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The Sims 4: All About the New Water Tool

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I’ve gotten a chance to play the upcoming version of The Sims 4 and test out the brand new Water Tool Feature that’s coming to Build Mode for FREE! In this article I’ll be showcasing all the water tool possibilities, what it takes to create a pond, showcase the new water objects and also take a look at minor feature improvements for Terrain Paint as well!

Please note that the version of The Sims 4 I got to play is an early version and features are subject to change.

The first thing you’ll notice is a small revamp of the Build Menu on the bottom left – with a new Terrain Tools icon that now also include the new Water Tool, as well as a category for Outdoor Water Decor.

The Water Tool

With the water tool you are able to create ponds in your own lot! This tool co-operates with the Terrain Tools, meaning that you’ll have to deepen the terrain in order to fill it with water. Something like this, or however you want to deepen the terrain:

All the way on the bottom of the Terrain Tool categories you’ll find the Water Tool category. Inside there are different brush sizes, a Water Depth Map Option and tools including Raise Water, Lower Water, Fill to Height and Remove Water.

Down below you can check out what each tool does and how it looks like in the game:

  • Raise Water – raises water to the surface level that you’ve selected.
  • Lower Water – lowers water to the surface level that you’ve selected.
  • Fill to Height – Fills the water to the height of the square that you’ve set. You can increase the height of the square by pressing Ctrl + ] or lower it by pressing Ctrl + [.
  • Remove Water – Instantly removes water from the terrain you’ve selected.

FUN FACT: Did you know that you can have multiple ponds at multiple water levels? That’s right! As long as there’s terrain that cuts the water in half at a certain terrain level you’ll be able to create each pond at a different water level!

Remember – each pond on your lot can be placed at a different water level. Terrain and pond holes that you’ve deepened seperately one from another are especially easy to manipulate with their water level. Creating different water levels with the pond you’ve seen above can get a little…challenging.

The Water Depth Map allows you to quickly see in Build Mode which areas are approachable and interactable with water interactions in Live Mode.

Outdoor Water Decor

There’s now a new category added to Build in the House User Interface – marked with a log. Inside you’ll find 3 new categories for Pond Tools and 2 categories for fountains and pools, including:

  • Water Styles
  • Pond Objects
  • Fountain Decorations
  • Pool Objects
  • Pond Effects

Water Styles

There are 6 water styles coming with the Base Game, including:

  • Ordinary Chlorinated Pool Water
  • Dreaming of Water
  • Pond Scum
  • Mossy Water
  • Leafy Water
  • Pond Water

Pond Objects

The Pond Objects Category includes objects such as the log, grass, lily pads, fountains, sculptures and fishing signs!

There are two versions of fishing signs included: one which allows you to stock the Pond with your own Fish and the other sign comes Pre-Stocked with basic Fish types.

You’ve heard that correctly – you can stock your own Ponds with your own fish that you’ve discovered and caught!

Clicking the Fishing Sign in live mode will allow you to Stock the Pond with the Fish you’ve caught. From there you’ll be able to manage which Fish can be in the Pond and used for fishing – either by yourself or other Sims who visit the lot.

Pond Effects

Because for some reason fish don’t appear visually after you stock the pond, you’ll be able to fill in the Pond with effects found in the Pond Effects category!

In this category you’ll find the following effects for placing down. Please note that visual effects will only start appearing after you enter Live Mode:

  • Dragonfly Swarm
  • Tadpoles
  • Country Fish
  • Mosquitoes
  • Fireflies
  • Mr. Ducksworth
  • Mallard Ducks
  • Pair of Swans
  • Unidentified Submerged Object
  • Gator Benjamincollis

Terrain Tool & Paint – New Brush Sizes

The upcoming update for The Sims 4 also includes new Brush Sizes for Terrain Tools and Terrain Paint! There are no longer 5 brush sizes but a slider that consists of 8 different sizes, meaning you can make the brush as small as a single tile piece…

…or as big as almost your entire lot!

These new sliders will especially come in handy for everyone who uses Terrain Paint, because now you can go into much greater detail!

What are your thoughts on the new Water Tools coming to The Sims 4? Let us know in the comments!

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