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Community Poll: Vote for Your Favourite Sims 4 World!


Battle of The Sims 4 Worlds!

Have you ever wondered what the most popular Sims 4 world is? Or what the least popular world is according to players? Us too! To satisfy our curiosity, we’ve put together the ultimate poll to see which world from The Sims 4 is the most beloved by players! You’re going to help us decide the results by voting in our poll which includes all worlds and special areas in the game!

So here’s how it works; we’ve got three categories to vote in:

  • Residential Worlds
  • Destination Worlds
  • Hidden Worlds

Vote for your favourite world in each category but make your selection wisely because you only get two votes in the Residential category and one vote each in the Destination and Hidden categories for a total of four votes.

Are you ready? On your marks… get set… VOTE!

Favourite Residential World

Favourite Destination World

Favourite Hidden World

Which worlds did you vote for? Let us know in the comments!

Thank you to Nekro Von K from our Sims Community Facebook group for providing us with the Batuu screenshot.

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