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Custom Addons for The Sims 4 Bunk Beds


Do you feel like there should be more utilization of all that space you get with the new Bunk Beds in The Sims 4? We do so too!

Although SimGurus have teased that the Bunk Beds that we have as of now are currently just a “first iteration” and that we can expect more, there are already some cool Mod Addons for Bunk Beds created by Nando that you can get for your Sims right away!

The first Custom Addon is a simple yet functional attachment desk that you can place down on the loft beds. As of now you aren’t really able to place a study table, a chair and a computer and have it all functional with the loft beds but this Custom Version easily lets you have all that!

Custom Addons for The Sims 4 Bunk Beds

The second addon lets you place down a dresser inside of the loft bed and you’ve guessed it – it’s also completely functional! Check out the preview below of this great combo – you can even place a TV on top of the Dresser!

built in

Both of these awesome Custom Addons are available right now on Nando’s Patreon Page right away! You can download them by clicking the download button below:


Simply select the .package files of your choice and place them in the Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods folder and ensure Custom Content and Mods are enabled in your Game Options.

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