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Mediterranean Builds for The Sims 4


Mamma Mia, here I go again! My my!

If you still can’t get over how beautiful the world of Tartosa is, you’re in luck because today, we’re showcasing five amazing Mediterranean builds from the community that are perfect for your Sims looking to settle down in Tartosa!

We scoured the Gallery looking for some of the most stunning and creative builds out there that complimented Tartosa’s Mediterranean seaside vibe. Of course, there is never any shortage of talent and creativity in The Sims fandom but it wasn’t as easy to find Mediterranean builds as we thought. We noticed with some amusement that there is a wide variety of uh… interesting interpretations of the #mediterranean hashtag on the Gallery.

Mediterranean Builds for The Sims 4

Creative spellings aside, let’s get into the creative builds!

6875 Rue D’Espagne

Mediterranean Builds for The Sims 4
Creator: kingram3095

This charming Spanish villa is perfect for a Tartosa suburb. The stucco and brick paired with arched windows and flowers growing up the side of the home gives off a warm, inviting feel. The inside of this home comes fully furnished and decorated. It’s a great home for a large family with both children and toddlers!

Tuscan Riviera Home

Mediterranean Builds for The Sims 4
Creator: leksikan

This quaint home with shuttered windows and a faux iron balcony give us a cozy, romantic vibe. Interior decorators will love this house because the interior is an empty shell so you can really let your inner designer go wild turning this home into the perfect place for your Sims to live. The balconies and back patio are fully furnished, however, so your Sims will be able to put their feet up and relax while you’re busy renovating their new space.

Tartosa Seaside Village

Mediterranean Builds for The Sims 4
Creator: babinoon

This build looks like a scene straight out of Mamma Mia and we’re in love! We can’t get over the small details that really bring this seaside village to life! The bicycle leaning against the wall in the alley, the clothes drying on the line on the balcony, the telephone box, and street signs all make this look like a place that’s bustling with activity. The buildings are fully furnished and decorated, too. How picturesque!

Dream Mediterranean Home

Mediterranean Builds for The Sims 4
Creator: misssimreno

This grand estate has a slightly modern feel to it but still boasts many classic elements of Mediterranean architecture. The creeping foliage up the walls, arched front entryway, awnings over the windows and terracotta roof fit perfectly in Tartosa and we love the courtyard style driveway with the fountain in the centre. This high-end, fully furnished home has plenty of space for a large family of Sims and is set up to accommodate children and toddlers, too.

TS4BuildersGames Finale

Mediterranean Builds for The Sims 4
Creator: KevTheBuilder

We were completely blown away by the scale and detail of this build! This is an entire Mediterranean village on one large lot and everywhere you look, there’s a thousand things to see! The covered bridge over the pond is beautiful and romantic. So are the docks where a boat waits patiently for passengers next to a restaurant’s patio. The hot air balloons are such a charming addition to the area, too. You could really have a whole community of Sims here inside their own little slice of paradise. It has everything your Sims could want, from living spaces to community areas and even a chapel up on the hill! Personally, I never want to leave and I don’t have to because every square inch of this lot is furnished and decorated to the nines!

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