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The Sims 4 Custom Content: Provence Wedding Collection


We love to showcase amazing creators in our community and today, we’re bringing you an amazing collaboration between simcelebrity00 and miikocc! They have teamed up to create a wedding dress and hair collection that, frankly, puts all the Western wedding dresses from My Wedding Stories to shame.

This collection is currently in early access but will be available for free to the public on March 21st, 2022. Click the buttons below to download the set!

simcelebrity00 miikocc

The full collection comes with three hairstyles and five different styles of wedding dresses, all with 20+ swatches each! In total, there are eight items in the full collection.

simcelebrity00’s Creations

The Sims 4 Custom Content: Provence Wedding Collection

miikocc’s Creations

The Sims 4 Custom Content: Provence Wedding Collection

We’re so impressed with the detail in all of these gorgeous dresses and hairstyles! Normally, we try to point out a few of our favourite pieces in collections like these but that might just be impossible with this set because they are all so amazing! Huge points to both creators for making such detailed CAS pieces look so flawlessly Maxis Match, too! We seriously can’t stop staring at this whole set in awe and wonder.

The detached sleeves on simcelebrity00’s dress takes us back to the Renaissance and we don’t want to leave anytime soon! And the delicate fern and hanging vines designs on miikocc’s dresses make us feel like we’re being whisked away to a magical fantasy world. We can definitely see either hairstyle pair beautifully with any of the dresses as well for a breezy, whimsical, boho wedding look.

We are eagerly anticipating the public release of this beautiful wedding collection. We are already daydreaming about all the breathtaking bridal looks we’ll be able to put together using these stunning pieces. The My Wedding Stories game pack was a bitter disappointment but talented creators like simcelebrity00 and miikocc really make The Sims 4 the enjoyable experience that it was meant to be.

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