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The Sims 4 Carnaval Streetwear Kit: CAS Overview

Everything included with The Sims 4 Carnaval Streetwear!

The Sims 4 Carnaval Streetwear Kit comes with 26 clothing items and accessories for both masculine and feminine adult Sims. The kit does not contain any content for children or toddlers.

Check out every new CAS item below. To zoom in, just click on a picture to get a larger view.

Adult Feminine

Tops (3)

Bottoms (4)

Full-Body Outfits (5)

Accessories (1)

Styled Looks (1)

Adult Masculine

Tops (4)

Bottoms (1)

Full-Body Outfits (2)

Styled Looks (1)

Adult Unisex

Accessories (4)

Makeup (2)

Author’s Swatch Picks

Just for fun, I’ve picked out my personal favourite swatch for every item and styled look that comes with this kit. Check them out below!

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