The Sims 4 Guides Cottage Living

This or That? Cottage Living Edition!


Now that Cottage Living is finally here and players can experience this delightful pack for themselves, we thought it was time for another poll! This time, you’ll be picking your favourite aspects and characters of Cottage Living! Are you a village person? A wilderness person? A rancher? Farmer? Who do you side with in the Watsons’ crumbling marriage? Tell us what you think down below!

Remember to click the text and not the image when casting your votes!

Chickens or Wild Birds

Bunnies or Foxes?

Finchwick or the Bramblewood?

Cows or Llamas?

Agnes or Agatha?

Team Thomas or Team Rahmi?

Picnic Date or Pub Date?

Ranching or Farming?

Neckwarmer Llama or Llamacon?

Cottagecore Cow or Winterfest Cow?

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