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The Sims 4: 21 Functional CC Objects for Toddlers!

21 Amazing, Completely Functional CC Objects!

As a family player, I’m always on the hunt for mods and CC that enhance my style of play. I’m especially fond of anything that adds new gameplay for toddlers. While I love all the toys toddlers currently already have, I still find myself wanting more for them. That’s why I love The Sims 4 modding community so much. They add so much to the game and allow us to make it our own.

I’ve compiled a list of all my favourite functional new toys for toddlers, although some of these items can also be used by children. All of these amazing objects have their own new animations and gameplay attached to them, such as toddler skill building and custom moodlets.

Sleeping Mat

Creator: Pandasama

This adorable toddler sleeping mat works just like a toddler bed but it’s more compact and easy to plop down anywhere your little tots need a quick midday nap. Toddlers can get in and out of it on their own and do the cutest little sleepy animation when they crawl inside it before they fall asleep.

This sleeping mat comes in a set that also includes the basketball hoop, toddler swing, and rocking horse featured below so just click the link in the sleeping mat header to download all of these objects at once.

Toy Basketball Hoop

Creator: Pandasama

This cute toy basketball hoop was designed specifically for toddlers and it has several different animations depending on the toddler’s Movement skill. Toddlers with high Movement skill will do a little jump when they throw the ball and it will land in the hoop most of the time. Toddlers with low Movement skill will fall down a lot and can sometimes even get bonked in the head with the ball. Of course, playing with the basketball hoop builds the Movement skill, so the more they practice, the better they’ll get.

Toddler Swing

Creator: Pandasama

This toddler swing is animated and usable by all ages, not just toddlers! Toddlers can play in the swing where they will swing back and forth, kicking their legs. The swing can also be used like a regular chair so Sims can read in it and do other sitting activities they can do while sitting in a chair.

Rocking Horse

Creator: Pandasama

This rocking horse is usable by all ages and even adults with the Childish trait will get a positive moodlet from playing with it! Toddlers can also take a nap on the rocking horse which looks adorable.

Play Telephone

Creator: Pandasama

Toddlers can practice their Communication skill by playing with this toy telephone! They can also make pretend phone calls to their favourite cartoon characters, an imaginary friend, and even Father Winter! Doing so will build both Imagination and Communication skill at the same time. Adults can even help teach their toddlers how to talk by playing telephone with them.


Creator: Pandasama

This miniature trampoline comes in a large netted version and a smaller version without a net. It is usable by both children and toddlers! Personally, I like to use the netted version for my toddlers as it feels a little safer for their teeny delicate noggins.


Creator: Pandasama

Now your tiny tots can make all kinds of wonderful creations with Play-Doh! Toddlers will spend some time moulding the Play-Doh until it becomes a toy they can play with! There are seven different creations they can craft out of the Play-Doh.

This Play-Doh comes in a set that also includes the race car track, toy food truck, and toddler crib featured below so just click the link in the Play-Doh header to download all of these objects at once.

Race Car Track

Creator: Pandasama

Toddlers can place toy cars at the top of this spiral track and watch it race all the way down to thee bottom! If you have two toddlers, they can play together with the race track! Super cute!

Toy Food Truck

Creator: Pandasama

Toddlers can pretend to run their own food truck business with this adorable toy! They will pretend to drive the truck at the steering wheel and pretend to make burgers. Other Sims of all ages can play with the toddler at the food truck by placing an order. The Sim will walk over and order the food and the toddler will prepare and serve it. The food will be a different toy depending on what kind of food the Sim ordered. This object builds Imagination skill and comes with its own custom moodlets.

Toddler Crib

Creator: Pandasama

If you prefer the old days when toddlers slept in cribs, you’ll love this toddler crib. It’s fully functional and adults can put their toddlers in it to sleep. They can even read them bedtime stories while the toddler is in the crib but make sure you put a chair near the crib for the adult to sit in. Toddlers can also eat and play with their tablet inside the crib. The crib is lockable as well so adults will not obsessively take them in and out of the crib when you don’t want them to. The crib does have a few small quirks and issues which Pandasama goes over in their Patreon post so make sure you read all the info before you download!


Creator: Pandasama

This adorable jack-in-the-box toy winds up and plays music as it does so! When it’s fully wound up, the clown will pop out of the box, surprising the toddler or child that’s playing with it! Kids and toddlers can have a positive reaction to the clown and get a happy or playful moodlet when it pops out. There’s also a chance that the clown will scare them, resulting in a scared moodlet.

This download also comes with a piñata toy but the piñata is only usable by children. Toddlers can eat the candy that kids knock out of the piñata, though! And it won’t give them a sugar rush, resulting in a sugar crash later like other sweets in the game.

Play Tunnel

Creator: Pandasama

Toddlers can build Movement skill by crawling through this tunnel! The tunnel itself even moves with the toddler as they crawl through it! A great addition to any toddler room or playground!

This tunnel is part of a set that also comes with the makeup kit showcased below. Just click the link in the Play Tunnel header to download both items at once.

Makeup Kit

Creator: Pandasama

This play makeup kit has multiple interactions on it! Toddlers can play with the makeup by themselves or give another Sim a makeover. When the toddler is finished giving the Sim a makeover, the Sim will have messy splotches all over their face and nails. If other Sims see the Sim like this, they will laugh at them. Sims can remove the mess on their hands and face by taking a shower.

Pet Marimo Aquarium

Creator: Ravasheen

I actually had to look up what the heck a marimo was. Turns out, marimo are aquatic moss balls and are very much alive! They’ve become quite popular low maintenance pets. How cute! Now your toddlers can have their very own little marimo pet they can interact and bond with!

Toy Train Track

Creator: Ravasheen

This toy train track is animated and can be enjoyed by both children and toddlers! The space in the middle is usable for placing other objects as well. A Winterfest tree will fit perfectly inside the circle, for example.

Toy Kitchen

Creators: Ravasheen & Pandasama

This adorable play kitchen can be used by both children and toddlers and builds skills for both age groups! Cooking with the play kitchen will create functional custom toys for toddlers and a few custom edible recipes for children. Both children and toddlers will wear a cute little chef hat while playing with the kitchen and toddlers will stand on a little stack of cook books while using the kitchen.

Stackable Ring Toy

Creator: Pandasama

This classic childhood toy can be great fun for your toddlers! They will pull the rings off the pole and attempt to stack them again in order of their size. This toy builds the Thinking skill. Toddlers with low Thinking skill will stack the rings incorrectly while toddlers with high Thinking skill will have an easier time stacking the rings in order.

The ring toy comes in a set along with the xylophone, drawing supplies, and toddler crafting station showcased below. Click the link in the Stackable Ring Toy Header to download all of these objects at once!


Creator: Pandasama

This is an absolutely adorable toy for toddlers to build their Thinking skill. The xylophone has its own custom music and just like the ring toy, toddlers will get better at playing it as they build their Thinking skill.

Drawing Supplies

Creator: Pandasama

Children have their own activity table they can draw pictures on but for some reason, toddlers don’t get to do the same thing. These drawing supplies are made especially for toddlers and they can draw all kinds of cute pictures with it, either by themselves or with help from another Sim. There’s multiple designs they can draw, including a “corona” design which Pandasama says they included as sort of a meta reference to remember this crazy rollercoaster ride we’ve all been on the past couple years. Watch out for when toddlers are using this object while their Hunger is in the red! They may decide to eat a crayon and give themselves a tummyache!

Toddler Crafting Station

Creator: Pandasama

Toddlers finally have their own activity table they can make crafts with just like children! There’s a variety of different crafts and designs toddlers can create with the crafting table, including mason jar pumpkins and paper balls.

Toddler Bunk Beds

Creator: Pandasama

Nearly every family player has faced the struggle of having a set of twins before their Sims are financially stable and all of a sudden, they have to cram two of everything for their little ones into a tiny house. These fully functional toddler bunk beds will allow you to save valuable space while still keeping your toddlers comfy at night. Toddlers will climb the stairs and get into the top bunk all on their own. No adult help required. The bottom bunk even has shelf space for toys and small décor. The top and bottom bunks can also be used as separate pieces on their own. Just make sure you don’t place anything too close to the stairs under the top bunk or it will cause routing failures when toddlers try to climb the stairs.

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