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Everything We Noticed coming with The Sims 4 Little Campers Kit

Check out some of our favourite items coming with the Little Campers Kit!

Is it just me or were we starving for new content from The Sims Team? Well not anymore! Today we finally got some information on two new kits coming to the game later this month! The Moonlight Chic and Little Campers kits are both scheduled to drop on May 26th across all platforms and while I am certainly liking the look of Moonlight Chic so far, it is Little Campers that I can’t stop talking about!

As a family and generational player, that should be no surprise, of course, but let’s dive right into all the adorable new goodies we’ll be getting to help our kiddos have the coolest backyard campout all the kids at school will be talking about the rest of the school year!

Projector and Faerie Lights

I’m a sucker for faerie lights. Seriously, slap a string of faerie lights on just about anything and I want it. This is no exception but the projector itself is also super cool. I have fond memories of watching movies in the backyard on a bedsheet my parents strung up for me as a kid and having that little piece of my childhood in The Sims is just so heartwarming. I can’t wait to relive those days with my adorable kiddos in the game.

Cardboard Truck

It’s hard to make out just what type of object this cardboard truck is but it is beyond cute and I love that the headlights actually light up. I hope it’s some kind of toy for our kiddos to play with, or even a really inventive chair for them to relax in. Beep beep!

Floor Pillows

We have seen floor pillows in a couple other packs, like Movie Hangout Stuff and Toddler Stuff, both act as chairs. We hope these floor pillows will also be something our kids can sit on even though they are quite low to the ground. After all, our Sims can sit at kotatsu tables so why not these pillows?

Popup Storybook

This is most likely just decorative but I still think it’s an adorable touch to any kid’s bedroom or play room. The game is sorely lacking in child-themed decorations and furnishings.

Castle… Thing?

I’ve gotta be honest, I have absolutely no idea what that giant castle thing on some kind of surface is but I am very interested to find out! It looks adorable and fun and I really hope it’s not just a giant sculpture. It definitely looks like something that could be a toy or another object with some functionality to it.

Cat Radio

I know it’s just a regular radio but it’s SO cute, come on! A cute cat-themed radio is not something I ever thought I needed until now but now that I’ve seen it, I would die without it. What? No, I’m not being dramatic. Why would you even say that? I mean, look at it! Sheesh.

Lattice Swingset

This is probably the cutest swingset design I have ever seen in my life. The lattice frame, the cute little chair back with pillows, and… yes, the faerie lights strung all over it! To be perfectly honest, I don’t know if I’ll ever want to use the other two swingsets we have again after I get this one.

Blanket Tent

What kid hasn’t made a tent or a fort out of every blanket in the house? This is just absolutely precious and very much reminiscent of a lot of people’s childhoods. The stuffy guarding the top is such a sweet touch. Also. Faerie lights! Okay Snarky, we get it, you like faerie lights, move on, please…

Bigfoot Stuffed Animal

It’s been a while since our kids have gotten a new design for the giant stuffed animal that builds their Social and Communication skills so it’s nice to see a very cute Bigfoot variety coming with this kit. It very much fits the theme of a backyard campout for the little ones, too.

Smore Display

I’m sure this is another decorative item but I really love it. It’s something fun and unique that hasn’t really been done before in the game and if you’re a family player, it’s really going to enhance the look of your parties. Something like this would be perfect to have at a kid’s birthday party or any sort of fun, casual social event.


This may not be that exciting for players with the Outdoor Retreat game pack but I still thought this object’s unique design was worth a mention. The taller rim is something more suited to a suburban backyard where firepit laws are quite strict, not to mention it’s much safer for the kids to enjoy. I also think the bigfoot and evergreen tree cutouts in the side are a really cute touch.

What are you most excited about? Anything else we didn’t mention catch your eye? Tell us in the comments!

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