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The Sims 4 now lets you create the most Chaotic Lot ever

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The latest update for The Sims 4 introduces Lot Challenges – a new way for you to spice up your Gameplay.

These Lot Challenges can be found in Build Mode in the Venue Info section in the top left corner under the Traits and Challenges Category.

As you can see in the image below, the Off-the-Grid Challenge, along with other Challenges from previous Packs listed here have been transferred over from the Lot Traits section. The only difference now is that you can apply multiple Lot Challenges and STILL have 3 seperate Lot Traits.


The full list of Lot Challenges includes:

  • Off-the-Grid (Base Game)
  • Creeply Crawlies (Jungle Adventure)
  • Cursed (City Living)
  • Filthy (City Living)
  • Gremlins (City Living)
  • Grody (City Living)
  • Landfill Lot (Eco Lifestyle – for Community Lots)
  • Quake Zone (City Living)
  • Reduce and Recycle (Eco Lifestyle)
  • Spooky ( City Living)
  • Volcanic Activity (Island Living)
  • Simple Living (Cottage Living)
  • Wild Foxes (Cottage Living)

You already know all about the current Lot Challenges already. You can check out more about the upcoming Cottage Living Challenges HERE!

With this feature you’ll be able to unleash chaos by applying ALL the Lot Challenges from the current packs you have installed. You can also mix things up and roll the dice with the randomize button which will assign you a random set of Lot Challenges, but only up to 3 Challenges.

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