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Full Walkthrough of the Functional Loom Mod for The Sims 4


Are you tired of the current skills we have in the game? Have you mastered them all a dozen times over and want something new to do? Do you love to be creative and craft new objects to sell, wear, display, and enjoy? Well you’re in luck because today, I’m showcasing a brand new mod that lets you do all of the above! PiedPiper has created a functional loom that will allow your Sims to weave over 110 new custom craftables, from rugs and table cloths to bed covers, wearable clothes and more!

In addition to the new functional object and 110+ new custom craftables, this mod also adds a custom 10 level skill, a new activity preference, a custom animation, a couple new décor objects, and several new ways to sell what you’ve woven.

Activity Preference

Full Walkthrough of the Functional Loom Mod for The Sims 4

There is a new Weaving activity preference in CAS. When making your Sims, you can choose whether they like or dislike Weaving as an activity. Sims who like or dislike Weaving will get positive or negative moodlets when they weave, just like the other preferences.

Weaving can also be acquired as a like or a dislike through gameplay the same way other preferences can be acquired.

Holiday Tradition and Club Activity

If you own the Get Together expansion pack, Weaving is a club activity under Hobbies. If you own the Seasons expansion, Weaving is also a holiday tradition.

Loom Object

Of course, Sims could not weave without a loom and this mod adds a new, functional loom Sims can use to weave over a hundred different items! You can find the loom in Build/Buy by just searching “loom” in the search bar. The object is called “Leah’s Lovely Loom.” It costs 1,000 and comes in 5 different colours.

The loom requires the Loom Placement object in order to function. PiedPiper explains that since the loom is cloned from the base game coffee maker, it requires a surface to slot onto. The Loom Placement object acts as that surface. So find the item called “Loom Placement” in Build/Buy and place it down first. Then you can place the “Leah’s Lovely Loom” object on top of it.

With the loom placed on its required platform, your Sims are now ready to start weaving! If you also have PiedPiper’s Silk Farm, Silk Processor, and Cotton Processing Add-On, you’ll need to have silk and cotton ingredients in your inventory in order to weave anything on the loom. The only optional ingredients are the llama wool, so players who don’t own Cottage Living can still weave the items. If you do not have the silk and cotton processing mods installed, then you won’t need any ingredients to weave any of the items. We highly recommend installing the other recommended mods to fully immerse yourself in the weaving experience!

Full Walkthrough of the Functional Loom Mod for The Sims 4

Click on the loom and select Weave Fabric to bring up a list of what you can craft. At first, your Sims will only be able to craft bolts of fabric but as they level up in the Weaving skill, they will unlock more types of items they can weave. When Sims are weaving, they will do a new custom animation on the loom.

A few funny little quirks I noticed when using the loom; when the loom breaks, it sparks as if it’s an electronic and a Sim has to use a screwdriver to fix it. The loom will periodically get dirty and need to be cleaned with a spray bottle. Also, when a Sim finishes weaving a very large item, like a rug, they will carry it whole to the nearest surface to set down, making for some very funny screenshots. None of this was anything that ruined the experience for me; if anything, it gave me a good chuckle.

Selling Your Woven Items

If you want to make a living as a weaver, you can certainly do that. Once you’ve finished weaving an item, your Sim will put it down somewhere nearby unless it’s a wall hanging; then they will put it in their inventory. With the item displayed on the lot somewhere, click it to bring up options to sell. All weavable objects are compatible with the online marketplace, Plopsy, which comes with the Nifty Knitting Stuff pack but PiedPiper has also added custom sales options.

Starting at level 3 of the Weaving skill, your Sims can start selling their woven items at Charity Trading. You will receive immediate payment for the item. As you level up in the Weaving skill, you will unlock two more ways to sell your items for more money than using the charity Trading option.

Full Walkthrough of the Functional Loom Mod for The Sims 4

At Weaving level 6, your Sims will unlock the ability to sell their woven items on Simzon but you’ll need to create an account, first. Click on any computer and under the Order category, you’ll find the option to create a Simzon account. Once you’ve created your account, you can click on your woven items to sell them on Simzon for a bigger payout than selling them via Charity Trading. If you own the Get Famous expansion pack, Sims will also be able to gain fame from selling their items on Simzon! Or, if you’re looking to decorate your house or buy some new clothes without the hassle of weaving, you can also Browse Simzon as a customer to find ready-made woven items to purchase. You can Browse Simzon on the computer under the Order category or on your phone.

After mastering the Weaving skill at level 10, Sims will also be able to sell their woven items directly to a Fabrics Company. Selling to Fabrics Companies will give you the biggest payout for your items but your Sims won’t gain fame for doing this. If your Sim seeks to become a celebrity fashion designer or home fabrics designer, it may be best to continue selling on Simzon, instead. If you just want the largest profits, then sell to a Fabrics Company.

Skill Guide

Full Walkthrough of the Functional Loom Mod for The Sims 4

Here is the full breakdown of each skill level of the Weaving skill and what you unlock at each level.

Skill LevelUnlocks
1Can weave fabric bolts
2Can weave bath mats and doormats
3Can weave large rugs and sell woven items at Charity Trading
4Can weave seat covers and table cloths
5Can weave towels and scarves
6Can weave pillows and sell woven items on Simzon
7Can weave bed covers
8Can weave t-shirts and blouses
9Can weave pantaloons and skirts
10Can weave dresses and suits and sell woven items to a Fabrics Company

Full Craftables List

Here is the full breakdown of every weavable item, what skill level it unlocks at, the cost to make, and the ingredients. Keep in mind that you need PiedPiper’s silk and cotton processing mods to see silk and cotton as available ingredients in your game. We only had the silk processing mod installed alongside this mod so only the silk ingredients are listed. Cotton ingredients may also be needed for some recipes. If you do not have the silk and cotton processing mods installed, you will still be able to weave the items. You just won’t need to have the silk and cotton ingredients.

ItemSkill LevelCostIngredients
Yellow Cotton Fabric1§120
Blue Silk Fabric1§120Blue Processed Silk (1)
Calavera Fabric1§120
Purple Floral Fabric1§120
Green Floral Cotton Fabric1§120
Christmassy Silk Fabric1§120Red Processed Silk (1)
Pink Silk Fabric1§120Pink Processed Silk (1)
Green Silk Fabric1§120Green Processed Silk (1)
Yellow and Pink Carpet2§150Pink Processed Silk (1), Yellow Processed Silk (1)
Funny Black and White Bathmat2§120
"Bambi" Doormat2§25Blue Processed Silk (1)
Green and Red Doormat2§25Green Processed Silk (1), Red Processed Silk (1)
Welcome Doormat (Cat)2§25Brown Processed Silk (1), Black Processed Silk (1)
Corgi Doormat2§25Green Processed Silk (1)
Plain Beige Carpet2§150Brown Processed Silk (1), Processed Silk (1)
Pink and Blue Carpet2§150Blue Processed Silk (1), Pink Processed Silk (1)
Beige Doormat2§25Brown Processed Silk (1)
Colourful Carpet2§150Red Processed Silk (1), Processed Silk (1), Blue Processed Silk (1)
Tiger Doormat2§25Processed Silk (1), Brown Processed Silk (1)
Peachy Bathmat2§40
"Girl Power" Pink Bathmat2§150Red Llama Wool (1), Pink Llama Wool (1)
Green and Beige Doormat2§25Green Processed Silk (1), Brown Processed Silk (1)
Blue Persian Carpet3§350Brown Processed Silk (1), Blue Processed Silk (1)
Yellow Bathmat3§35
Blue Bathmat3§35
Brown Bathmat3§35Brown Processed Silk (1)
Red Contemporary Carpet3§250Red Processed Silk (1)
Grey Contemporary Carpet3§250Processed Silk (1), Black Processed Silk (1)
Golden Persian Carpet3§350Yellow Processed Silk (1), Black Processed Silk (1)
Red Persian Carpet3§350Red Processed Silk (1)
Luxury Persian Carpet3§350Red Processed Silk (1), Yellow Processed Silk (1)
Floral Seat Cover (Type 1)4§350Processed Silk (1)
White Woolen Seat Cover (Squared)4§190White Llama Wool (1)
White Woolen Seat Cover4§190White Llama Wool (1)
Yellow Floral Circled Tablecloth4§70
Circled Table Cloth with Pink Roses4§70Pink Processed Silk (1)
Woolen Red Tablecloth4§70Red Llama Wool (1)
Yellow Floral Squared Table Cloth4§70
Squared Table Cloth with Pink Roses4§70Processed Silk (1), Pink Processed Silk (1)
Pink Squared Floral Table Cloth4§70
Leafy Squared Table Cloth4§70
Rectangular Floral Table Cloth4§70Pink Processed Silk (1)
Blue and Pink Rectangular Table Cloth4§70Pink Processed Silk (1), Blue Processed Silk (1)
Christmas-Themed Rectangular Table Cloth4§70
Halloween-Themed Rectangular Table Cloth4§70
Floral Seat Cover (Type 2)4§190Processed Silk (1)
Floral Seat Cover (Type 3)4§190Processed Silk (1)
Beige Woolen Seat Cover4§190Black Llama Wool (1)
Floral Circled Table Cloth4§70Processed Silk (1), Pink Processed Silk (1)
Multi-Coloured Body Towel (For Females)5§110
Christmas-Themed Hand Towel5§65
Red Woolen Scarf (Child)5§90Red Llama Wool (1)
Green Body Towel (For Males)5§110
Woolen Scarf5§90
Christmas Tea Towel5§45
Black Pillow6§190Black Processed Silk (1)
Yellow Pillow6§190Yellow Processed Silk (1)
"Peter Rabbit" Pillow6§190Green Processed Silk (1), Blue Processed Silk (1)
Floral Pillow6§190Pink Processed Silk (1), Processed Silk (1)
Peter Rabbit White Toddler Bed Blanket7§125Yellow Processed Silk (1), Brown Processed Silk (1)
Peter Pan Toddler Blanket7§125
White Cotton Blanket (Double)7§145
Blue Snoopy Child Blanket7§150
Red Snoopy Child Blanket7§150
Disney Child Blanket7§150Green Processed Silk (1)
Children Blanket Peter Rabbit7§150Processed Silk (1), Brown Processed Silk (1), Blue Processed Silk (1)
Lion King Toddler Blanket7§125
Cotton Toddler Disney Blanket7§125
Baby Yoda Toddler Blanket7§125
Granny's Woolen Toddler Blanket7§125Orange Llama Wool (1)
Pink Aristocats Toddler Bed Blanket7§125
Toddler Bed Blanket with Minions7§125
Red Cotton Blanket (Double)7§145
Pink Peter Rabbit Toddler Blanket7§125
Granny's Woolen Red Blanket (Single)7§150Red Llama Wool (1)
Granny's Woolen Green-Blue Blanket (Single)7§150Green Llama Wool (1), Blue Llama Wool (1)
Granny's Woolen Blanket (Single)7§150White Llama Wool (1), Red Llama Wool (1)
Granny's Woolen White-Blue Blanket (Single)7§150White Llama Wool (1), Blue Llama Wool (1)
Green Cotton Blanket (Double)7§175
"Wonderland" Double Blanket7§145
Brown Woolen Blanket (Double)7§175Orange Llama Wool (1)
Woolen Red Blanket (Double)7§175Red Llama Wool (1)
Black Floral Double Blanket7§175Black Processed Silk (1)
Floral Double Blanket7§175Processed Silk (1), Pink Processed Silk (1)
Double Christmassy Blanket7§175Red Processed Silk (1)
Yellow Double Blanket7§175Yellow Processed Silk (1)
Elegant Red Blanket (Double)7§175Black Processed Silk (1), Red Processed Silk (1)
Beige Blanket (Double)7§175Brown Processed Silk (1)
"Rebel Disney" Teen Blanket (Single)7§150Pink Processed Silk (1)
Mickey Mouse Toddler Bed Blanket7§125
Red Woolen Blouse8§150Red Llama Wool (1)
Woolen Yellow Blouse (Child)8§150Beige Llama Wool (1)
Brown Blouse (Child)8§150Brown Processed Silk (1)
Blue Toddler Sweater8§150
Yellow Toddler Blouse8§150
Pink Toddler Sweater8§150
Green Toddler Blouse8§150
Christmas Sweater (Females)8§190
Green Peter Rabbit Toddler T-Shirt8§70Green Processed Silk (1)
Floral Silk Skirt9§250
Camouflage Pants (Male) 9§180Green Processed Silk (1)
"Garfield" Pants (Child)9§150Yellow Processed Silk (1)
Grey Satin Skirt9§250Processed Silk (1)
Red Christmas Pants (Female)9§120
Christmas Pants (Toddler)9§70
Black Christmas Leggings (Female)9§120
White and Red Dress (Child)10§350Processed Silk (1), Red Processed Silk (1)
Blue and White Dress (Child)10§750Blue Processed Silk (1), Processed Silk (1)
Yellow Toddler Dress10§180Yellow Processed Silk (1), Pink Processed Silk (1)
Black and White Suit (Child)10§650Processed Silk (1), Black Processed Silk (1)
Wedding Dress10§1,000Processed Silk (1), Yellow Processed Silk (1)
Red Satin Dress10§750Red Processed Silk (1)
Red and Black Suit (Male)10§750Black Processed Silk (1), Red Processed Silk (1)
White and Blue Suit (Male)10§750Processed Silk (1), Blue Processed Silk (1)
Summer Dress (Toddler)10§160Pink Processed Silk (1), Blue Processed Silk (1)

Craftables Overview

Below are pictures of every weavable item that comes with this mod, as well as deco objects that can be purchased from Build/Buy.


CAS Overview

Below you can see all the different wearables on a Sim in CAS. Wearable items can also be displayed in-game as shown in the section above. To have a Sim wear a displayed wearable in-game, click the item to have your Sim put it on.

Final Thoughts

So what are my final thoughts on the Functional Loom mod after exploring it? I am deeply and thoroughly impressed! Just calling it a “functional loom mod” doesn’t do it justice because it’s far more than just a functional object. Not only does it add a new functional object to the game but it also adds a new major skill, a total of 115 custom objects and clothes you can craft, a new animation, a new activity preference, a new club activity, a new holiday tradition, and not one, not two, but THREE different ways to sell your crafted items. The clothes come in both wearable and display forms, plus it’s fully integrated with several other packs like Get Together, Seasons, Nifty Knitting, Cottage Living, and Get Famous. Seriously, can we just rename this mod “Nifty Weaving Stuff?” Because all the content in it warrants a proper stuff pack title.

The clothing having display versions is also super handy for retail lots! You can display tonnes of the custom clothes in your retail store without worrying about the mannequin limit. All the trendy bags and boxes will look amazing on your store shelves as well. Instant high-end boutique! In fact, I really want to do some builds themed around this mod now, so keep an eye out for that soon.

If you’d like to get your hands on this mod, it’s available now for subscribed patrons of PiedPiper and should be released to the public sometime this month.

Functional Loom (Patreon)

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