will visit on his own every night, so there is no need to summon him at the Séance Table.

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