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Let’s Revisit The Sims 4 Spa Day

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I’ll be honest, even though I’ve owned The Sims 4 Spa Day since launch, it has been a long-time since I last properly took the time to explore the pack in game. With the first pack refresh for The Sims 4 landing on 7th September, what better time to revisit one of the earlier Game Packs from the game.

I jumped into my game and placed one of the premade Spas that came with the pack. There’s a total of four to chose from, and I went with the Center of Center Massage Spa. Even just looking around the build, I remembered just how much of the pack I had forgotten about, as well as just how much of the Build Buy Mode objects I use regularly without realizing. Create A Sim wise, there’s still a few items that I use, mainly the shorts if anything and a couple of the tops but that’s it.

Let’s Revisit The Sims 4 Spa Day

I remember, when this pack first came out, I would use the majority of items all the time in my builds. The new wall and floor options that came with the pack were everywhere, as well as the new bathroom objects too. Looking back, there was definitely a handful of times when I may have gone overboard with using the new options.  I guess as more new packs were released, I drifted away from Spa Day and focused on the new content instead.

The option of being able to let your Sims visit the Spa, take part in Yoga sessions, meditate, have massages and more was interesting. Being able to do some of those things at home as well and even essentially have your own home Spa was brilliant.

I played around in game for an hour or so, focusing on my Sims experience at the Spa as well as levelling up their wellness level. I have to say, I had a lot of fun revisiting the Spa Day Game Pack ahead of its refresh tomorrow. Just focusing on the features of Spa Day for that time reminded me what this pack not only has to offer and how I can use it in my game for builds currently but also how excited I am for the pack refresh.

The pack refresh is really going to bring a lot to this Game Pack, and I’m looking forward to exploring the new features coming tomorrow!

Lets us know what your favourite thing is about The Sims 4 Spa Day as well as what you are looking forward to in the pack refresh in the comments below.

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