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The Sims 4 Scenario Playthrough: Honeymooners


The recent SDX drop dumped two new scenarios in our laps, just in time for the release of My Wedding Stories; Honeymooners and Engaged in Conflict. Both of these scenarios are relationship-focused and are permanent scenarios! There’s no need to start them before a specific date; they are here to stay in our games forever!

Here’s how our Honeymooners scenario playthrough went!

Starting the Scenario

The Sims 4 Scenario Playthrough: Honeymooners
As usual, we selected the New Scenario option on the main menu and selected the Honeymooners scenario to see all of the info on it. The descriptions states that both Sims involved in the scenario will start out as freelance artists and engaged to each other. The household requirements are:

  • 2 Young Adult or older Sims
  • Sims must not be related to each other

There is only one possible outcome for this scenario.

  • Married Sims WooHoo on vacation

It sounds like an underwhelmingly easy goal on the surface but don’t forget that your Sims will start out engaged, not married. You will have the option to make friends and throw a huge fancy wedding or just have a simple, quick ceremony with the two of them. Then you must send them on their honeymoon. The goal itself is easy but there is lots of room for storytelling with this one.

A Quick Engagement

The Sims 4 Scenario Playthrough: Honeymooners
We just went with the first two random Sims the game spit out at us and moved them into one of the default starter lots in Willow Creek. Since we wanted to see how quickly we could complete this scenario, we decided to just have our Sims elope and go on their honeymoon immediately. We did take a few minutes to pick out some nice formalwear for them and send them to the park to tie the knot, though.

The Sims 4 Scenario Playthrough: Honeymooners
When they arrived at the park, we did a few minor edits to the lot to add in a wedding arch for them. They could have just exchanged rings without an arch but we thought they deserved at least a little bit of glamour on their big day if they weren’t going to be throwing a big party. They had a very simple little ceremony between just the two of them under the arch and this happily engaged couple were now happily married!

The Sims 4 Scenario Playthrough: Honeymooners
We got surprised with a new popup we hadn’t seen before as soon as they became spouses! Apparently some distant relatives sent them $2,000 to help them pay for their honeymoon! This is likely just for the scenario but we thought it was a neat feature and would love to see this become standard for all weddings! What a nice little surprise.

With some extra funds, it was time to decide where they would go on their romantic honeymoon. We settled on quaint, charming little Henford-on-Bagley; a quiet and relaxing place to rest, recharge, and get a new marriage off to the right start. If you are playing with just the base game, you can still send your Sims on vacation even if you don’t own any packs with vacation worlds or rentals already in them! Just go to Manage Worlds and make sure to place down or build a rental lot in Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, or Newcrest! When your Sims book their vacation, that world will show up as available to vacation in.

Our Sims chose the semi-modern rental already located in Henford-on-Bagley and wasted no time enjoying their time together. Yup. It was time for WooHoo!

And WooHoo! Another scenario complete in 3 in-game hours!

The Sims 4 Scenario Playthrough: Honeymooners
Our Thoughts

This scenario is one of those ones where it can be as straight forward or as complex as you want it to be. We were speed running things for the sake of this article but there is a lot of room to do your own thing with this one. We could have had an extended engagement and spent time saving up money for a really elaborate wedding and honeymoon. We could have made lots of friends to invite to the wedding as well. Or we could have stirred up some drama between our engaged Sims before they ultimately made up and went through with the wedding.

Even though the goal for this one was simple, we still enjoyed how open-ended it was. If we were to play through this one again, we’d definitely take our time with it and see where we could go with it in terms of storytelling. We played this scenario without My Wedding Stories installed to show you how this scenario can play out without the new pack but players could have a lot of fun working My Wedding Stories content into this scenario, too.

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