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5 Pose Packs for The Sims 4 to Take Your Storytelling to New Heights

As a passionate Sims storyteller in the community, I often rely on custom poses to bring my scenes to life and express deeper emotions than what the in-game animations offer. I have such a deep passion for storytelling that I even learned how to make my own custom poses to create the exact vision I have in my head.

But you don’t need to know how to make poses yourself to enjoy them in your stories. There are so many talented pose creators in the community who are generous enough to share the poses they make for their own stories with the community. Here are just a small handful of some of my personal favourites that I find myself using over and over again in my stories.

So Much Love by Mysteline

This pose pack is just so dreamy and romantic and I use it all the time in my stories. It’s definitely one of my favourites and I doubt I’ll be getting rid of it anytime soon. It’s just perfect for almost any tender moment between two Sims in love.

It’s OK by SymphonySim

The It’s OK pose pack by SymphonySim is my go-to pose set for any serious story scene where a sad Sim needs some gentle comfort from a romantic interest. It has really made some of my story scenes perfect in every possible way and I highly recommend grabbing this great set!

Hard Cry by BerrySweetBoutique

Sometimes it can be hard to get a Sim to cry when you need them to for a heart-wrenching scene. It can be even harder to get them to cry with the kind of intensity that your story requires. That’s why I love this pose pack so much. It has come in handy when something truly devastating has happened in my story and I need the affected Sims to express that pain beyond what the goofy EA crying animations are capable of delivering.

Emotions Series by SamSims

It can be such a pain trying to find good poses of facial expressions for dialogue scenes or scenes with close-ups of a Sim’s face. Luckily SamSims has a whole emotions series focusing on just that! She has a range of emotion poses from disgust to anger to sadness and more for both adults and children! There are even different versions depending on if you want your Sims to be standing, sitting, or looking up.

Wand-erlust by CazMari

Of course I had to include a pose set for my favourite occult type! I use CazMari’s Wander-lust pose pack constantly for all my epic action scenes involving my spellcasters. They make for great fight scenes and really add to the intensity of a nail-biter scene full of suspense! Go grab this one if you’re a fan of the supernatural!

Got any other pose pack recommendations? Share them in the comments or come chat with us on social media!

Not sure how to use custom poses? Here’s a video tutorial!

Unfamiliar with mods and CC in general? Stop by here, first.

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