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A Modder is Working on a Functional Duck Pond for The Sims 4

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DUCKS! We’re so ducking excited!

We’ve covered PiedPiper’s amazing creations before and she’s back at it with yet another cool new way for Simmers to harvest their own craftables! PiedPiper has revealed that they are working on a functional duck pond for The Sims 4!

The duck pond is still in very early stages of development but PiedPiper has shared some progress pictures with us and described some of the features that are being worked on.

The mod will be base game compatible and Sims will be able to raise, care for, and collect eggs from their pet ducks which swim in a little pond object you can buy in Build/Buy. Players will be able to purchase white ducks or mallard ducks for their ponds, socialize with their ducks, and even pick them up and hug them! Ducks will lay eggs when well-cared for. Sims will need to make sure to stay on top of feeding their ducks and keeping their pond clean or the ducks may die from neglect.

PiedPiper shares a lot more details in their Patreon post where they go over all the features being worked on and also some issues they are working on fixing before the public release. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of this mod as PiedPiper shares more about it!

In the meantime, if you’re a VIP patron of PiedPiper’s, you can help them test the duck pond by downloading the early alpha access below.

Duck Pond Early Alpha

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