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Let’s Build a Home for a PlantSim Family in The Sims 4!


It’s been a while since I’ve been so inspired by something new The Sims 4 has added and who would have thought it would be a scenario that came in an SDX drop? I’ve been obsessed with the new Plant-A-Sim scenario, playing through it multiple times and developing a story for my Sim along the way.

But a PlantSim living in a regular old house feels… weird. I had to fix that. The new scenario inspired me to build a home for a family of PlantSims nestled in the treetops. PlantSims should live amongst plants, after all! Let’s take a tour of this unique PlantSim home!

Let’s Build a Home for a PlantSim Family in The Sims 4!

The home consists of two huts on different levels nestled within the branches of a very tall tree. A set of ladders connects each level, allowing our PlantSims to climb up and down to the different levels of the home. Below the treehouse, a large natural pool offers our PlantSims a way to keep their Water motive filled any time of the year. Yes, even in the frigid winter, thanks to the Geothermal lot trait I’ve added.

Let’s Build a Home for a PlantSim Family in The Sims 4!

Since PlantSims do not need to eat regular food or use the toilet, this home does not have a kitchen or a bathroom but there is a BBQ and a WooHoo bush on the lot so your younger “PlantSims” can still eat and relieve themselves. The first level of the home is the living space with comfortable seating and non-electronic activities to enjoy, like books, chess, yoga, meditation, and gardening. Oh, didn’t we mention? This home is definitely Off-The-Grid. Plenty of garden pots on the wraparound balcony will allow your PlantSims to absorb solar energy to fill their Hunger motive even when the sun isn’t shining. When the sun is shining, the glass roofs prove very helpful! Open windows and large open archways let in the fresh air and natural light.


The hut on the upper level is the bedroom where the whole family sleeps. There is a double bed for two adult PlantSims, a bunk with a toddler bed on the bottom for a child/teen and a toddler, and a bassinet for a baby. There are toys to keep both toddlers and children happy, which is a good thing because I definitely recommend keeping your toddlers upstairs until they’re big enough to climb the ladders.


While this unique home wouldn’t be the best fit for a regular human Sim, it’s the perfect place for a PlantSim to live comfortably. It’s got everything a PlantSim could ever want; glass roofs to photosynthesize, a large pool to stay hydrated that stays warm all year round, and lots of garden plots to grow plants that can provide solar energy when the sun can’t.

Yes, a PlantSim (or several) could have a very happy life here, indeed.

You can download this home by clicking the download button below! Or search the ID SnarkyWitch in the Gallery and look for PlantSim Treetop Home! 100% CC-free!

PlantSim Treetop Home

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