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The Sims 4 Bust The Dust Kit Overview

03 02 21 9 16 11 PM

In a surprise move, The Sims Team dropped three new DLC packs for The Sims 4 today. These packs are a new type of DLC pack called kits; bite-sized portions of content priced at $4.99 USD. One of the packs released today is The Sims 4 Bust The Dust Kit! Let’s dive in and take a look at everything this new kit comes with.

Bust The Dust comes with five new vacuums for your Sims to use as well as two brand-new aspirations for your Sims to conquer.

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To find the new aspirations that come with Bust The Dust, head to the Location category, and you’ll find Perfectly Pristine and Fabulously Filthy aspirations there ready for your Sims to work through. Each of the new aspirations comes with four different levels and will give your Sims the Home Turf trait as a bonus trait when you first start.

The Sims 4 Bust The Dust Kit OverviewBuy Mode

Bust The Dust comes with five new vacuums, three upright and two handheld.

The Sims 4 Bust The Dust Kit Overview

The Dusty Chaperone Upright Vacuum by SuckUp Industries – $180 (Left)

“The party’s over dust! This budget-friendly vacuum sucks, traps, and escorts dirt and debris safely away all without the high price tag. Patented hurricane-style technology ensures that only half the dust particles are violently blown back into the air, which is a fine track record for a previously owned refurbished model.”

Dirt Herder 5000 Upright Vacuum by Suck Up industries – $340 (Centre)

“One of our largest and most intimidating models yet, the Dirt Herder 5000 is sure to trample any dust bunny, pile of errant crumbs, or any unwelcome pile in your home. Our innovative bag-less style of vacuum locks away dust and dirt in a special chamber which can be detached and easily released over any trash can. The Future is here, and it sucks!”

G7 Swivel Swank by Gruntled Inc -$950 (Right)

“Whisper Quiet with a flexible design and our patented bag-less technology. This vacuum is the highest end way to give your home the deep-clean it deserves. If you ever split from your spouse, make sure you get this vacuum.”

The Sims 4 Bust The Dust Kit Overview

The Debonair Dust Portal by Gruntled Inc – $660 (Left)

“This wonderous innovation in dust-removal technology removes dust from your home and transports it through a portal. We aren’t authorized to say where the portal leads, but rest assured that you won’t have to deal with it. That’s the Gruntled Company promise.”

Dust Dandy Cordless Vacuum by SuckUp Industries – $190 (Right)

“Corral the dust bunnies in your home! Restore your home to its sparkling, spotless state with the Dust Dandy. This convenient lightweight vacuum can do the dirty work for you, letting you be dust bunny free for as long as possible. The Dust Dandy: It’s not just great, it’s just dandy!”

All of the Vacuums give you the option to chose as your Sims favourite to use, upgrade, place in your inventory and of course empty them. As for gameplay options your Sims can check the dust levels of a room, vacuum around or vacuum to perfection. Just beware of the dust bunnies!

Not sure how to find the new content in your game? Filter for packs and select Kits to see all your content from all your different kits!

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