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Celebrating The New Year with The Sims

With Winterfest celebrations coming to a close and a new year on the horizon, here are a few ways that you can celebrate the New Year with your Sims!

New Year’s Eve Holiday

Get into the New Years celebration by taking part in the New Year’s Eve Holiday event.

Take a quick look at your Household Calendar to see when it is, or create your own New Year’s Eve Holiday on a day that suits your Sims. Using the options that come with The Sims 4 Seasons as well as many other packs will allow you to really customize how your Sims celebrate!

Host a Social Event

Don’t want to wait for the New Year’s Eve Holiday to come around? Then why not jump in and plan your own New Year’s Social Event instead?

Chose from a variety of different party activities including a house party, black and white bash or a costume party. You could even host a New Year’s Dinner Party if you wanted. Host from your own home or even at a community lot of your choice!

Want to make it more of a challenge? Why not turn your social event into a Goaled Event and see if you can complete it in time!


If you own The Sims 4 Get Together, why not start a Club Gathering and hangout with other club members to celebrate the New Year? Choose between either a pre-made Club or create your own and have fun taking part in a range of different activities!

Dress Up or Dress Down!

Don’t feel like hitting the town with your Sims but would rather stay at home? That’s fine! You can still wear your favourite fancy outfit or your favourite hoodie and have your own at home celebrations. Put on a movie or play some games, the choice is up to you!

While these are just a few of the ways you can celebrate the New Year with your Sims, there are so many more ways you can do too!

So sit back, relax and celebrate the New Year with your Sims!

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