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Enhance My Wedding Stories with this Custom Add-On Kit!


Different flavors for existing CAS items in The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories

The My Wedding Stories game pack came with a fairly large variety of formalwear appropriate for weddings. Although players mourned the lack of proper wedding veils and big poofy princess ballgowns, the pack still came with a nice assortment of very pretty formal dresses and some formal attire for men as well.

But of course, whenever The Sims releases a new pack, creators are there to add onto them. Wild Pixel has released a small add-on kit of items based on some of the My Wedding Stories CAS assets. And if you don’t own My Wedding Stories, you’re in luck because this Dream Wedding CC Kit is base game compatible!

Image Credit: Wild Pixels

The collection comes with 5 pieces, all of them providing a different flavour to existing My Wedding Stories assets.

  • Two female hairstyles
  • One male hairstyle
  • One dress
  • One pair of earrings
Image Credit: Wild Pixels

If you’ve been longing for some variation in the existing My Wedding Stories CAS catalogue, this kit definitely has what you’re looking for!

You can download the set for free now!

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