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The Ultimate Cake Guide for The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories (UPDATED)


April 2022 Update!

We put together a detailed wedding cake guide back when The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories first released. Since then, some features regarding wedding cakes have gotten a few changes, most notably the patisserie stand! There is new functionality related to the patisserie stand in Tartosa, making your cake tasting experience a bit more involved than it was back when we were playing with the early software.

With these changes in mind, we felt it was a good opportunity to give our cake guide an update! Read all about wedding cakes below with brand new, updated info!

Taste Testing Wedding Cakes

The Ultimate Cake Guide for The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories (UPDATED)

The patisserie stand is located in the Porto Luminoso neighbourhood of Tartosa. It’s built into one of the shell buildings facing the big fountain with seating in the centre of town. The patisserie stand wasn’t really anything special when we first covered it; it was basically just a regular food vendor that happened to sell cake slices; however, it seems the patisserie stand has gotten a small upgrade to make it a little more immersive for our engaged Sims.

The Ultimate Cake Guide for The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories (UPDATED)
Sims can now purchase their wedding cake directly from the patisserie stand, not just sample slices. The patisserie stand doesn’t carry the full selection of cakes so if you want to see everything, the computer is still a better option for purchasing your wedding cake. Still, the patisserie stand does carry a decent selection of wedding cakes in different shapes and flavours. If you want a more gameplay-oriented approach to selecting your wedding cake, you might enjoy paying a visit to the patisserie stand instead of using the computer.

Another complaint we had about the patisserie stand was that there wasn’t really a way for both engaged Sims to participate in the cake testing together as a couple. You’d have to buy two cake slices and watch them eat it separately which didn’t really give off heartwarming wedding planning vibes. This has also gotten a small but nice change!

The Ultimate Cake Guide for The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories (UPDATED)
Sims can now feed their engaged partner when they purchase a cake slice from the patisserie stand! The option is a bit hidden, however. Your Sim won’t feed their partner on their own. You have to click the slice of cake and choose Feed Cake to [Sim Name]. Since Sims eat food very quickly now (in just 3 bites), you’ll have to cancel the Eat Cake interaction and choose Feed Cake to [Sim Name] quickly as soon as they are served a slice. Otherwise there won’t be any cake left to feed them!

There are no specific moodlets related to feeding each other cake that we saw which is a bit disappointing but this is still a much cuter way to explore cake flavours before a wedding that we appreciate having in the game.

Buying a Wedding Cake

Buying a wedding cake is very simple. As stated above, a limited selection of cakes can be purchased at the patisserie stand but wedding cakes can also be ordered through the computer. Unlike the patisserie stand, all 56 flavours of cake in all 9 shapes will be available for purchase online. Wedding Cakes are a new subcategory under the Order category on computers.

When you purchase a wedding cake, it will appear immediately in your Sim’s inventory. If your Sim is currently engaged, they can click on the cake and select “Select as Wedding Cake.” The cake will disappear and you’ll get a notification informing you that the cake will be ready for you on the big day. When we first wrote this article, we had problems with the cake actually being at the ceremony afterwards but this doesn’t seem to be a problem for us anymore. Our wedding cakes appear in our Sim’s inventory at the start of the wedding event for us to place down as intended! Hurray!

Below are the prices for each style of cake:

  • Beachy Wedding Cakes – $175
  • Cupcake Wedding Cake Displays – $75
  • Floral Wedding Cakes – $150
  • Heart Wedding Cakes – $175
  • Hexagon Wedding Cakes – $225
  • Pillow Wedding Cakes – $225
  • Round Wedding Cakes – $200
  • Square Design Round Wedding Cakes – $150
  • Square Wedding Cakes – $200

Baking Your Own Wedding Cake

The Ultimate Cake Guide for The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories (UPDATED)
If your Sim is a skilled gourmet chef, they can also make their own wedding cakes. To bake your own wedding cakes, your Sim must first have unlocked the Gourmet Cooking skill by reaching level 5 of the Cooking skill. Once your Sim has learned the Gourmet Cooking skill, a new interaction on the fridge called Cook Wedding Cake will become available.

Making wedding cakes comes with new cooking animations. Sims will mix up the batter and pour it into a cakepan in the oven like other types of cakes and desserts. Instead of the cake popping out of the oven fully decorated, Sims will spend some time decorating the cake after they take it out of the oven.

Sims can only make wedding cakes they are skilled enough for. At level one of the Gourmet Cooking skill, they will only be able to make the cupcake displays but other types of wedding cakes will open up at higher skill levels.

Below are the skill levels required to make all 9 cake styles:

  • Cupcake Wedding Cakes – 1
  • Floral Wedding Cakes – 5
  • Square Design Round Wedding Cakes – 5
  • Heart Wedding Cakes – 6
  • Beachy Wedding Cakes – 6
  • Square Wedding Cakes – 7
  • Four-Tiered Round Cakes – 7
  • Hexagon Wedding Cakes – 8
  • Pillow Wedding Cakes – 8

Wedding Cake Closeups

Below is a closeup of each cake in all 56 colours and 9 styles. There are a couple cakes designed for occults as well, such as the Sixam cake for aliens and the plasma drip cake for vampires.

Three-Tiered Hexagonal Cakes

Two-Tiered Heart Cakes

Four-Tiered Round Cakes

Two-Tiered Round Cakes

Three-Tiered Square Cakes

Two-Tiered Pillow Cakes

Four-Tiered Round Cakes with Square Design

Beachy Four-Tiered Round Cakes

Cupcake Displays

Cake Interiors

We’ve included pictures of what each cake looks like as an individual slice. This should help you match the full size cake to the individual slice samples available at the patisserie stand when you’re taste testing cakes. As you can see, many of the cakes have their own unique flavour and colours inside, as well as different shapes to match the shape of the overall cake.

Note: In our original article, the Silver and Gold Beachy Four-Tiered Round Cake was glitched. Sims could not interact with it and would just T-pose and reset themselves every time you directed them to interact with the cake. We weren’t able to show a slice of the inside as a result. We tested this cake again and we’re happy to report it is no longer glitched! Here’s a picture of the cake with a slice of the inside below.

The Ultimate Cake Guide for The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories (UPDATED)

Cake Toppers

There are a total of 96 different toppers in 11 styles available for wedding cakes. To select a topper for your wedding cake, click on a finished wedding cake and choose Select New Cake Topper to bring up the topper selection menu. You can use the filters to help you find the topper you’re looking for faster.

It doesn’t cost anything to add a topper to your wedding cake. Cake toppers can be inscribed and kept after the wedding as a keepsake.

Cake Topper Pictures

Below are all 96 cake toppers in their 11 different styles. You’ll notice there are many traditional ones, like roses and flowers with script, a well as fun ones like bats, ghosts, and cowplants. There are also a variety of LGBTQIA+ toppers as both rainbows and mini-Sims.

And that’s everything you need to know about wedding cakes in The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories! Complete with both original and updated information! Make sure to bookmark us and follow us on social media to stay updated about all the latest news, updates, and changes made to the game!

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