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The Sims 4: Three Get Rich Quick Schemes That are Almost Cheating

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There is no shortage of ways to make money in The Sims 4. You can choose the traditional 9-5 career if you want, work on your own schedule as a freelancer, or make a living pursuing your favourite hobbies. All of these have the potential to make your Sims wealthy with enough time and effort but what about those Sims who aren’t interested in working hard for their money? What if going to the office every day or slaving away at a computer, easel, or garden just isn’t their vibe? Sometimes, you just want instant money, right?

Of course, you CAN just use the kaching or motherlode cheats. But where’s the fun in that?

Luckily, we’ve got three perfect get rich quick schemes that are so good, they’re almost cheating! But not quite. Console players and rulebook followers rejoice!

Become a Black Widow

The Sims 4: Three Get Rich Quick Schemes That are Almost Cheating

For starters, you can just do what many people do in real life! Marry for money! Every world in the game has one or two families with an expensive home and a big stack of simoleons. Seek them out, woo them, get hitched and move in. Everything they have is now yours! Of course, most of these Sims are already married so you might have to convince them to divorce their spouse in order to marry you but this isn’t difficult at all once you’ve achieved a high friendship and romance level with them.

If you’re satisfied with your spoils and like your new spouse, feel free to live out a happy lifelong marriage in the lap of luxury but if you’re feeling a bit evil, you can always arrange an untimely “accident” for them, inherit all their assets, then remarry another wealthy Sim. Rinse and repeat until you have a full graveyard and a full bank account. Easy peasy!

Kidnap Mr. Sandy Claws?!

The Sims 4: Three Get Rich Quick Schemes That are Almost Cheating

By “Mr. Sandy Claws,” we mean Father Winter, of course! If you own the Seasons expansion pack, jolly old Father Winter comes with a whopping 500,000! All you have to do is invite him over (or wait for him to show up on Winterfest), befriend him and invite him into your household. If he won’t cooperate, you can always speed things along and just add him to your household manually via Manage Households.

But hold on! Don’t act so fast! Before you rush to move in Father Winter and his vast fortune, have the forethought to assign every teen or older Sim in your household the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration. Why? Well moving in Father Winter will instantly complete this aspiration, awarding your Sims with the Shrewd reward trait. This trait pays your Sim 5% of their household funds every week from investments. 5% of 500,000 is a nice tidy sum of 25,000 every week and that number will only grow as your household funds accumulate.

Once you’ve moved in Father Winter with his money and gotten the Shrewd trait, you can move him out if you like. He’s served his purpose. Enjoy your instant fortune that will only grow larger every week with no effort on your part!

Money Tree Hack

The Sims 4: Three Get Rich Quick Schemes That are Almost Cheating

This method requires slightly more effort than the other two suggestions just because you need to save up 5,000 satisfaction points first but there are plenty of easy aspirations you can bounce back and forth with to help you accumulate these points faster. If you own the Paranormal Stuff pack, living in a haunted house will award your Sims with satisfaction points for every night they stay in the house so that can be a good way to rack up points, too. Doing a scenario will give your Sim 5,000 satisfaction points when you complete the scenario goal, too.

Once you have the 5,000 satisfaction points, purchase a money tree seed and raise it to maturity. You can hire a gardener if you don’t want to get your own hands dirty in the garden. When it’s ready to harvest from, don’t harvest! Stick the tree in your household inventory, instead. This will generate more money tree seeds in your household inventory that you can plant without having to buy more trees. Plant those and rinse and repeat as many times as you like.

You’ll have a maxed out bank account in no time!

Do you have any other methods of getting rich almost instantly with no effort? Let us know in the comments or come chat with us on social media!

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