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Facial Hair CC for The Sims 4


Rugged and sophisticated facial hair styles for your masculine Sims!

While The Sims 4 has great customization in some respects, in other respects, it falls pretty flat. Especially when it comes to masculine Sims. The clothing selection for masculine frames is sorely lacking compared to the selection for feminine frames and the facial hair section of CAS seems to be an afterthought. We rarely get new facial hair in packs and updates.

So we thought we’d go facial hair hunting in the CC world and gather up a handful of some of our favourites for you!

The Scruff

Facial Hair CC for The Sims 4
Creator: igorstory

For when you want a little bit of beard and a little bit of stubble but not too much of either one. The scruff collection is the perfect balance!

The Ragnar

Facial Hair CC for The Sims 4
Creator: igorstory

Or maybe you’re looking for a more rugged, Viking-inspired look? Look no further than the Ragnar collection, guaranteed to turn any Sim into a force to be reckoned with!

The Jacob Beard

Facial Hair CC for The Sims 4
Creator: hellagoodsims

A subtly seductive look for your masculine Sims, the Jacob features stubble with a crisp edge and a small goatee to bring it all together.

Asher, Carter, & Jack Collection

Creator: marvell-world

This slick stubble collection is perfect for just about any style or occasion. No matter where your Sims are going or what vibe they want to exude, the Asher, Carter, or Jack has what they need to pull any look together.

Princess of Sims Sideburns

Creators: Princess of Sims & peebsplays

Sideburns are sorely needed for our masculine Sims and here’s a set of three to help enhance existing hairstyles! The sideburns come in three lengths with both straight and angled edges to pull off a variety of different looks.

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