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The Sims 4 Bust the Dust Kit: Aspirations Overview

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In a surprise move, The Sims Team dropped three new DLC packs for The Sims 4 today. These packs are a new type of DLC pack called kits; bite-sized portions of content priced at $4.99 USD. One of the packs released today is The Sims 4 Bust the Dust Kit! Unlike the other two kits, which just offer a handful of CAS and Build/Buy items, Bust the Dust offers new gameplay to go along with the 5 new vacuum objects it comes with.

Bust the Dust comes with two new aspirations under the Location category; Fabulously Filthy and Perfectly Pristine.

Fabulously Filthy

The Sims 4 Bust the Dust Kit: Aspirations Overview

This Sim revels in filthy, messy homes and avoids cleaning at all costs. Procrastinate, dodge chores, lower your standards, and find creative ways to thrive in the filthiest environments!

Reward Trait

Filth Dweller: This Sim no longer receives negative moodlets from living in dusty or messy environments. They loathe cleaning and love filth, and will receive Happy moodlets when in Dirty or Filthy houses. Additionally, they gain the ability to bond with and befriend Filth Fiends.


  • Leave Out Food to Spoil
  • Let 3 Kitchen or Bathroom Objects Get Dirty
  • Let At Least One Floor Level of your Home Become Dirty
  • Max Out Faith’s Fun Motive While on a Dusty, Dirty, or Filthy Floor

Chore Dodger

  • Successfully Ask 3 Sims to Clean
  • Befriend a Dust Bunny
  • Cook 3 Meals in a Dirty or Filthy Kitchen
  • Pay for a Cleaning Service

Low Standards

  • Eat 3 Meals that are Spoiled
  • Bathe or Shower 3 Times in a Dirty Shower or Tub
  • Don’t Wash Your Hands After Using the Toilet
  • Invite a Guest Over While House is Dirty or Filthy

Filth Fiend

  • Knock Over 3 Trash Cans
  • Throw a Party Social Event in a Filthy House
  • Appease a Filth Fiend with a Filth Tribute
  • WooHoo in a Filthy House

Perfectly Pristine

The Sims 4 Bust the Dust Kit: Aspirations Overview

This Sim likes their home to be presentable and clean all the time. Taking pride in their pristine homes, these Sims shoot for perfection and thrive when they have a spotless house to show off to guests.

Reward Trait

Fast & Fastidious: Sims don’t get negative moodlets or lose fun while cleaning. Sim will clean at a more rapid pace and is more likely to become focused when cleaning, and for maximal cleaning efficiency, Fast & Fastidious Sims can use the “Power Clean” and “Power Vacuum” interactions.

Basic Home Training

  • Clean 3 Kitchen or Bathroom Objects
  • Vacuum for 3 Hours
  • Wash 3 Dishes
  • Empty the Trash

Proactive Cleaning

  • Clean Up 5 Messes
  • Wash Hands After Toilet Use
  • Show Off Your Clean House to Guests
  • Earn the Moodlet “Perfectionist Zeal +4”

Vacuum Virtuoso

  • Purchase a Handheld and Upright Vacuum
  • Destroy 3 Dust Bunnies or Filth Fiends with Vacuum Cleaner
  • Destroy 5 Messy or Dust Pile Objects with Vacuum Cleaner
  • Perform 2 Upgrades on a Vacuum Cleaner

Chief Cleaning Officer

  • Throw a Party Social Event in a Clean House
  • Clean for 5 Hours in a Happy, Confident, Inspired, or Focused Mood
  • Successfully Ask or Demand that Other Sims Clean 3 Times
  • Hire a Housekeeping Service 2 Times

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