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All of the Community Fixes for The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories

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As we wait for EA to solve the broken Game Pack, modders have already fixed most of the bugs!

All of the solutions that you see below are unfortunately only for The Sims 4 players on PC and Mac. Console players will probably have to wait a bit more until we hear from EA regarding their plans to fix My Wedding Stories.

Several Modders have already stepped up to fix The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories, making most of the activities and Wedding Ceremony behavior completely functional again!

Here’s every Mod solution to fix the Game Pack that we’ve found:

Gameplay Fixes and Tweaks from 83bienchen

83bienchen has polished most of the broken interactions, autonomy and more from the latest Game Pack. Check out the full list of fixes. Inside of the .rar file that you download below will be .packages listed below in the list, each fixing a seperate issue accordingly and improving upon the original game settings:

  • WeddingGPSocialstweak (less high priority, new icons to sort things better, no congratulate your spouse on your wedding, more negative outcome possibilities for express doubts about wedding)
  • sitatweddings – makes Sims sit at Weddings
  • roleoutfitsdisabled_bychoice (new stall vendor outfits added)
  • partyaspirationfix (new party events added)
    moregrandmeals (the last update only contained the moreconsumptionturns module, the “normal” one was miraculously missing)
  • moreautodrinkvariety (Sims will autonomously order a greater variety of drinks at bars)
  • lessspousalkissfailure (lowers the failure chance on wedding kisses – sadly the awful animation glitches remain)
  • lessboredweddingreaction (guest will react bored less often when watching the ceremony)
  • calloffweddingtweak (now also works with the new GP wedding event)
  • betterfoodquality (banquet module has been split up, bought wedding cakes will never spoil and always be of excellent quality)
  • autoweddingring (fixes the known issue with the new GP)
  • addsimstoensemblesduringevents


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All of the Community Fixes for The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories

The modder has also uncovered remaining traces in game code regarding the Ring Bearers. It seems that originally The Sims Team has allowed players to make Cats and Dogs your Ring Bearers and Flower Pals! Unfortunately that idea seems to have been scrapped later on

There were actually plans to allow cats and dogs as ring and flower bearers.

Hints/Leftovers of these plans can be found in the tuning files:

  • wedding_Immediate_Aisle_DogCheck_SendFlowerDown
  • wedding_Immediate_Aisle_DogCheck_SendFlowerUp

These two aren’t so much in the face but both interactions have been specifically set to allow for cats and dogs to do them:

  • wedding_Aisle_WalkDown_Ring
  • wedding_Aisle_WalkDown_Flower

Gameplay Improvements by MissyHissy

The first mod allows you to throw Engagement Dinner and Rehersal Dinner events at Restaurants if you have The Sims 4 Dine Out installed!

For some inexplicable reason, in My Wedding Stories, you can’t hold Engagement Dinners or Rehearsal Dinners in restaurants.
No, I don’t understand it either.

So this is a quick and tiny mod to fix that. You should now be able to host your Engagement Dinners and Rehearsal Dinners in a restaurant.


All of the Community Fixes for The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories

Say “I Do” in a Wedding Venue

This one doesn’t require My Wedding Stories and is Base Game compatible – until EA fixes it of course.


Carl’s Wedding Fixes

Among many of the Bug Fixes that Carl’s Sims 4 Guides has already done, new ones have surfaced! Check out the full list below:

V1.031 – Bugfixes:

  • Fixed issues where sending 2 sims down aisle will not work
  • Reduced likelihood of Sim being stuck seated and not following commands.
  • Made said Sims more likely to take their seats afterward.

V1.03 – Outfits Fixed!

  • I just fixed the dress codes for weddings. Polished in red or Boho in black .Your choice!


All of the Community Fixes for The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories

Zero’s Sims 4 Mods&Comics Wedding Nightmare Fix

Plenty of solutions from this talented modder, including:

  • Force Guests to Change into Formal Attire
  • Guests Gathering and Autonomy Tweaks
  • Throw Bouquet Fix
  • Broadcasters Tweaks
    • Increases the power and radius of all broadcasters… clearly the NPC wave goodbye has a radius of 50 and the wedding dance a radius of 6.


We’ll update this article as we find new fixes. Let us know if you find anything we skipped in the comments below!

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